My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 327

“You misunderstood, I didn’t prepare milk tea for you.” Lara thought this person was a little annoying, handsome is really handsome, but how can he grab his own milk tea like this?
This milk tea was carefully prepared by Lara for Chuck.
Lara said that he had taken back the milk tea in Du Xinye’s hands and protected them with both hands.
Du Xinye frowned and couldn’t hold his face. He never missed it like this. The first day of school officially started today. What happened to him? ?
“What? Who is this woman? Du Xinye was able to drink her milk tea, but she didn’t give it?”
“It’s a bargain! It must have been deliberately attracted to Du Xinye’s attention. It was so scheming bitch. Look at her trousers. You wear them so short, don’t you just let men look? The figure is amazing!”
“Yeah, I really want to slap her.”
The female classmates captured by Du Xinye all blamed Lara. His male god was so rejected? ?
Of course they are unhappy!
Lara felt aggrieved, but it wasn’t originally prepared for Du Xinye. Now she was said by an unfamiliar woman, and she was also scolded. Lara was aggrieved.
“Oh, that’s not the case.” Du Xinye smiled again. Although there was an accident, his manners could not be lost.
“Hey! How much did you buy your milk tea! One hundred yuan is enough!” An obese girl came out and angrily threw a hundred dollars on Lara’s face.
When Lara was angry and wanted to scold, the milk tea in her hands was forcibly taken away by the girl.
The girl smiled and handed milk tea to Du Xinye, “Xinye, you can drink it.”
“Forget it, just milk tea, don’t drink it, lose it.” Du Xinye said with a shrug.
“That’s right, I think it’s hard to drink milk tea, don’t drink it.” The girl threw the milk tea into the trash can.
“Hey, are you sick? Why did you throw my milk tea?” Lara ran angrily.
“Is this milk tea? What brand of garbage? Don’t drink it for me.” The girl despised, “Also, I gave you the money, you just pick it up, this cup of milk tea is mine, you have to figure it out , I lost my milk tea and trash.”
“Hey, you are too much!” Lara wanted to pick up the milk tea in the trash can, but it was dirty.
How could this be given to Chuck? This was deliberately prepared in the morning, she was angry.
“Are you going to pick it up? Well, that’s the garbage I don’t want anyway.” The girl walked to Du Xinye disdainfully. “Xin Ye, let’s go to the school and drink coffee. Where is the good one?”

