My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 329

The onlookers all ridiculed so much, and even cursed directly. In this voice, Lara was angry. So, Chuck?
But she also felt guilty because Chuck had picked up the money, which she forced Chuck to say at the time, and also took the lead to say that Chuck did not pay the money.
“Sorry.” Lara whispered to Chuck.
Chuck looked down at her without saying anything, but she was just a little emotional in her heart. Lara didn’t look like a shrew in the past, but she said sorry to herself?
Chuck thought he had heard it wrong.
“Hey, give this girl a sling right? Are you qualified?” The girl laughed and came over, she could not martial arts, but her tonnage, the man did not dare to arrogant in front of her!
Many men are not her opponents.
Chuck in front of her is considered a “skinny” in front of her.
As long as she is upset, she definitely slaps Chuck!
“What are you talking about? You are not qualified!” Lara was annoyed. Chuck was able to come at this time, and Lara was all moved, she could not wait to thank Chuck immediately.
Just afraid that Chuck would refuse, then she would be embarrassed in front of so many people.
“I am not qualified? Ha ha ha!”
The girls laughed and were disgusted, “The senior sister said just now, this suspending man, when he picked up the money, did not give it back to others. How poor is this? How cheap is this? How shameful is it to make it? What’s the matter? This kind of hanging silk man, before talking to me, I will feel sick!”
“Yes, me too. Who is it that someone who has picked up other people’s money doesn’t pay it, maybe someone else’s one month’s living expenses? Really shameless, there are such people in our school? I feel disappointed.” A male student Heartbroken, face full of disgust for Chuck.
“That’s it. If I were him, I would have picked up my tail to be a man, and at this time I pretended to be forced. How could there be such a man?”
The other students were taunting. In their view, Chuck was too disgusting.
“I said that you are so thick-skinned! So many classmates say you, you still don’t change color, but you can imagine how much shameless things you usually do, your face is already brazen!”
The girl stared uncomfortably. Chuck, she really wanted to slap Chuck!
This face is so annoying.
“Chuck didn’t pick up the money, it was a misunderstanding before!” Lara said aloud, clarifying for Chuck.
“Yes, I can also testify that Chuck is not as you said.” Queenie was also a little angry. These people said indiscriminately that Queenie’s cultivation wanted to scold others.
“Oh, this is whitewashed, will it be a little late?” The girl sarcastically, “When we are stupid?
Seeing him hanging like a wire, he is usually used to it, and when he picks up the money, he will not hide it in his arms. ?Everyone’s eyes are sharp, everyone says he is shameless, then he is shameless! Whitewash is useless!”
It’s brazen to watch the other students sneer, but this time, we still have to quibble? Someone must believe it!
Du Xinye’s face laughed more, who? Didn’t you pick up the money? This kind of garbage should die!
“He doesn’t need to launder. He has more money than all of you. Why should you pick up the money and not pay it back?” Lara was particularly angry. If it wasn’t for the girl who was too fat, she would definitely slap it.
“Haha! What the hell are you talking about?” The classmates laughed at once.
“After a while, he said he didn’t pick up the money, and after a while, he said he was rich and disdain to do that. I see you lying and open your mouth!”
“He’s rich? I really heard the biggest joke. Look at the clothes he wears? What kind of shit clothes? Have you been wearing them for a few years? Change me and lose them long ago.”
“Me too, look, won’t this guy wear garbage?”
“Haha, I think it should be!”
Many of these classmates are unfamiliar, and many are freshmen. Of course, they will stand on the side of Du Xinye who is also a freshman.
“Shut up! Do you know that Chuckdo is rich? Sports cars, BMWs, and…” Lara was anxious, why didn’t these people believe it!
Chuck looked down at himself. Because of Yvette’s reasons, he really did not trim his margins.
“What else? Villas, planes? Satellites? By the way, is there an aircraft carrier!” The girl laughed, she felt happy, this Lara shame, bragging must be believed!
“Haha! I think there should be, he is so rich, the whole earth is his, you should say so. This is more rich.” The other students laughed.
The laughter made all the classmates in the cafeteria here look over and wondered what happened. Why are these people laughing?
A beautiful woman with big eyes looked over curiously. She was wearing skinny jeans with perfect legs and bumps. She was a freshman and became Ouyang Fei, one of the school flowers.
There are some girlfriends next to me, Lin Dan’er.
“Why are so many people laughing?” Ouyang Feimei turned, curious.
“What else can I laugh, I just came over for dinner, and heard that the woman said that the man is rich, and also said that there is a sports car, BMW, … bragging.” Lin Daner pouted, all said that the university people are simple, how to think Here is what it looks like? Do you like to brag like this?
“Look at the man’s appearance, he has no money, what is blowing, it’s disgusting.” Lin Dan’er continued, Lao Yuan was bored when she looked at Chuck, and she was even more annoyed when she saw Lara who was talking.
“It’s a bit. If you don’t have money, you don’t have money. What do you pretend to be?”
“That’s disgusting! Let’s not talk about disgusting topics, Feifei, is that Du Xinye interesting to you?” Lin Daner envied, Ouyang Fei was beautiful, and she was in good shape. She would definitely be pursued by school grass. ! She likes Du Xinye and feels so handsome.
Unfortunately, Du Xinye doesn’t like herself.
“I don’t know, anyway, I want to WeChat, I did not give it.” Ouyang Fei feels normal, what about school grass? You are so beautiful, all the school people should be chasing themselves, school grass? I have to bow down under my pomegranate skirt!
“Wow, Feifei, why don’t you give it?” Lin Dan’er was more envious, and she really looked beautiful, and she could refuse anyone.
“Why do you want it? You don’t know the conditions for my WeChat account?” Ouyang Fei asked.
Of course, Lin Daner knew that at least if he drove more than 5 million cars, he would be eligible for her WeChat. Du Xinye also has a sports car, but his car is only less than 3 million, which is still far from it!
“But, it seems that no student in this school can afford such an expensive sports car?” Lin Daner thinks it is impossible. The second generation of the school must have it. Some people can afford five million sports cars, but they are generally in universities. At that time, how could parents buy such expensive cars for students?
“I don’t care about this. I didn’t meet this requirement and wanted me to micro-sign? Of course, there is no sports car, and a private jet is fine, anyway, it is to have money.” Ouyang Fei said.
“Private jet? This is even more impossible!” Lin Daner shuddered. Where is this possible? How much is a private jet? Billions?
Who can spend this money to buy it? Where can not afford the top rich? This school is not a noble school. You said that there are BMWs and about two million fake sports cars, but private jets are simply impossible.
“Anyway, I am such a standard.” Ouyang Fei’s expression.
“That man, doesn’t this woman say that the man has a sports car? It’s estimated to be five million.” Lin Daner joked.
She didn’t believe that Chuck had a sports car.
Ouyang Fei glanced at Lin Dan’er, “He? Your joke is not funny!”
Ouyang Fei swayed his long legs and walked out. Lin Dan’er followed. She was joking, but Ouyang Fei was angry. Obviously, Ouyang Fei was sure. How could a person like Chuck have a sports car?
“What about your sports car? What about BMW?” the girl laughed.
“The sports car was repaired and BMW crashed.” Chuck said truthfully.
“Pooh!” The girl sarcastically, and other students are even more disdainful, this reason is really bad!
“Hehe! Feifei, that person is really disgusting, if there is no, what else to say to repair. This person, like to pretend to be too much.” Lin Daner smiled with her mouth covered.
Ouyang Feimian glanced at Chuck, “I said that here, such a person will never have a good time!
It will always be a poor ghost!”

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