My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 337

Chuck understands what Yvette meant. He hasn’t trained much recently, and he has to learn training every day in combat. However, Yvette has really started to learn combat.
This is a good thing.
“Wifey, I will.” Chuck affirmed that he must be a master of fighting.
This is the necessary way. After all, Chuck now knows that his cousin also shot himself. How can he resist without strength?
“Well, then you go back to bed early, and continue to have a good class tomorrow…you, don’t look at me with this look, don’t use…”
Yvette collapsed a little, her mother Yan Li said, her mentality and eyes must be ruthless, but when she first came over, her eyes were ruthless, but when she met Chuck, she was all right.
What’s more, Chuck’s current look must have been thinking wildly and thinking about what happened downstairs yesterday? ?
“Wife, I think…” Chuck whispered, Yvette didn’t realize how sexy she is now, sweat wet her clothes, outline the lines, this is the beauty after sports.
Yvette’s figure is perfect, not to mention exercise? That kind of line may one day be able to catch up with Logan’s tightness. This should be a matter of time.
“You, don’t think about it, okay? I still have to go home, my mother is still waiting for me,”
Yvette couldn’t help it, Chuck’s eyes were too wicked.
Chuck smiled slightly and opened the car door. Yvette was very tired. Chuck saw that she still had a good rest.
But Chuckbi went, and Yvette felt guilty again, and should agree with Chuck. What happened to helping him in the car?
“Hubby, I’m sorry, you got in the car, I drove to no one’s place, and then. What do you want, can you do it?” Yvette bit his lip, “Mr. “You can never take it home.
Chuck smiled and walked to Yvette’s side, leaning in his face, “kiss me.”
“Okay,” Yvette kissed Chuck.
Chuck thought it was wonderful. If nothing happened, how good should it be with Yvette?
Unfortunately, everything has already happened.
“I took the car back to the mother’s hotel.” Chuck stopped the car on the side of the road. Yvette’s eyes watched Chuck get in the car. After leaving, she sighed, “Hubby, I’m not helping you, but, I’m afraid I’ll help you every time, so what can I do if I can’t live without you?”
Yvette’s eyes were sad and drove home. She was tired and needed a good rest.
This scene was seen by Lin Daner who lived upstairs, and she laughed, “Want to go to Mercedes-Benz? Was he kicked out? Hanging man, is hanging man! Don’t look at your virtue, you think you Is it Du Xinye? Such a person is not saved… Feifei, guess what I saw just now?”
“I see, the suspending man just wanted to get on a Mercedes-Benz just now and was kicked out, haha…”
Ouyang Fei in the shower appeared disdainful.
“Be careful next time when you drive, Feifei, be careful that he will forcefully rub in the car! As long as he dares to rub the car, drive him out!”

