My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 341

Du Xinye thinks, why should he lose money? It’s just a word from Du Family.
On the other hand, he is operating a loss-making square, and the car actually only looks at more than one million cars. This kind of grade can only show that Chuck’s square is operating at a loss, no ability, actually operating a square, hum, you are dead. !
Du Xinye sneered.
Chuck glanced at him, but didn’t speak, just looked at it.
The atmosphere is solidifying.
Lin Dan’er felt comfortable. Sure enough, Du Xinye was Du Xinye. In a word, he calmed down this frightened hanging man, was he scared?
She was worried about her. She just distressed Du Xinye just now, thinking that Du Xinye was going to lose money, but how did she forget that Du family is so arrogant?
Ouyang Fei has no expression on her pretty face. She thinks that Chuck asked for it, and does not look at the status of the Du family. Ordinary people, especially people like you who are in debt, can afford it?
A person without eyesight is destined to have no life.
“Chuck.” Yolanda was worried. She felt that Chuck didn’t mean to call, but there was cold in her eyes. It was cold to hit someone.
Chuck wants to fight Du Xinye?
“It’s okay,” Chuck shrugged.
Yolanda let out a sigh of relief. She felt that she shouldn’t have spoken. Chuck must have her own way of handling. When she went to Ye Ye Hotel for dinner last time, Chuck called so many people on a phone call. .
If so many people come over at this time, this street will probably be blocked. Yolanda knows the Du family, but the Du family and Chuck are not at the same level.
“It’s okay, who told you it’s okay?” Du Xinye sneered, “Let’s lose money! It’s you who hit me, you lose money, sports car money, and also the spiritual loss of several of us, okay? You just messed up Driving, scared a few of us…”
Du Xinye saw Chuck who didn’t respond, he really smiled, and he really didn’t have the strength, he mentioned the Du family, he didn’t even dare to say anything, and he really planted very well!
I don’t know how you got it in that square, won’t you get it by eating soft rice?
Chu Hanhan and the test driver did not dare to say anything. For the ordinary people like them, they have heard of it. Chu Hanhan felt that Chuck really asked for it this time. Who asked you to test drive of? Okay now, what about others being fully responsible? You don’t have the skills, and it’s not you who want to lose money in the end?
“Did I hear what I said?” Du Xinye came over and had to crush him. Now it is the background.
You Chuck was crushed by Du Xinye.
“Okay, I lost money.” Chuck shrugged, Du Xinye levied, and immediately sneered, “If you are acquaintances, you can’t do anything without losing money! Haha!”
Lin Dan’er looked at Chuck disdainfully. Sure enough, it was a hanging man. Did he scare his urine?
Ouyang Fei was still expressionless, but his eyes were even more disgusted.
“I’ll pay you for your medical expenses!” Chuck said, flicking it out with a slap in his hand. With a snap, Du Xinye fell to the ground, in a state of coercion.
Where did he want Chuck to dare to hit him, but he thought he should not be able to hide, but Chuck entered the threshold of fighting!
Ordinary people can’t handle it.
Du Xinye, a playboy, usually runs less, let alone exercise. Most of the time is spent playing cars and women. How can it be stopped?
Yolanda was stunned first, Chuck really hit someone?
Chu Hanhan was shocked, she was shocked, but soon she hated shaking your head, you are over, you are over! Dare you dare to beat someone?
The most unexpected thing is that it belongs to Ouyang Fei and Lin Dan’er. They are thinking about whether Chuck will panicly ask Du Xinye to stop him from doing so, and even Chuck will kneel to Du Xinye.
Lin Dan’er thought so, but where did she want it, Chuck didn’t do it, and even hit someone, Lin Daner was distressed, she stared at Chuck angrily, “Are you nervous?”
“Dare you dare to beat me?” Du Xinye scrambled up, his handsome face was red and swollen, this slap mark was too eye-catching.
Chuck didn’t pay any attention to Lin Dan’er, and flicked his hand and slapped out again. Du Xinye was furious. He grabbed Chuck’s hand and punched Chuck’s face with a punch. He also fought, and he will definitely fight back. He was definitely not willing to be beaten by Chuck.
