My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 334

Anyway, Chuck’s classmates just thought that Chuck was lucky, after all, he didn’t have the temperament of the second generation of wealth, he could only pick up the money.
This luck is really good enough to make them envious and jealous.
Alas, they are wondering if their luck was all taken away by Chuck?
How did he pick up the money?
They sighed and continued to line up to receive free milk tea.
“Lara, did Chuck ask you for credit?” Some students asked the busy Lara.
“Credit to Nima…Chuck is rich and uses credit, you all have shit in your head?” Lara was angry, she was so busy just now, but she was very angry when she heard this .
However, it seems that she used to do the same.
These classmates were scolded and unhappy.
“Hey, Lara, don’t you usually look down on Chuck? How did you help him talk this time? It’s abnormal, I said you won’t like him?” Some students said uncomfortably.
Although this is not possible, after all, the whole class knows that Lara worships gold and Chuck has no money. This time he can get milk tea, it is good luck to pick up the money, who can always be lucky?
Is it forbidden to invite the whole school to drink milk tea this time?
Lara immediately turned red and gave two cups of milk tea to her classmates. Lara scolded,
“Next, go away and stop the road.”
These classmates looked at each other, did Lara like this expression? What is good about Chuck?
Impossible, it must be that Lara had no time to answer questions, so he didn’t speak.
After all, Lara is not a school flower, but she is absolutely proud of her heroes! Looking for such a girlfriend, men are willing to, this kind of figure, why look for Chuck?
It makes no sense at all.

Ouyang Fei drove by, passing this square, and saw so many students. Except for the queues, everyone basically had milk tea in his hands. Does that person really please? It’s really a swollen face to be fat, and most look down on such a person.
“Wow, Rolls-Royce!” Lin Dan’er next to him saw it. At this time, Betty hadn’t left yet.
Ouyang Fei saw it. “What, it is estimated that the owner of this square has anything to do with other people?”
Ouyang Feimian deliberately and unconsciously glanced at Chuck among the crowd, which means, what does it have to do with Chuck?
For the boss of the square, Chuck just brought a lot of traffic to the boss with a swollen face and a fat man. It is estimated that in the eyes of the boss, such a person as Chuck has never had a life!
“Yeah, yes, Feifei, if someone opened Rolls-Royce, can you add WeChat?” Lin Daner envied.
“Yes, but not over 35 years old.” Ouyang Fei has his own standards.
“But at this age, the only one who can afford Leslaus is definitely the second generation of rich,” said Lin Dan’er, who just saw Du Xinye driving.
“Du Xinye is over there.” Lin Dan’er said, Ouyang Fei looked over, what was Du Xinye cursing.
However, Du Xinye saw Ouyang Feifei’s car, he changed his clothes in the car long ago, and of course came out. At this time, at night, maybe Ouyang Fei can be invited to eat supper, so they can all eat supper. At night, the things behind, hey, excited when I think of it!
Du Xinye waved his hand, Ouyang Fei frowned, and hesitated to stop.
The car window opened.
“It’s such a coincidence.” Du Xinye smiled, and the demeanor came out again.
“Qiao.” Ouyang Fei didn’t have any expression, Lin Dan’er asked, “What’s that, Chuck, Chuck’s strategy, really please?”
It’s over a hundred thousand. It’s distressed to die.
“Please.” Du Xinye shrugged.
“It’s estimated that I am distressed and dead, and I have a swollen face to become fat, and hate such a person.” Lin Daner pouted.
“I hate it too, this man, I knew the owner of the milk tea shop, most of the credit first.” Du Xinye said.
“Ah, this way? Then I have served such a person. I have no skills, no money. I actually asked someone to drink milk tea on credit, just to pretend to be forced. Alas, I think who will find such a man afterwards, That’s miserable.” Lin Dan’er was surprised. “Fifi, are you right? Such a person, I’m really speechless.”
Ouyang Fei was disdainful in her eyes. She thought Chuck was a swollen face to become a fat man. She was distressed and invited someone to drink milk tea. Unexpectedly, it was actually a credit. This really subverted her perception of shamelessness.
Du Xin sneered in his ambitions, of course he said this intentionally, because Chuck is eligible to add Ouyang Fei WeChat, of course he must block it in advance! Now it seems that Ouyang Fei’s disdainful look, he succeeded, it is estimated that in Ouyang Fei’s eyes, this Chuck is disgusting.
Du Xinye decided that he had to tell his family that if he wanted to change a car or another 10 million, he had to add it to Ouyang Fei WeChat and then get on her!
By the time, they were all on her, even if Ouyang Fei knew Chuck’s strength, knowing that Chuck could actually meet her standards, but what about? It’s late… By the time Chuck, you will pick up Du Xinye’s disk. This disk, I Du Xinye will first develop and develop for you.
Du Xinye almost laughed.
“This kind of person, credit, I think the people in his family are also unlucky. There are relatives like this. If the family does not help, then this hanger will definitely work hard part-time, day and night, just to pretend Forced?” Lin Daner sneered.
“Don’t say it.” Ouyang Fei shook his head. What kind of person like this would be the subject of his own conversation?
“By the way, Ouyang Fei, add me to WeChat. I’m going to buy a car next week, change the car, change a Ferrari… Then, you go with me, you help me choose, you women Eyes, especially those of you like a beauty, that is the best,” Du Xinye smiled slightly.
Lin Dan’er is envious, why not add his own WeChat?
Ouyang Feimei looked at Du Xinye, “There are several Ferrari models, which one do you want?”
“Anyway, more than five million, at least, my ideal is more than ten million.” This can be customized.
Ouyang Fei smiled, took out his phone, opened WeChat, “Then you sweep me, I know Ferrari better.”
“Thank you, wait for me for a few days, at most next week, I will take you to see the car together,” Du Xin ambition was happy, and he was done.
Successfully added to WeChat, Ouyang Fei said, “Then I will go first.”
“Okay, by the way, let’s eat supper, I know…” Before Du Xinye finished, Ouyang Fei drove away.
Du Xinye frowned, “Well, waiting for you for a few days, the day I waited for the car to buy, I got on you… Hey, Chuck, I got on first, and then you…”
Du Xinye looked back at Chuck among the crowd and laughed at the sinister point. He returned to the car, called his mother, and got money!

“Chuck, then I went up.” Yolanda drank half of the milk tea, and there were things to deal with, about the land.
“Okay, by the way, you can buy a car these days, which is more convenient.” Chuck felt that Yolanda has been running back and forth recently and has been doing public transportation. Can improve.
After all, from Yolanda’s report, the land has been determined. Yolanda is very efficient and a car is a must.
“Ah?” Yolanda accidentally, Chuck wants to buy a car for himself? “Thank you, I’ll take the bus first,”
“No, you will be the general manager of our company in the future. You are in front of you. You must have a good car. So, you should check it out online. You can choose whatever you want from about 5 million.” Chuck thinks this is Facade problems, talents like Yolanda must be equipped with cars, of course, this is also the company’s car.
Yolanda froze, “No, it’s too expensive.”
Where did she want Chuck to say this, about five million? How good can this car be? ?
There was one when her family hadn’t gone bankrupt before, but she hadn’t sat in it for a long time.
“Do not refuse, you can read it online first, and next week, we will go to watch it together. After all, I have to buy a car.” Chuck now only has a sports car, certainly not enough. The car of the mother hotel is a hotel Yes, I bought it myself.
The budget is probably the same. Going to see it with Yolanda. Buying two at a time should be good.

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