My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 330

“School Flower Ouyang Feiya!”
“She is the new school flower? This leg is really awesome!”
When someone saw a big beauty, Ouyang Fei was immediately attracted to her attention.
Du Xinye also looked at it, and there was some anger in his heart. He asked Ouyang Fei for WeChat yesterday, but she did not give it. This was the first time he had deflated.
Today, eating deflated actually on this Lara.
“Look at what these pretenders are doing? What’s so good about it? Look at other people’s pretense? Let’s go to see the school flowers! It’s so beautiful. I haven’t seen such a beautiful woman. Let’s go and ask her Signal!”
Some classmates ran towards Ouyang Fei, and others ran with them. Those who had just watched by now were all half less.
The girl sneered, “Look at you, pretending to be so bad that others can’t stand it anymore, you say how much have you failed?”
“Hey, you are enough! You are really excessive! Chuck has a sports car and a square. The square next to the school is his!” Lara said angrily.
But in exchange for a mockery.
“Don’t say it, you simply say that the school is his, is it better?” The girl was too lazy to listen.
“Forget it, it’s boring.” Du Xinye’s thoughts have already been drawn by Ouyang Fei, this woman, he has to get everything, he has less than three million sports cars, can’t meet Ouyang Fei Fei’s requirements, but he will find a way .
The whole school, besides himself, who is eligible to sleep Ouyang Fei?
“Hello, you don’t believe in going to the square next to the school!” Lara was angry.
“Go, what’s the good place in that garbage plaza, I usually go to large plazas, that little plaza, I don’t have the right to let me go, do you know?” The girl sneered, she went around when she was bored yesterday, There is nothing, there is no one to buy a big brand, the most expensive clothes are only more than three thousand, what is this square? It’s too garbage.
“You!” Lara is angry, is the square very well? Why is it rubbish? Although Lara didn’t think it was possible before, but she opened a store there and made money. Now she feels that the square is particularly good. Especially after knowing that it was Chuck, Lara felt more and more that way…
“What are you, you? The two of you are from the country? Didn’t the villagers enter the city?
Haven’t you seen them? I’m so embarrassed for you because I can speak your words.” The girl hated.
She turned her head to please Du Xinye, “Xinye, let’s not talk to these two pretenders, how disgusting? Let’s go shopping!”
But how could Du Xinye treat her? He had long gone to see Ouyang Fei, and wished his heart had flown past.
“You said the square is garbage? Do you have it?” Chuck said calmly, interrupting the girl.
The girl was pleasing Du Xinye, and was interrupted for no reason, she was unhappy. “Are you sick? Do you mean that the square is really yours?”
“Yes…” Chuck said.
“It’s your uncle, and you’re pretending to be! If the garbage square is yours, I will kneel for you!”
The girl glared in annoyance, and her eyes were going to eat.
“Also, you don’t have to talk, it’s just pretending to talk, I’m too lazy to listen, you say sports car, okay, drive here, BMW, you said it crashed, then there is no reason, the reason is too bad.
Go to die Right!” The girl was disgusted and didn’t give Chuck a chance to speak. She continued to please Du Xinye.
The other students also spread out and found it boring. It would be better to see Ouyang Fei after listening to others pretending to be forced.
Soon there will be few people here, except for the nympho who loves Du Xinye, they even look down on Chuck, who is coming to compare with Du Xinye? Can trash be compared to gold?
Du Xinye glanced at Chuck and hummed, “Don’t be embarrassing here, don’t you pretend to be like that?”
After he finished, he was going to find Ouyang Fei, he was too lazy to continue to stay, Ouyang Fei was much more important.
“So what do you think should be done?” Chuck shrugged.
“First of all, you must have strength, you don’t have it, you don’t have strength, you need to have a look? You don’t have any, what do you pretend to? No, it should be what you do to pretend!”
Du Xinye was impatient, “so you No qualification at all!”
“Really? Well, go to the city square next to the school,” Chuck said.
“What are you doing?” Du Xinye frowned.
