My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 331

Lara was dumbfounded, and Queenie was dumbfounded. Where do they want to be, Chuck would say so, please invite the whole school to drink milk tea? ?
How much does it cost?
“Don’t think about slipping, many students have already gone to the city square,” the girl said.
Chuck shrugged.
“Heartfield, let’s go,” the girl pleased.
Du Xinye glanced at Chuck, ridiculed, and turned to the door. His nympho fans certainly followed.
They went out.
“Lara, what are you still doing? Go back and prepare! You may be busy today.” Chuck said.
“Ah?” Lara was shocked. Chuck meant that the whole school was drinking milk tea in his shop? If all go, then more than 10,000 cups!
“You don’t want to pick it up? Then I let the other tea shops in the square do it well,” Chuck said.
“Yeah, don’t! Chuck, you give me!” Lara pulled Chuck by surprise.
“Then prepare.”
“But what? I’m afraid I won’t give you money?” Chuck asked.
“No, my shop didn’t open today. Didn’t you say let me close the door for a few days? I didn’t prepare. I was afraid that I couldn’t do so much,” Lara whispered. Of course, she was not afraid of Chuck not giving money, just worrying about materials. Not enough, certainly not enough!
“Slowly do it, anyway, just share it.” Chuck smiled, thinking it was a big advertisement, and should have done it earlier.
“Thank you, I will give you discounts, 50% discounts, 40% discounts, no, 30% discounts,” Lara said. At 30% discounts, she still has a profit. After all, she is rent-free for one year.
What’s more, if all went, it would be more than 100,000!
Lara is going to be ashamed.
“No need, as much as you want!” Chuck does not lack this amount of money. It’s one thing. It’s mainly unnecessary. This is Lara’s business.
“Thank you, me, I don’t know what to do,” Lara whispered, feeling guilty.
“Quick call your cousin, let her come to help, and the employees in your shop, let them pass by, see if they have friends, and call a few, anyway, just pay them a salary,” Chuck Policy reminder, this is the main thing.
“I’ll help too,” Queenie smiled.
“Thank you,” Lara hurriedly called and said to Charlotte. Charlotte didn’t believe it. Lara said Chuck invited, and Charlotte was shocked.
“Come here, cousin, I’m going to the store at this time.” Lara said hurriedly, there should be time to prepare at this time. After all, it wasn’t evening, and it was the busiest time at night.
The phone hung up.
“Chuck, are you going?” Lara looked forward.
Chuck was definitely going, so the three of them went out. Lara still limped. Chuck didn’t help her, but Lara blushed and pulled Chuck’s arm. “Will you help me?”
Today Lara feels that at least seventy or eighty thousand yuan should be earned, which Chuck gave her.
Chuck was helpless. If it weren’t for Lara’s broken leg, Chuck was too lazy to let her pull.
Three people arrived at the school gate.
“Oh, whoever wants the whole school to drink milk tea, still have to take the bus?” The girl drove a Mercedes out of the school parking lot, her fat body, especially funny, she saw three people Chuck, mockingly deliberately Stopped Mercedes in front of Chuck.
“What’s your business? I said it all. The car is not here.” Lara was angry.
“How about pretending? See when you can pretend. Don’t think about it. If you harm my family and give me money, I will find someone to kill you!” The girl snorted and drove to the city square.
Chuck touched his chin and saw that many people at the entrance to the school were discussing this matter, and many of them were freshmen. The purpose of this advertisement was achieved.
At this time, the sound of the sports car came, and the roar of the engine was exciting. It was Du Xinye’s car. He also stopped in front of Chuck and asked with a smile, “Do you want to take you?”
This tone is mocking.
“No need.” Chuck expressionless.
“I really want to know what your sports car looks like,” Du Xinye sneered. “I see you, you have never been in a sports car!”
With a roar that caught the eye, Du Xinye drove the sports car to the city square.
The students on the stop sign were envious and even more surprised. It turned out that this person asked for milk tea, and actually squeezed the bus. .
