My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 326

Where does Yvette want to think that his mother has such a good sense of smell? ?
If I let my mother know what happened just now, it would be bad. Yvette felt ashamed to see her.
Yvette hurriedly stood up, “Mom, you go to bed earlier, I go to the toilet.”
Yvette said that she was leaving. Yan Li stood up seriously. She had to talk to Yvette. Yan Li reached out and stopped Yvette, “Daughter, I want to talk to you well.”
“Mom, wait for me to talk to the toilet,” Yvette had to deal with, otherwise she would be restless.
“Okay.” Yan Li let go, this can’t be forced!
When Yvette went to the bathroom in the room, she was relieved.
Yan Li frowned outside. She was steady in the air. She felt that the smell she smelled was not right. Yvette went down for about ten minutes. Isn’t it…
Yan Li was angry, she was coming over, and she immediately thought of what the smell was.
She wanted to enter Yvette’s room for a confrontation. She might still be able to find the source of the smell, but Yan Li felt that doing so would hurt her mother. The relationship between women, so she hesitated and sat down again.
“Daughter, he is your son who killed your father and enemies. How can you…” Yan Li sighed.
When she came, she felt that she might be able to persuade Yvette, but now, this persuasion is unlikely. .
Yan Li underestimated that it is difficult to separate the two people who have been together for so many years.
But what does Yan Li think of Chuck is not pleasing to the eye, his daughter is so obsessed? Yan Li sighed again and again.
Soon, Yvette came out to take a shower and sat beside him. What else could Yan Li say? It’s useless to say it, but it will make the mother and daughter who have just met increase the strangeness out of thin air. silence.
In the face of his mother, Yvette, who had just gone through the incident, was even more guilty, and the two were so quiet for a few minutes. Yan Li sighed, “Daughter, go to bed early!”
Yan Li got up and went back to the room, Yvette relaxed, and back to the room, Yvette’s mobile phone rang. It was Chuck’s WeChat: Wife, I’m here, are you asleep?
Yvette felt at ease and returned: ready to sleep.
“Wifey, I miss you so much.”
“I’m thinking about it again, right? I was almost discovered by my mother just now, and you hurt me.” After Yvette sent this message, Chuck seemed to be overwhelmed. Yvette couldn’t help but for so long Finally, she was amused, and with a bitter smile, her husband must be ignorant.
“It’s okay, my mother didn’t find out, she smelled some odors, I explained, she didn’t doubt.”
Yvette continued back.
Chuck here was indeed ignorant just now. It must be embarrassing to know that this kind of thing was known by the elders, not to mention Yan Li was originally disobedient and even worse, maybe she would come directly to find What about myself? Fortunately, Yvette explained.
Chuck was relieved.
“Hubby, go to bed early, you will start school tomorrow.” Yvette returned.
“Well.” Chuck here put down his cell phone and went to school tomorrow.
Yvette’s eyes were sad. “I want to go to school too. My goal of graduating from college is to be a teacher, but there is no possibility. Classmates, goodbye…”
Yvette sighed.
When he got up in the morning, Yvette went to prepare breakfast. Yan Li and her bodyguard didn’t sleep much all night. Yan Li felt that she still had to find a way to live elsewhere, and Yvette’s cousin must have come to chase down. Then, how to escape? This is a particularly big problem.
Well, Yan Li’s basic idea still has to make Yvette stronger, so she is ready to train Yvette and enhance Yvette’s fighting strength so that she can resist.
When Yan Li saw Yvette coming out, she said straight away, Yvette had no opinion, she also felt that her strength was too bad. She almost died in the hands of her cousin last time. May die.
Yvette himself urgently wants to improve himself, otherwise how to recapture his own things?
“Also, find a new place to live, this place is not hidden.” Yan Li continued.
Yvette was silent. She had no money in her hands. She decided to call Sun Shangxue and ask her to make some money. After more than a month, the company was profitable, but the restaurant was also ready to open.
When Yvette was just about to do this, the WeChat account on the mobile phone suddenly had information. Yvette opened it and said it was Chuck. He said that he had gone to school, and then there was a transfer. The above was 200,000.
Yvette was instantly moved. Chuck knew that she had no money. While Yan Li didn’t see it, she received the money and returned the sentence: Husband, you are so good.
Chuckle here is over, and he said back not to leave.
A few minutes later, Yvette returned a “en”.
In the morning, Chuck was going to drive a sports car to school, but after reading it, the place where he rubbed last time was not repaired yet. Chuck simply drove to the shop to repair the car and took the bus to the school. Chuck thought I must buy another car again. Also, when will the helicopter that my mother said last time arrive?
This is what Chuck is looking forward to.
At the door of the school, Lara was waiting. She originally wanted to send a WeChat message to Chuck, and asked him when he would arrive, but thinking about it, it was estimated that Chuck would never return. Milk tea, absolutely delicious.
But why hasn’t Chuck been here yet?
She saw that Queenie was also at the door, she walked over, “Hey, who are you waiting for?”
“No one is waiting.” Queenie hurriedly explained that she didn’t want Lara to misunderstand. She was indeed waiting for Chuck. She was worried that Chuck would not come to school.
However, Lara came and asked, she was not good to continue to wait, seeing that Chuck had not come over, she was lost.
Lara hummed, “Do you think I don’t know who you are waiting for? When the last semester, the two of you sat together, kissed me and mine. I will sit next to Chuck this semester. There is a chance not.”
“Lara, who are you waiting for?” Some classmates saw Lara and asked with curiosity.
Today, at school, Lara is dressed very cool, hot pants, compassionate, a pair of long legs is simply eye-catching, many people have seen.
“What’s your business?” Lara pouted.
“Oh, Lara, wouldn’t you be a handsome guy Du Xinye who was in love with the freshman!”
Some classmates ridiculed and heard that a handsome guy came to the freshman. When he appeared, he squeezed the original school grass. After losing and becoming the first school grass of the school, Lara is so mad about flower nympho, must be waiting for this Du Xinye.
And not only the school grass was replaced, but the school flower was also squeezed out of two.
Lu Yuwen’s graduation was naturally a school flower, which made the freshmen and two beauties rise. The school is still the four major school flowers, but there are two new of.
This year’s freshmen are of high quality, not only one school grass, but also two school flowers!
“Du Xinye?” Lara pouted, she came over a few days ago, of course, she heard about the new school grass and new school flowers, but she didn’t wait for Du Xinye, but for Chuck, she whispered in her heart: Why can’t it come too long, milk tea is not good anymore.
Wow! !
“It’s Cao Du Xinye from the new school, Lara, hurry up and watch.” The student ran to the door, Lara pouted, “I’m not going, what’s so good about it?”
At this time, a sports car drove in with a roar, the door opened, and a particularly handsome big boy came out. It was really as handsome as a star. Many girls at the door were nymphotics.
Du Xinye walked towards the school entrance with a smile. He was used to this kind of thing.
Many women gave him flowers and food, but Du Xinye didn’t want it. He was thirsty, and his eyes suddenly saw him not far away Lara, this beautiful woman has a good figure and has milk tea in her hands. Is this for you?
Du Xinye walked towards Lara and took the milk tea in Lara’s hands, “Thank you.”
“Hey, it’s not for you!” Lara was shocked. What did Du Xinye do?
Du Xinye frowned, feeling that his face could not be held. He was so handsome, but he didn’t prepare it for himself? is it possible?
“Not for me? I have to say that your method of attracting my attention is still ingenious!” Du Xinye looked at Lara and said.

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