My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 340

Ouyang Fei felt that Chuck really subverted her perception of men, and asked the school people to take a drink of milk tea on credit, just to pretend, to wander around the community, and also to pretend to be forced, and now actually test drive more than 1 million Lincoln The navigator, also to pretend to force?
Ouyang Fei was disgusted. She came to Chuck and there was a beautiful woman. It must be. It must be for dressing up in front of this woman. So she took her for a test drive. This kind of routine is really rubbish.
“Hello, dumbfounded? You crashed, did you know? Is it right? Ha ha!” Lin Daner laughed, really didn’t know the sky is thick, test drive, you actually test drive more than 1 million cars? What kind of outfit?
“You are all responsible, do you understand?” Yolanda frowned and felt that the woman’s tone was too bad. Do you know Chuck?
Yolanda saw that these should all be students, probably in a school with Chuck. She has already graduated to work, and of course she doesn’t pay much attention to the things in the school.
Lin Daner pouted, “What’s the responsibility?”
She saw the line on the ground, and she was really responsible. Why is it so unlucky? She peeked, Du Xinye.
Du Xinye was irritated at this time, even distressed. He knew he was fully responsible. The key is that this car crashed like this, even if the engine was not repaired, it was millions, and not to mention the test drive, it is also a new car. Compensation also requires a loss, which is estimated to be two million.
He’s so hot, he didn’t buy this car, so he went to more than 2 million? This is only his estimate.
After all, when he just came out, he signed an agreement separately, and he will be compensated for everything!
This car is a Ferrari c4, and when it comes down to six million.
He is ready to test drive, he will directly order and customize. Now, how to customize?
His family has money, but it only took more than ten minutes to drive, the car is gone, and they have to pay for other people’s cars, so millions are gone, can he not be distressed?
He hates Chuck even more, because her mother is you. If it were not for you to test drive on this road, how could he bump into it? Why not prejudge in advance? Why not avoid it? Are you blind? ?
Du Xin scolded Chuck over and over again, staring at Chuck with resentment.
“Xinye, what should I do now?” Lin Daner cared. At this time, the Ferrari test driver came over, and he was stunned, and he saw that he was fully responsible. “Master Du, look…”
What can Du Xinye see? He wanted to kick Chuck, how did he drive?
Ouyang Feimei’s eyes are full of sarcasm, you have good luck, actually Du Xinye is fully responsible.
The two sides are basically knowing. The two test drivers are discussing how to deal with it. Chu Hanhan is standing angrily on the side. Today, unfortunately died, a car was not sold, and he had to stand under such a big sun. With.
“Chuck, what should I do now?” Yolanda asked worriedly.
“Wait for them to discuss, we will place the order directly here,” Chuck felt that the car was good. Although it was only a drive, but it was so collision, everyone was fine, the safety performance was good, and it was really suitable for women to drive.
“Okay,” Yolanda had no opinion. She was originally interested in the car.
The test drivers on both sides were negotiating. Lin Daner looked du Xinye’s face ugly. Of course she was upset. She was so angry with the people she likes. She must be angry for Du Xinye. She hummed and walked in front of Chuck. She was really The more I look at Chuck, the more unpleasant it is, “Ah, you still have to book a car? Can you afford it?”
Isn’t this just saying this in front of this beauty? Ready to sleep, right?
“This beauty, what do you mean?” Yolanda was a little angry, eavesdropping on others, and came over to intervene.
“It’s not interesting, just tell you, don’t be fooled by someone. He, don’t know how much money he owes outside, where can I have money to book a car?” Lin Daner smiled.
Yolanda looked at Chuck, why did she say that?
Chu Hanhan was even more annoyed. It turned out that he still owes money?
“What are you talking about?” Yolanda was angry.
“He didn’t have the money, he just came out and forced me to tell me how clear?” Lin Daner said.
“You speak politely.” Yolanda was so surprised that Chuck must know her.
But how do you know?