But they are too lazy to ignore it, how to say there is free milk tea to drink, so why not?
Chuck They waited until the bus, they went up.
In a BMW five-series car, Ouyang Feimian looked at Chuck on the bus. She was expressionless.
Lin Dan’er sitting next to her was different. She disdained, “Nothing, there is no car, so please ask The whole school drinks milk tea? Can you afford the money?”
“Whether he can afford it or not? You have to pay for your actions!” Ouyang Fei drove away without caring.
“Yes, this person, Feifei, you’re right, it’s really impossible to have anything good, too pretend.”
Lin Daner commented, more than one hundred thousand, this is distressing to die? Don’t you cry under the quilt at night? Maybe, haha!
Ouyang Fei didn’t speak, so unpromising, so pretended, and deserved to be his own talks?
Not worthy!
Chuck and the three of them got on the bus, and they were all people.
Chuck can only protect Queenie, how to say that she just had an abortion, and she is weak, but Lara himself actively drilled into Chuck’s arms, Chuck was speechless, looked down at her, just saw Lara in front of her, she is really sexy today.
“Are you afraid of being seen by others?” Chuck shrugged.
“You haven’t seen it yet,” Lara blushed and felt shy. Queenie was beside him, and he couldn’t say anything explicit.
Lara was ignored.
Fortunately, they arrived in three or four minutes. Everyone got off the bus, and Lara was busy to open the door. At this time, there were already some classmates, Lara shouted. “Here, please drink milk tea here! Remember, Chuck invited you to drink!”
When Lara opened the door, the two employees had rushed over and brought three friends. After all, Lara said, come to work today, and give one thousand today! Evening snacks are included in the evening!
They started to prepare. Queenie had worked part-time before and went in to help.
“Thank you.” What she said was that Charlotte rushed over. She was stunned to see so many people in front of the store. Chuck was found among the crowd.
“It’s okay, you go busy!” Chuck smiled.
Charlotte entered the store to help prepare. At this time, Yolanda, who was upstairs, came out to ventilate. She saw so many people below. What happened? She was curious to go downstairs and asked, only to realize that someone wanted to invite guests to drink milk tea, and this person was Chuck, and Yolanda levied it. What is this for?
But this is a freshman, this advertisement is good, Yolanda didn’t bother with a smile, but let the security guard come to maintain order.
“He Xinye, he really started asking. But the owner of this milk tea shop is actually the hanging girl!” The girl was upset.
Because it goes on like this, it only takes ten or twenty thousand to invite? After all, how low is the cost of milk tea?
“Look!” Du Xinye was bored, so he came over and looked at it here to see how Chuck continued to pretend. The rest didn’t matter.
“Well, Xinye, the girl who just said that this square belongs to him just now, I think, this one is too big, this square is rubbish, but it is also hundreds of millions, how can ordinary people have it? Not even It may be possible for people without cars.” The girl continued.
“I really want to find out the owner of this square and beat them in the face. It is so shameful to say that the square is his. My heart, if you buy this square, I think it’s about 300 million. Now.”
“Here? Don’t buy it, don’t give it to me.” Du Xinye sneered. What part of this square? Some lowend people come to visit, if you buy here, you will be looked down upon by relatives and friends.
“Yes, you don’t deserve your identity as Xinye here.” The girl was crazy to please. She just wanted to flatter her and said that Du Xinye’s family is rich, but this place is really not good.
Give it to her and don’t want it.
“What are you talking about?” Yolanda heard these words.
“What does it matter to you?” The girl frowned. Du Xinye’s eyes brightened. This beautiful woman is beautiful, not worse than Ouyang Fei, and even has a strong temperament of a woman.
“It’s my business. I’m the manager of the square. If you say the square, I’m very angry!” Yolanda said.
“Manager? Haha, okay, how about your boss? Let him come out, our family Xinye is here.” The girl said, Du Xinye’s family has more money than hers, a small square boss, came to welcome it! !

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