Du Xinye was satisfied, the ugly woman was quite smart, and found her place,
“Hey, you’re compensating for my milk tea!” Lara picked up the money on the ground angrily and threw it on the face of this fat girl. This girl pushed Lara angrily. How could Lara get this tonnage? Is it an opponent? He was pushed to the ground and one of his legs was broken.
“I’m 100 yuan is enough to buy your junk milk tea ten cups,” the girl disdain, “give you another hundred, let you drink this junk, drink you!”
The girl took another hundred pieces and threw them on Lara’s face.
“Xinye, let’s go.” The girl said flatteringly, Du Xinye glanced at Lara, and surrounded by the girls, entered the school.
“Lara, to whom did you prepare your milk tea!” Classmate Lara walked over to help Lara. They thought that milk tea was prepared for Du Xinye. Didn’t expect it?
“It’s not for Du Xinye anyway.” Lara rubbed his broken leg in aggrieved manner, and it hurt so hot.
“Who is it for?” The classmate was curious. Who else can this give?
“Don’t worry about you!” Lara was angry, and the classmates entered the school speechlessly. Lara limped to the trash bin, “Women, dare to me, and throw me milk tea, I will definitely avenge you!”
Lara reached out, hesitating or not, at this time, Chuck came weirdly, “What are you doing Lara?”
“Ah, Chuck, just now, just now.” Lara shut his mouth in grievance. What is the use of this kind of thing and Chuck? He certainly won’t start for himself.
“What happened just now?” Chuck just saw Lara next to the trash can. What was he doing?
“It’s nothing.” Lara was a little lost, or don’t say it, find yourself embarrassed?
“Well, by the way, what’s wrong with your leg? Did you fall?” Chuck noticed this. Lara’s knee was broken and a little blood came out.
“Just accidentally fell.”
“Pay attention,” Chuck said, and left, Lara followed Chuck grievously and limped away. Why didn’t Chuck help herself?
The milk tea just now was gone and was beaten, Lara was very wronged.
“Teacher Yvette? Why didn’t you come with Teacher Yvette?” Lara asked.
“She doesn’t work as a teacher anymore.” Chuck sighed, and she really entered the school, but she couldn’t see Yvette. That kind of thinking was really different.
“Why? Teacher Yvette is so good at teaching, why don’t you do it? You don’t let it?”, Lara knows that Yvette and Chuck are a pair.
“No.” Chuck didn’t want to talk about it. He continued without stopping. Lara was strange, but he didn’t ask much, wouldn’t he break up with Yvette, so did Teacher Yvette not do it?
Lara thought, a little happy, but the girl just came over uncomfortably, she was dumped by Du Xinye when she entered the school with Du Xinye, she was angry, just saw Lara who was bullying, she thought Looking for someone to get angry.
“Oh,” Lara was hit on purpose. She has a good figure, but how did she hit this tonnage? When he fell to the ground and died of pain, Chuck heard Lara’s screams. He turned around and found that Lara was sitting on the ground. He walked silently, “Why are you so careless?”
“She hit me!” Lara’s grieved roar. It wasn’t enough to hit herself just now. Is it still coming? Who is it! !
“Blind eyes? Blame me?” The girl was upset.
Chuck came to help Lara and persuaded Lara, “Forget it, others are not careful.”
“Why was she careless? She deliberately hit me.” Lara was particularly wronged, and Chuck actually spoke to the girl?
Chuck gave this girl a glance. “What are you doing hitting her?”
“I do!” The girl hummed, she looked at Chuck, “Hanging silk with hanging silk female, perfect!”
Chuck frowned, and Lara was angry, “Hey, what are you saying?”
“What am I saying? You were just at the door of the school. The cup of rubbish milk tea was not prepared for this hanging silk? I think so. You, a hanging silk lady, can only afford that kind of garbage, but You have a bad vision,” the girl said.
Lara was red-faced, and felt embarrassed.
Chuck is weird, “I don’t want you to prepare milk tea for me?”
Chuck didn’t want to drink. She told Laraming last time, but she didn’t expect that she was really ready.
“I, I went to the store in the morning and felt bored. I prepared two glasses. I brought it to you before I finished drinking it.” Lara lowered his head and felt ashamed.
“Well, don’t prepare next time.” Chuck shook his head.
Lara’s grievance, this is totally unacceptable? Lara went to the store to prepare it in the morning.
The girl mocked, “Trash milk tea is originally equipped with hanging silk, he doesn’t want it?”
“Hey, you are enough!” Lara was angry.
“What am I enough?” the girl sneered. “Look at your hanging-scene girl, what kind of garbage milk tea is prepared? No one wants it, you say your milk tea is more garbage?”
“You are too much!” Lara was exasperated, his milk tea was clearly delicious, okay? It’s just that there is no brand, she will make it slowly!
Chuck has a headache. This is how girls fight. This girl of tonnage, Chuck doesn’t want to provoke her.
“Too lazy to care about you, you are not worthy of talking to me.” The girl disdains, she is fat, but the family is rich, like the rubbish milk tea that Lara just took in her hand, she usually doesn’t look at it.
After being said, Lara was wronged and angry, “Don’t go, you come back!”
Lara chased with a limp, the girl turned and pushed Lara.
Where can Lara stand up? He fell to the ground again. Fortunately, Chuck came over and supported her. “You can’t beat her, forget it.”
Lara grieved and closed her mouth. The girl looked at Chuck. “Hang silk girl, you can see that he has a lot of fun. You should be counseled. It’s useless to pretend to be in front of me. I dare to provoke me. I’ll find someone to clean up. you!”
The girls are full of contempt for Chuck and Lara.

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