“Hey, why do you want my family to go to that kind of garbage plaza? Insult him? Lower his taste?” The girl was annoyed, what is this?
“Aren’t you rich? Well, Bibi, I invite everyone to drink, everyone can go!” Chuck shrugged. This is a good opportunity to advertise. If all freshmen pass, it will make the square The number of people has increased a lot.
“Everyone? Do you pretend? Do you know how many people there are in the school? If there are more than 10,000, what do you want?” ?
She couldn’t listen anymore!
“More than one hundred thousand, a lot?” Chuck calmly, more than one hundred thousand is nothing for him, not to mention being able to advertise the square, why not do it?
“You! Good!” The girl sneered, “You have to pretend, then I will accompany you! Xinye, wronged you, go to the garbage plaza to see how well, what do you think?”
Du Xinye laughed, this was too big to be pretended, so what about he looking at the joke?
“Good!” Du Xinye had no opinion. He laughed at Chuck even more. There are all these people. I have never seen him!
“Hey, hello!” The girl stood directly on the table, “Everyone listens, this person, this person called Chuck, please everyone in the school to drink milk tea! Everyone can drink it in the city square, everyone!”
Her voice is really louder than the horn!
Suddenly attracted the attention of everyone in this cafeteria.
“What? Who should drink milk tea? Or the whole school? This is the Baller!”
“Let’s go and see!”
The classmates who were still eating came around again. Ouyang Fei walked to the door of the canteen and stopped to look at Chuck. Lin Daner smiled. “What the hell do you want to do?
There are sports cars, BMWs, and again. Saying to invite the whole school to drink milk tea, this is really a king of pens! Feifei, let’s go too.”
“Is there anything to go? I went to the square the day before yesterday, and there was nothing.
The milk tea there was very rubbish, so I didn’t drink it.” Ouyang Fei left.
“Humph, I don’t drink.” Lin Dan’er whispered and followed.
“It’s him? Is he pretending again?” The students frowned when they saw the girl saying Chuck.
“Why don’t you drink free milk tea? I’ll go!”
“I will go too. I mainly look at how he pretends. The whole school, more than 10,000 people, according to the cheapest one, ten yuan, it will be more than one hundred thousand,”
The classmates cheated and wanted to see the excitement.
“How is it? It’s too late to take back what you just said, otherwise all the classmates will go to the square, and you will not be invited, then you will be beaten!” The girl sneered.
“It doesn’t matter, if he doesn’t invite me, I invite!” Du Xinye doesn’t matter. This is a good time for him to make an impression. It’s just over one hundred thousand. He only spends a month on pocket money.
“Okay, it’s all right if you have a heart. You go!!”
“Yes, call your classmates and let them spread, saying that someone please drink milk tea!”
The classmates in the cafeteria finished their meals quickly and began to send messages in the group, which caused an uproar at once!
“What? Someone asked the whole school to drink milk tea?”
“Who, who!”
“It seems that I was a sophomore, but I heard that this person is a hanging wire, I am afraid I can’t afford it, but Du Xinye said, if the hanging wire is not invited, he will please!”
“Wow!! Du Xinye asked, then I will go!”
“I am coming too!”
The group of the whole school was boiling, touched, someone in Chuck’s class rushed in,
“Everyone go drink milk tea!!”
“What drink milk tea?” Some students wondered.
“Chuck’s hanging silk wants to invite the whole school to drink milk tea!!”
“What? Really?” The classmates stood up. They didn’t believe it. Such a joke was not funny.
How much did it cost the whole school?
“Really, you guys! It’s spread. As long as it is a person in this school, you can go to the city square to drink milk tea for free!”
“Huh, really, where did Chuck get so much money?” Some students watched the group and were immediately surprised.
“While he stole it, anyway, he pretended to be forced, let’s go watch the excitement!”
“Let’s go, I’ll go too, this hanging wire is so pretended, I’m going to watch the joke!”
The classmates have gone outside, some of them are still waiting for the class, they are all waiting for the class, there are a lot of people at the door of the school, they are all going to the city square, they heard that some people want to drink milk tea, they To see who this person is!

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