My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 33

Chuck was a little flustered. If Yvette added him in WeChat, wouldn’t she know that he was the baller? Just when he had managed to leave a good impression on Yvette, if he chose to reveal his identity, his efforts for the past few days would be gone to waste. He thought hard and could only come up with an excuse, “I’ll add you another time.”
“Can’t I add you now?” Yvette was confused. She looked at Chuck strangely. He was hiding something for sure.
“I’ll add you next time.” Chuck had no choice but to repeat what he said just now.
“Alright.” Yvette put away her phone.
Chuck heaved a sigh of relief.
“Let’s go. I’ll send you back.” Yvette strut forward with her long legs, while Chuck followed closely behind. As his thoughts swirled noisily in his head, they arrived at where Yvette had parked car. However, immediately Chuck knew that something was wrong. He noticed his car parked behind Yvette’s car, he actually didn’t notice it when he was parking his car!
More importantly, Chuck noticed Lara who was still busy posing and taking pictures with his car. What on earth did she want to do?
“Lara Jean, why are you here?” Yvette didn’t expect to see Lara here.
“Ah? Teacher.”
Lara, who was leaning on Chuck’s car to take selfies, came to her senses. Her face blushed subconsciously and she put away her phone, before walking over and explaining calmly, “I’m waiting for my daddy.”
As she was speaking, she purposely took a look at the BMW seven series behind her.
“Your dad?”
Yvette looked at the car that Lara was leaning on in surprise. The BMW 7 series? For some reason, it looked familiar. Yvette was reminded of the last time in her residential area, there was also a car if the same series occupying someone else’s parking space. It also didn’t have a car plate. Could it be that it’s the same car? Yvette wondered.
“Well, my dad is eating with his friends. I was bored, so I came down first. It’s so hot, if I’d gotten the car keys from him, I could get in the car and enjoy the air conditioner,” Lara remarked, while glancing at Chuck and frowning after seeing him. She was annoyed. What the hell was he laughing at? Did he even have the right to laugh at her? It couldn’t be that this car was his, right?
Chuck really couldn’t help laughing, and covered his mouth to pretend nothing was wrong. It couldn’t be, Lara really wanted him to be her daddy, right! However, he immediately held back his laughter the moment he saw Lara glaring at him.
However, Chuck’s expression of holding back his laughter looked like panic in Lara’s eyes. She looked down on him even more. Well, it is a pity that he doesn’t even have a car of his own!
“Teacher, why are the two of you together?” Lara suddenly thought of this question.
Chuck and Yvette exchanged glances. In the past, they had agreed that if they ever find themselves in such a situation, they would lie and say they ran into each other by coincidence.
However, this time Yvette just lowered her head and didn’t say anything. It was the first time Chuck saw her like this. He remembered that she used to say that it was just a coincidence, but she actually kept silent this time. This was really out of Chuck’s expectation. His mind raced and his eyes gleamed as he found an excuse. “Teacher Jordan was just having a lunch here, while I had a part-time job here. I happened to run into her and she offered to send me back on her way home.”
“Oh.” Lara Jean was too lazy to pay attention to his explanation. There couldn’t be any other possibilities for it, could there?
“In that case, goodbye teacher! I have to go find my dad for the car keys, or else I’ll definitely die from this heat,” Lara waved to Yvette and left.
Yvette nodded politely, but found her gaze returning constantly to the BMW 7 series. She wondered, “Doesn’t Lara have an ordinary family? When did they manage to afford such a luxurious car?”
“Maybe they suddenly got rich.” Chuck pretended to give a guess.
“Yes, it’s possible. But this car is pretty high-end.” Yvette Jordan said. She also owned a BMW series, but it was the BMW mini series, that cost maybe 20 million dollars. Compared to the BMW 7 series that cost about 200 million dollars, there was a large difference. To be honest, Yvette really liked BMW cars, but she didn’t have the money to buy such an expensive car.
“Yes, it’s not bad. Why don’t you go in and get a feel of it?” Chuck asked.
“Go in?” We don’t even have a car key to get in. It’s fine just admiring it from the outside, since only the rich are able to afford such a car. Let’s just take a look.”
Yvette shook her head slightly in resignation. “Get in. I’ll take you home.”
Chuck sighed. The key to the car were just in his pocket, how could he not get into his own car? If Yvette wanted to have a look, Chuck wouldn’t have hesitated to bring out the keys. It was a pity that currently, Yvette didn’t even think that Chuck could afford such an expensive car. So what was the point if he brought out the car keys?
Of course, Chuck did not say what he was thinking and got into Yvette’s car. On the way back to Chuck’s house, he noticed a fragrant on the car, which belonged to Yvette. He seldom had the chance to hitch a ride on Yvette’s car, so naturally, he was aroused by the smell. He also didn’t want things to turn out this way.
Chuck tried to change the topic and asked Yvette where she was living currently since she had moved out of the house. She replied, “I’ve been renting a place to stay at.”
He didn’t plan to ask her where she was staying to avoid her from misunderstanding that he wanted to move in with her once more. Soon, they arrived at Midland Village, and Yvette stopped her car at a nearby intersection. She asked, “It’s here, right?”
She stared at all the crowded houses that weren’t far away. Many people were staying here since the rent in Midland Village was lower and more affordable. Yvette was satisfied with Chuck’s choice. Although he had moved out, he did not pursue wealth blindly.
“Yeah, it’s here.” Chuck peeked at the high-end residential area in the distance.
He got out of the car, his mind still lingering on Yvette’s supple thighs and curvy waistline as he saw her beauty up close. He was probably aroused and not in his right mind, as he actually asked, Yvette, do you…. want to have a drink at my place?”
The moment he said it, he was nervous and speechless towards himself. Yvette was his wife, so what was wrong with her having a drink with him?
Yvette was stunned. Drink? Did he mean a normal drink, or….? She wasn’t a little girl and couldn’t be fooled so easily. “No, it’s alright. I’m not thirsty. I’ll drop by for a drink next time.” Yvette quickly rejected him politely, her pretty face already blushing furiously.
“Okay then.” Chuck tried to hide the disappointment in his voice.
“I’ll leave first then.”
“Bye.” Chuck watched as Yvette drove away until her car was no larger than a speck in the distance. The minute he could see her car no longer, he shook his head and rushed back home. He locked the door from the inside, pulled the blinds shut, and grabbed some tissues to the bathroom. Five minutes later, he walked out expressionless and sighed. Was he really going to have to try making up with Yvette and moving in with her as soon as possible? Since it wasn’t a permanent solution for him to have to do it himself every time this happened.
His head hurt from thinking. Chuck thought that he might as well just text Yvette from his WeChat to let her know that everything was settled and she could operate in the City Square as usual.
Soon, Yvette replied to his message: (a few crying emojis), really? Thank you so much!
Chuck sighed: You’re welcome. What are you doing now?
Yvette replied, I’m getting ready to go to bed. Thank you once again. Let me treat you to dinner tomorrow.
Upon seeing her message, Chuck was once again surprised. Why dinner again? How was he supposed to meet her like this? Chuck gave it a long, hard thought before finally replying to her: I’m really busy recently.
Yvette Jordan replied: Hmm, in that case, that’s alright. I’ll treat you to dinner once you’re free so I can thank you properly. You’ve really helped me a lot.
Thank me properly? How did she plan on thanking him? Did she plan on….? Chuck’s thoughts drifted to somewhere he wasn’t supposed to. His feet throbbed as he felt a bit sour, but he immediately came to his senses. What was he doing, getting all jealous of himself?
Chuck accidentally replied on impulse: You said you wanted to thank me properly! How will you thank me?

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