My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 332

Yolanda feels wrong, what did the girl say? Let Chuck come out?
Who is this wild heart? Yolanda doesn’t know, but she must be polite to keep, “What do you see my boss do?”
“What do you do? You didn’t understand what I just said? Our family Xinye is here, Du Xinye, you don’t know Du family?” The girls despise, why are they some unsophisticated country gangsters?
The Du family is still a little famous in China. Let’s say it is a household name, but some people still know more about it. Why has this woman been a manager, but she has never heard of it?
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I don’t know! Looking for such unsophisticated people as managers in this square, can you not rubbish?
The girl didn’t understand, and what made her even more uncomfortable was that this woman, Yolanda, actually treated her male god like this? What is this look?
Shouldn’t it be the eyes of a nympho?
Du family? Yolanda understands that she really has heard of this Du family, but she has never been in touch. I heard that the Du family has a man and a woman. The handsome men are compelling, and the woman is also beautiful. In other words, Du Xinye There is also a pretty sister on it.
Yolanda doesn’t have a cold for the handsome guy, she is not a face control, so in her eyes, it is just a handsome boy.
However, Yolanda appreciates capable boys because she is very capable.
“Quick! Let’s keep waiting for our family’s heart? Does your boss have the right to let our family’s heart wait?” The girl sneered and impatiently urged.
“What’s the matter?” Yolanda was a little angry, which was clearly unreasonable!
“What’s the matter, are you qualified to know? You don’t look at your identity, a square manager, a person in this position, a lot of people on the street, don’t you call your boss soon?” Girl Annoyed, why does Yolanda have no eyesight? How to be a manager? Let’s do it with sleep!
“Sorry, nothing, I won’t call our boss.” Yolanda shook her head, she felt a little ridiculous, the girl is not very young, how can it be so unpleasant?
“No? You wait! I will find your boss and fire you!”
The girl was angry and she started calling her dad and asked her dad to ask him for help. Her dad started the company and knew a lot of people, maybe she could know it.
Du Xinye has been watching landing Yuwen, he is not angry, he thinks that Lu Yuwen is too beautiful. It is almost the same as the school flower Ouyang Fei. He feels that there is one more goal. In addition to going to Ouyang Fei, he also wants to go to this female manager. How interesting is it?
He is very confident in his own appearance. He wanted to take the initiative to WeChat. Why would a manager refuse? Du Xinye felt, three days, a week. Should be able to get Yolanda.
“It’s really a garbage plaza, my dad and friends haven’t heard of it!” The girl was annoyed and even more disdainful.
But she has already spoken this sentence and can’t find it. Isn’t that a loss of face? Speaking of expelling the woman, she decided to change the subject.
She looked at Chuck in the distance. She hummed playfully and pointed her finger over, “That man, that man said that the square belongs to him, is he your boss?”
She felt funny, Du Xinye glanced at Chuck in the crowd, his eyes were disdainful.
Yolanda looked at the scene and found that Lara gave Chuck a cup of milk tea while he was busy. Chuck reluctantly took it. Lara continued to go inside and Chuck was drinking milk tea.
“Is it him? Huh, really not, he and I bragged about it, said that there is a sports car, said that there is BMW, said that it is the boss of the square, this is really pretending not to make drafts!” The girl smiled.
“He told you this?” Yolanda was surprised. When was Chuck so high-profile?
“That woman said, but is there a difference? No.” The girl sneered.
Yolanda understood, and nodded, “Well, he is indeed the boss of our square!”
Du Xinye was also stunned for the girl’s surprise.
“Haha, interesting, you don’t want to call your boss. You don’t need to find someone to say you are the boss? Do you think I will believe? Tell you, the fool doesn’t believe it!” The girl laughed and almost laughed crazy, this The joke is so funny.
Du Xinye sneered, “Beauty, you are quite kidding, I like it, add a WeChat, I invite you to dinner!”
Yolanda glanced at Du Xinye, “No more.”
Girls are angry, what are their gods doing? Pick up girl? Humph!
Du Xinye was angry, what? I personally asked for it, but you didn’t give ? Du Xinye panicked, was rejected three times today, right?
“If you don’t believe it, the boss of the square is really him!”
“It’s not funny to say too much jokes. He is your square owner? Why don’t you have a car? How do you wear that kind of garbage and cheap clothes? It turns out that your square owner is so bad?” The girl sarcastically, originally, girls think they don’t trim Chuck, a poor student, what the boss of the bullshit square? She now thinks that Yolanda is not a manager at all, or a female liar.
“This classmate, please don’t talk nonsense!” Yolanda said seriously.
“You talked to me first.” The girl disdained, “If he is the boss, you let him come! Look at his hanging sample, maybe the boss?”
Yolanda wanted to explain that at this time, a Rolls-Royce suddenly stopped at the roadside and immediately attracted the attention of many students.
“Wow, Rolls Roth!”
“Quick, take a picture, take a picture!”
Some students hurried to take pictures.
“It’s not bad, your square can actually attract a boss like Rolls-Royce.” In her girl’s house, her father had this car, but people with this car would never come to this kind of garbage square!
Du Xinye also looked over and hummed, “It should be your boss!”
Obviously, the car parked directly on the roadside of the square. This should be the boss.
Unexpectedly, the owner of a small square actually drove such a good car. The loan was used to fill the facade?
“No, this is not our boss’s. I said, the person she just referred to is our boss!” Yolanda shook her head, but she had seen this license plate, and sure enough, the car opened, and someone came out, it was a woman.
“Do you think I will believe it?” Du Xinye sneered.
Said the girl. “Not the boss, that is to patronize your square, you haven’t greeted yet?”
Just kneel!
“No, she is not our boss, but she came to find our boss.” Yolanda said.
The girls and Du Xinye even more teased, looking for the boss?
But they quickly froze, because this woman who came down from Rolls-Royce walked through the crowd and walked in front of a person, who was very polite. This person was actually Chuck!
They looked at each other.
How is this possible? A woman who started Rolls-Royce, looking for Chuck? Is Chuck really the boss of this square? ?
Not only the two of them, but the classmates waiting at Lara’s door were shocked, and some of their jaws were about to fall to the ground. When did Chuck have such a skill? ? Actually let this woman come to him?
Originally the square was quite noisy, and suddenly it was quiet because of a Rolls-Royce, and soon the classmates talked.
“This woman, look for Chuck? Am I right?”
“You’re right, this woman’s eyes are blind, she actually looked for Chuck, do rich women like hanging silk?”
“I think Chuck is mysterious and can invite the whole school to drink milk tea. He may be a rich man, but we didn’t find out!”
The students expressed their opinions, and they were surprised, ridiculed, envious, and jealous.
“Is this woman the driver? Driving the boss’s car and pretending to be forced?”
Yolanda glanced at her.
“He really is the boss of the square?” Du Xinye frowned, and he could see that the woman’s respect for Chuck’s bones, this is not the expression of the servant to himself when he was at home?
He knows too much, but he does not understand, and he is not willing to believe that the square is Chuck. After all, this square is rubbish, but it is also worth hundreds of millions. How could this hanging wire be owned?
“Yes, he is our square boss, but you don’t believe it.” Yolanda said.

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