But Chuck raised his knees, facing his stomach.
Du Xinye screamed, like a prawn, he covered his stomach and fell on the ground and he soon passed out. He couldn’t get up. This one was too heavy.
“Are you looking for death? You hit Du Xinye?” Lin Dan’er was so angry that the male god in his heart was so embarrassed, she rushed angrily in front of Chuck and pointed at Chuck’s face,
“You are giving Xin Ye now Kneel down and admit mistakes, hurry up!”
Chuck’s eyes narrowed, and Lin Daner sneered. “Staring at me? Hey, you still want to hit a woman, right? You hit, you hit!”
Lin Dan’er was so ridiculous that he just laughed angrily. No one had glared at her like that.
“Dare not? Counsel, you are not a sneak attack, you can hit Xinye? Just like your hanging sample, I tell you, now kneel to Xinye and kowtow.”
Lin Dan’er felt Chuck’s eyes made her very uncomfortable, she was annoyed, “Are you still glaring at me? You are going to die! You have to fight if you have a seed! Come on, let’s see, this counselor actually hit a woman, You fight! He!”
Chuck slammed out, Lin Dan’er sighed on the ground, Ouyang Fei froze.
Yolanda covered her mouth and coughed. Chu Hanhan’s eyes were shameless. She actually hit a woman. How could there be such a man? ?
“Dare you hit me, dare you hit me? I killed you, ah!” Lin Daner seemed crazy, she grabbed Chuck when she got up, and grabbed Chuck with her nails.
Chuck was too lazy to take care of her, and slapped her face fiercely in the face. This time Lin Daner screamed on the ground, honestly, covering her cheeks, she dare to get up again, Chuck will definitely slap again, Lin Daner is afraid, this is not a person, actually beat himself, but he is beautiful Woman!
“You, you beat a woman?” Ouyang Feimei stared at Chuck, “You actually beat a woman? Are you still a man?”
“She should fight!” Chuck expressionless.
The expressions in Ouyang Fei’s eyes are disgusting.
Chuck looked at Du Xinye, who was covering her belly. “Card number, I will pay you medical expenses.”
“You he…” Du Xinye crawled up holding his stomach, just about to scold Chuck.
Chuck kicked it out, Du Xinye screamed and fell to the ground, about to pass out.
“Card number!” Chuck expressionless.
“C, ask Lao Tzu card number, how much do you lose to Lao Tzu?!” Du Xinye was angry, when was he beaten like this? He regretted that he didn’t bring a few bodyguards out. He came here today to pick up girls. How can he bring people out to use as light bulbs?
“You said it yourself.” Chuck didn’t care.
Chu Hanhan hates yourself? What can you lose? Hundreds of dollars? Thousands?
“I said it myself? You insult Lao Tzu!” Du Xinye got up, he lacked the money? Chuck is insulting him when he is clear. How can he bear it?
Just Chuck came over and grabbed his collar, “I’ll ask it again, card number, I will pay you medical expenses.”
Du Xinye was frightened. At this time, there was no one. Where is Chuck’s opponent? He gritted his teeth and said his card number.
“How much do you want?” Chuck asked.
“How much? I want ten million, can you afford it?” Du Xinye sneered, he thought this was a shame? Running a loss-making square, dare to ask yourself this?
Ouyang Fei sarcasm, at this time, do you have to pretend?
Lin Daner also got up, covering her cheeks, and grudgingly wanted to yell: You are a hanging man, not to mention ten million, even if it is a thousand yuan, you can’t take it out of ten thousand, and also pretend to pretend to ask how much to pay. ? Pretend to be your uncle!
“Ten million? It seems a little bit less, I think I should pay you a little more.” Chuck shrugged and gave the card number to Betty to let her transfer money.
Then Chuck was expressionless.
Du Xinye stared suspiciously at Chuck, was he really losing money while pretending? When he was puzzled. Suddenly received a text message on the phone, he took out his phone and looked at it, and he froze.

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