My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 339

Chu Hanhan could only agree in the end, and helped Chuck to register. Forget it, I hope they can come and buy Lincoln when they are thirty!
Although this hope is slim, even impossible at all, she glanced at Chuck and she should go out to ventilate.
Generally speaking, there are special test drivers and special test routes for the test drive. The salesperson usually does not go out, but Chu Hanhan applied for it himself, and the supervisor agreed.
“You two wait a moment, I’ll call the test driver.” Chu Hanhan said.
Chuck and Yolanda are of course no problem. They each received their driver’s licenses and sat down to wait.
“Han Han, it’s rare, you go out and follow the test drive yourself? Is there a play?” Some salesmen came enviously.
“No, just want to go out and breathe.” Chu Hanhan shook his head in disappointment.
“Breathable?” The salesperson looked over. “Isn’t it right?”
“Of course it’s gone, they are not Lincoln’s audience, and you look at the man. If you add up to two hundred pieces of clothes, how can you afford the pilot?” Chu Hanhan said.
“Also, that man, there is really no temperament of the rich, too earthy, that woman is OK.” The salesperson analyzed.
“That woman doesn’t work either. She called the man’s boss just now.” Chu Hanhan was helpless.
“Puff, pretend to be, he looks like the boss?” The salesman couldn’t help laughing, as if he heard a funny joke, “I see, the woman said so deliberately, making you think they two This is not pretending to allow you to agree to a test drive.”
Chu Hanhan sighed, she just thought that, alas, why do these people want to come to Lincoln? It’s enough to just hit it.
“Okay, don’t say, I should go out to ventilate.” Chu Hanhan went to the driver’s seat, the salesperson held her, “Be careful, this kind of person must have taken the driver’s license and never touched the car. The driving skills must be home, and the accelerator brakes are probably unclear. In case of a collision…”
“Pay!” Chu Hanhan was simple and clear.
“I’m afraid they won’t be able to pay.” The salesperson reminded.
“Call the police if you can’t afford it. Who told them to come and take me as a pastime?” Chu Hanhan prepared.
The salesperson looked at Chuck and Yolanda sitting in the distance, and smiled in his heart,
“wasting time…”
“Okay, two people get in the car.” Chu Hanhan was ready, and the test driver had driven the car outside.
Chuck and Yolanda of course stood up and went out, and everyone got on the bus. Chuck sat behind. First, Yolanda took a test drive and she sat next to her.
The test driver drove the car to the test drive route. Chuck felt that the car was good. Chu Hanhan sat next to him. Look at it this way, alas.
Wasted time.
Soon the test driver drove the car to a special test drive route and began to explain, saying the advantages of this car, of course, the shortcomings will occasionally be mentioned, lap down, Yolanda feels good, she proposed a test drive, of course the test driver agreed .
The two changed places, and Yolanda drove. She thought it was good, Jiashu, and control were all right. She felt like it. Chu Hanhan was relieved. Yolanda drove steadily. It was an old driver, but what about the old driver? Will not buy.
Soon, Yolanda’s test drive was completed, very satisfied!
After Chuck sat up, he felt that this car was really big. The controller must have taken more care of it. He had never driven such a big car, so he was looking for a feeling that Chu Hanhan was impatient. Right?”
“Wait, I will feel it again,” Chuck smiled, tapping the throttle and starting to walk, very slowly, very slowly, which made Chu Hanhan frown, what is it for? Sure enough, I haven’t touched the car after I got the driver’s license. Don’t you dare to step on the accelerator?
“Add some throttle and slowly,” Chu Hanhan said.
“En.” Chuck started to put on the gas pedal, and felt that the car was driving very well. He slammed on it, braked violently, and had real-time performance. Even though Chu Hanhan, who was wearing a seatbelt, felt particularly uncomfortable, he was awesome. Someone can make yourself sick.
“Slow down, it’s too fast to drive!” Chu Hanhan reminded, it’s all eighty.
