My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 335

Yolanda was a little touched, but Chuck had given her millions before, but now she bought a car? She thinks it’s great to follow the boss Chuck.
“That’s it, you look first.” Chuck said.
“Well, thank you,” Yolanda didn’t refuse, because everything Chuck Ze said just now was serious, she could see from Chuck’s eyes.
“It should be,” Chuck thought it should be. On the one hand, it was a facade problem, and on the other hand, it was a personal problem. After all, how to say, Yolanda’s school-like temperament and strong woman’s temperament, really only a good car can match.
Good car, beauty, this is a perfect match, it is also standard.
“Then I went up,”
“Okay, wait for supper!” Chuck thought, Lara and Queenie should close at more than ten o’clock.
After all, how could the whole school come over one night? Anyway, there should be 5,000 cups delivered today. Chuck saw that someone had been coming to deliver the goods, but he was too busy to be busy.
The remaining students should come over tomorrow.
“Good.” Yolanda turned around.
Chuck was very charming when she saw Yolanda’s skirt on her knees. She didn’t wear stockings today. It’s rare. This calf was so flawless that she couldn’t see it when she walked.
Chuck withdrew his gaze, and some students came to ask if Chuck got the money? Therefore, the whole school was invited to drink milk tea. Chuck smiled and ignored them.
“He smiled, he just admitted if he didn’t speak, and I said, he is not the second generation of the rich, how can he invite the whole school to drink milk tea? It can only be said that he picked up the money, am I smart?” Said.
“Smart, but, you said that this guy got the money, but he only asked for milk tea, why didn’t we ask the people in our class to sing together? The milk tea is all invited, and the whole school, you can’t spend any more money please Singing? Anyway, the money was picked up. Everyone is a classmate. Why are you so stingy?” Another classmate was a little bit dissatisfied and felt that Chuck should invite them to sing now.
“He has always been stingy, don’t you know?”
“Ah, if I get the money, I will definitely sing,”
“Me too, I don’t own the money, I must share it with my classmates!”
These students murmured to the station sign and took the bus back to school.
The shops on the side of the square are closed, only Lara is left. Almost all the students come here. Lara, Charlotte, and Queenie are all sitting on the ground tired. The same is true of several other employees. At first, none of them stopped.
Lara watched Chuck for a long time, and she got up. “Chuck, do you want to drink milk tea? I’ll prepare a cup for you,”
“No, Lara, you will have your account calculated tomorrow, and I will transfer the money to you,” Chuck said.
“Yeah,” Lara nodded. “Then supper?”
Chuck was also hungry. He must have said yes, Lara was pleasantly surprised, “So let’s close the door and go to supper, by the way, is my milk tea delicious?”
Lara was looking forward to it, and Chuck thought it was okay. It was a bit thicker, but it tasted much better than anywhere else.
Chuck said, Lara was happy, “Then I will bring you a cup of milk tea tomorrow.”
After she finished speaking, she closed the door. Chuck had no choice but to call Yolanda, and soon Yolanda came down. They also just closed the door. In fact, Chuck is more entangled, because they are all women, only Chuck is a man, really feel a bit surrounded by flowers.
Among them, Yolanda is the most beautiful, Lara has the best body and is the most angry, and Queenie is the purest, Charlotte has a little charm, a skinny charm, anyway, each has its own merits, but there is nothing to think about, Lara they decided to go Drinking porridge, Chuck doesn’t matter, follow them a group of women.
Not too far anyway.
But walking on the road, many male compatriots cast their envious eyes, and some people whispered, “This kid is exhausted tonight, so many beauties…”
Chuckdang didn’t hear anything. He sat down at a food stall and had a barbecue beside him.
Chuck ordered a little bit. Everyone ate together. It was twelve o’clock in the evening, and everyone was full.
Chuck went to check out, Lara stopped Chuck, “I’m here, I made money today.”
Chuck shrugged, Lara went to checkout, and several of her employees went to rest, so there were only Lara, Yolanda, Charlotte, and Queenie at the roadside. Lu Youming was up early, so she left first.
The place where she lived was near the square. After she left, Chuck was going back to the mom hotel anyway, so she stopped and had to send Queenie back. She was not in good health. What if she met any bad guys?
Chuck stopped the car and let Queenie sit in. Lara walked over with her lips biting, “Chuck, did you go back so early?”
“Well, there will be class tomorrow, I will send Queenie back, and go back to sleep in your own place, and you will go back to rest,” Chuck got into the car.
The car drove away.
Lara pouted, “Send Queenie home, will you return to your home? You must have spent the night at Queenie’s house.”
In fact, she thought, at this time, if Chuck proposed to walk again, Lara would not refuse, nor would Charlotte. After all, Chuck was given medicine last time, not to prepare three people to do?
“What do you say Lara.” Charlotte asked.
“It’s nothing, cousin, let’s go back, we are all exhausted,” Lara said with a lip, and the two women hugged each other home.
When he arrived home, Lara used WeChat to send a message to the “Baller” Chuck, asking if he was home? However, she looked at the previous record and saw that she had sent a photo of Chuckfa. She blushed all by herself, so many photos! I don’t know if Chuck has seen it recently.
After waiting for a while, Chuck didn’t return any information. Lara was a little lost and hummed, “Ignore me, I must be doing something at Queenie’s house…Chuck, you really are, there are me and me tonight Two cousins, but you chose Queenie, aren’t they better than Queenie alone?”
Lara stopped thinking about it, put the phone under the pillow, and went to sleep with her eyes closed.
Chuck finished sending Queenie and looked at her upstairs. Chuck was relieved. Actually, how did Chuck subconsciously want to send Queenie up, but the thought of what happened between the two people might send her up, in case What the two people couldn’t help but did, it’s over.
It must be restrained. Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. Hearing WeChat sounded just now, he opened WeChat and found that it was Lara. Chuck ignored it, but subconsciously re-looked at Lara’s fruit photos. It’s so rare…
It can only be described as young and nice.
Chuck was going to take a car to go home. At this time, there was a car coming in at the door of the community. Yes, it was the school car Ouyang Fei. She felt that the environment here was good, so she found a place to live. She might live for a while and would buy one. House, after all, there are still three or four years in college.
The house here is a breeze for her.
She drove in and parked the car, and she and her girlfriend Lin Daner came out.
“Why did you meet him again?” Lin Daner was upset, how many times did he encounter it today?
This community is all private housing, rented out for about two thousand a month, he rented here? Is there money to rent a house?
Ouyang Fei didn’t look at Chuck at all. In her eyes, Chuck didn’t have a good time. She likes to pretend too much. She especially wants to ask Chuck that you have no skill. Who do you pretend to show?
Chuck hadn’t seen these two beauties, so he took a look and was ready to leave, but Lin Daner couldn’t help it, “You rent a house here?”
She thinks that if it is, then they will immediately move out from here. She doesn’t want to live in the same community with this kind of swollen face fat man, how disgusting?
“No.” Chuck shook his head, curious, how could this woman talk to herself? Know her yourself? Chuck thought, was it a classmate in the school? After all, the two of them look young.
“What are you doing here without that?” Lin Daner was upset.
“I’m not here to deal with your business?” Chuck felt puzzled.
“Why doesn’t it matter to us? We live here,… well, what’s going on with the security guard at the door? Renting a house is so expensive, and even people can come in casually, anyone can come in, and be the vegetable market here!” Lin Daner sneered, Ouyang Fei also ridiculed.
If you do not rent a house here, then he cannot come here in the future.

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