Chuck went home and had a good night’s sleep, and went to class the next day. In the afternoon, Chuck went to the square and found that there were still some milk tea pickers in the Lara store.
In the evening, Chuck paid Lara a checkout .
Chuck asked Lara how many cups did he go out? Lara did not speak, Chuck felt that there should be seven or eight thousand cups, which is the least, after all, the flow of people can be seen.
So Chuck directly transferred her to 100,000, and Lara hesitated to confiscate. Of course Chuck said a few words before Lara confiscated, “Thank you.”
Chuck shrugged, this is what she deserves, Lara bit her lip, “You made me so much money in two days, I invite you to dinner,”
Others, Chuck disagreed. Anyway, Lara brought milk tea to Chuck every day, of course it was definitely healthy, and the taste still changed a little every day.
Of course Chuck said no, but Lara was wronged, “Will you come after a few days of my birthday? Just when I invite you to dinner, is this always possible?”
Chuck considered, “Look.”
“Don’t look, are you coming? Sing in the square. Anyway, you have to come to the square every day, and I don’t want you to send anything, just come over.” Lara looked forward to.
Chuck wasn’t sure, but he said, Lara was wronged, “Okay.”
This is what Chuck refused, but Lara really wanted Chuck to appear on her birthday this time, and she was particularly looking forward to it.
Chuck thinks it’s better not to go. I really don’t want to. I can only find a reason that day. Anyway, Lara wouldn’t mind too much, his birthday, and Chuck alone, not to mention that he had to train fighting!
In the next few days, Chuck didn’t skip the class, he was listening carefully, and he went back to training martial arts at night. If he didn’t understand something, he called Logan.
But what makes Chuck helpless is that Logan’s voice is too gentle, Chuck listens a lot, and will dream about Logan at night…
Fortunately, Chuck restraint, not to fight Logan every day, otherwise, Chuck will collapse.
Of course, I can still see Yvette at night, but not Yan Li. This is Yvette’s vigilance. She deliberately avoided Yan Li. Chuck trains every day, plus Logan’s phone call, Chuck especially thought, the day before yesterday At that time, I couldn’t help pulling Yvette to the car. Yvette didn’t refuse, but his eyes were sad.
These days have passed. Today, Chuck thought that he could take Yolanda to buy a car. Last night Chuck had called Yolanda and said to prepare for it in the morning. Chuck took the car to the square and found that Yolanda was ready. Well, she is wearing a very casual dress today, loose jeans, with a small shirt, white shoes, like the elder sister.
But loose clothes still can’t hide her hot body, but she doesn’t like to show her body like Logan, otherwise it would be very eye-catching to watch Yolanda’s body every day.
Chuck thought, Yolanda was weird, “What’s wrong with you? Let’s have breakfast first!”
Chuck didn’t have a problem, he just wore a dress casually, and he didn’t care too much. The two had breakfast in the square, and then went to the car to see the car. What did they buy? It was better to see it first. Anyway, Chuck had a sports car. Don’t buy a sports car anymore!
Ouyang Fei and Lin Dan’er went downstairs, and the two of them were sitting in the car. Du Xinye called her yesterday and said that they can watch the car. Ferrari, Ouyang Fei decided to introduce Du Xinye a good one. After all, she is familiar with sports cars.
“Du Xinye will come over later, you and me together.” Ouyang Fei said, this is a little insurance, buy a sports car, just want to do to yourself, then how is it possible?
Of course Lin Dan’er was willing, she likes Du Xinye, of course she wants to be with Du Xinye, and she will have something to eat later.
“When will Du Xinye come?” Lin Daner couldn’t wait.
When Ouyang Fei talked, there was a sports car coming out of the community, Du Xinye.
Lin Dan’er was nympho, and Du Xinye is so handsome today! It’s a pity not to come to find yourself.
Du Xin sneered in his ambition. He saw that there was Lin Daner in the car, but how could he let Lin Daner be a light bulb? He drove over, “Ouyang Fei, okay, take my car and go,”
His sports car can only sit two people,
“I’ll drive by myself!” Ouyang Fei started the car and drove out of the community. Du Xinye frowned and snorted, “Also pretend? I let you pretend!”
He smiled, he was calling his mother every day these days, it was just begging, and finally his mother called 15 million yesterday, what car is not enough? Helicopters are enough.
So he could not wait for Ouyang Fei.
Du Xinye saw that Ouyang Fei’s car had been driven out. Of course, Du Xinye followed, Ferrari.
He drove behind. This car is not expensive, but it also attracted the eyes of many people, envious and jealous.
Du Xinye enjoyed this gaze, and suddenly he sneered.
Because on a bus, he saw Chuck.
“Isn’t it the boss? Still doing public transportation? It’s a wonderful job! Huh, and brought your manager? I don’t know if you have been there, your manager is so beautiful, you must have played it, it’s really cheap for you, but well, there is a chance, Your manager, I have to hey several times.” Du Xinye saw Chuck was crowded into the bus, he ridiculed, and crowded the bus? Lao Tzu bought more than 10 million cars today!

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