“It’s okay, I usually have this speed.” Chuck usually speeds up when driving a sports car, and when BMW is slower, men like to stimulate! usually? Chu Hanhan is angry. Have you ever driven a car? Normally. What to pretend?
“Slow down, slow down. Oops. Slow down, car. Car!!!” Chu Hanhan screamed, and with a sudden touch, a sports car came over. boom!
The two new cars collided together. The car stopped. Chu Hanhan was dumbfounded. The smoke was in front of him. It was too serious. Fortunately, it was okay. Chuck was confused by the airbag, but there was nothing to fear.
Yolanda hurriedly opened the door and went out, “Chuck, are you okay?”
“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Chuck recovered, but his head was a little dizzy.
The test driver and Chu Hanhan both opened the door angrily and yelled angrily, “Are you sick?
Have you said slow down, slow down, your ears are deaf?” What now, what do you say!!! ”
Chu Hanhan was so angry, how could he drive this way? They said to slow him down, is that alright? Crashed, see how you lose!
Chuck glanced at Chu Hanhan, “What are you worried about?”
“I’m in a hurry? Hey, this is a new car, it was hit, it’s your reason, it’s because you drove too fast.” Chu Hanhan was angry, so shameless, so calm, where did your calm come from?
“I think you made a mistake, the car crashed, but you see clearly, I’m driving normally, this car came over and hit me, did you see?” Chuck calmly, although his driving time is short, but It’s still a good car. He took a good test drive by himself. Just now a sports car suddenly came over as if it was out of control. This is his full responsibility.
Chu Hanhan looked angrily, and then froze, it was really someone else’s full responsibility. This road had a fork. This sports car suddenly came out, and it didn’t let the straight car go. It was indeed the other party’s full responsibility.
It’s just that she was angry. She almost got into trouble just now. She was angry. “If it weren’t for your test drive, would someone bump into you?”
Why is it so bad today? When this happened, she couldn’t get to work today.
Chuck frowned.
“Don’t be noisy, let’s see if there is anything else.” The test driver said, this time, this sports car is serious, and the entire front is deformed. This is Ferrari’s latest sports car!
Fortunately, others are fully responsible!
At this time, the door of the sports car was opened, and two men and two women came out. The man was a little blinded and was bombed by the airbag. This person is of course Du Xinye who bought the car.
He and Ouyang Fei and Lin Daner were optimistic about a Ferrari sports car, so he proposed to test drive. After all, he had learned how to drive a sports car, plus he was a little famous in his house, so I took this test drive point from the back of the store. Moved out, the supervisor agreed, of course, agreed in advance. If the accident happened, you will be compensated!
After all, the test drive of the sports car is usually behind the store. Not at all out of the street.
Of course Du Xinye is fine, he has been driving for so long, he has never had a car accident, plus he wants to show his skills in front of Ouyang Fei, of course he agreed, the car came out, Ouyang Fei and Lin Daner sat behind him, he just showed off During the car skills, one didn’t control well and crashed.
However, his family is rich, and he must be confident. When he came out, he yelled, “How to drive, will you drive!!”
But he was stunned when he scolded, how could it be Chuck? ? Du Xinye saw the test drive in his car. He understood. Chuck also came to buy a car, a test drive?
Chuck calmly didn’t speak. He glanced at the sports car and suddenly smiled, a little interesting.
“Are you okay?” Ouyang Fei’s eyes dizzy, and Lin Dan’er walked to Du Xinye, they were also terrified, too fast, they hit.
Du Xinye didn’t speak, Lin Dan’er suddenly saw Chuck, she widened her eyes. “It’s you? How do you have a car? Oh, test drive. Are you in a test drive, right? Haha, you’re miserable, you hit the car, I see how you pay!”
Ouyang Fei frowned, and actually saw this person again, what happened? Test drive? Also test drive the Lincoln Navigator? Why are you so shameless? Can you afford such an expensive car? Did you drive the car? ?

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