Chuck himself was still curious yesterday, but today he saw these two women and Du Xinye together, he understood that it was because Du Xinye, so these two women would be so uncomfortable.
“You’re welcome? I still want to hit him. He pretended to test drive, and it hurt his heart.” Lin Daner stared at Chuck. Fire was about to fire in my eyes.
“You figure it out, you are all responsible!”
“What about full responsibility? Xinye can pay for it, but if you take full responsibility, he can’t afford to sell it!” Lin Daner said.
Ouyang Fei thought: Does anyone want to sell such a person? She wouldn’t want it anyway.
“Can’t afford to lose?” Chuck said, his voice was particularly calm.
“Yes, if you take full responsibility, you can afford to pay? What a joke!” Lin Daner sneered, she felt very cool, at least to be able to vent Du Xinye!
“I’m not kidding, I can afford it!” Chuck said.
“Just you? Take a piss and take photos of yourself! What kind of compensation do you have for your virtue?” Lin Daner was aggressive.
“Hey, enough for you! Shut your mouth.” The rarely angry Yolanda couldn’t help it. The woman’s mouth was so cheap that she wanted to hit someone.
“Huh, why did you shut me up? Who are you? You’re pretending to be sleepy by this hanging man, you still rejoice.” Lin Daner smiled, Ouyang Fei also showed a sneering smile.
She will definitely not give the average man any chance to touch people. People who buy five million sports cars are only worthy of adding her WeChat. This is her standard. Unexpectedly, this woman’s standard is so poor. Can a man play?
“You.” Yolanda heard blushing, what is this called? Chuck didn’t mean anything to her, how could she fall asleep? The key is that I will not agree!
She is now mainly focused on her career. She must help Chuck expand her career so that she can have more development. This is her first goal.
“Oh, I’m the one to say that I am annoyed?” Lin Daner sneered. “A man can play you, how cheap are you?”
Yolanda couldn’t take it anymore, but at this time, the two test drivers discussed the result, Du Xinye was fully responsible, and the police was also fully responsible. This can’t be done.
Du Xinye’s face was green, but he would have to make a full loss on this side, and he would have to make a full loss on that side too. More than 6 million, so it was gone. He was bleeding in his heart too!
You know, he usually spends his time squandering, causing his dad to strictly control his monthly pocket money. This time, if it wasn’t for Mom, he didn’t have the money to buy this car.
Of course Chuck had no opinion. He just went back and gave the money, and ordered this pilot for Yolanda.
“Xinye, are you okay?” Lin Dan’er cared, and Ouyang Fei also came over, she also comforted a few words, Du Xinye snorted, staring at Chuck, “Full responsibility, there is no existence, I am the Du family People, I said let you lose, you have to lose!”
Du Xinye thought, how could his Du family lose money? Isn’t Chuck a loss-making square? What is the background? How about there? Can’t he get the Du family?
Chuck is surprised, what is this man doing? He smiled.
“Hey, what are you qualified to laugh? Xinye makes you lose money! You are ready to cry!” Lin Dan’er thought of this, Du family is very powerful, this is not a problem.
Chu Hanhan felt it didn’t matter. Anyway, anyone could compensate, no matter what she did. It’s just that Chuck wants to make a compensation, so he can call the police if he has no money.
Chuck’s brow furrowed and his eyes came down. Lin Daner was frightened by this look. “What do you want to do? What do you do?”
“Tell me, who are your parents!” Du Xinye came over, Chuck family? He had never heard of it, and there were no Chucks in the whole of China, and there were very few.
Chuck was expressionless.
“Just don’t talk? Tell you, you hit my Du Xinye’s car today. It’s only bad luck for you. Do you want to lose money to me?” Du Xinye sneered.
“You are all responsible for letting me lose money?” Chuck shrugged, with no expression on his face.
“No, it’s your responsibility, you hit me, I’m from the Du family, you are nothing, do you understand?” Du Xinye smiled coldly, do you think I will lose money? You dream!

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