My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 342

“Xinye, let me see how much this hanging silk men’s clothing forced you to turn, to see if there are a thousand pieces, disgusting people!” Lin Daner came over, covering her cheeks.
She also froze when she saw the message on Du Xinye’s mobile phone.
Ouyang Fei frowned, “Lin Dan’er? How much did you see?”
“Isn’t it possible?” Lin Daner wiped her tears, and when she looked at it again, she stayed even worse. She stood like a wood.
Ouyang Fei is angry, hasn’t he seen money? Actually stayed like this!
She doesn’t want to see, who is disgusting? Hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars in compensation, this is almost spicy eyes, she did not look at it?
The reason why Du Xinye and Lin Dan’er were stunned was also furious.
Both of them froze and did not speak. Yolanda’s eyes blinked, looking at Chuck with curiosity.
Chu Hanhan looked at each other with the two test drivers. She hesitated and looked at Chuck in disgust, but couldn’t help walking over to see it.
When she saw it, she was as stunned as Lin Dan’er and Du Xinye.
Three people were dumbfounded, and the other two test drivers were dumbfounded. What happened? ?
Ouyang Fei frowned, did these three people not know? Still stunned? Feeling mad? Anyway, Ouyang Fei doesn’t want to see it, what’s so good about it? She didn’t want to see the numbers that made her sick. How much can this hanging silk man pay Du Xinye?
Chuck shrugged, “Enough?”
Chuck slapped out and pulled Du Xinye back from the dullness. He covered his cheek blankly and looked down at the text message on the phone. He was unbelievable, “Did you transfer it to me?”
“Yes, isn’t it right? Okay.” Chuck shrugged and called Betty again. “Hey, Sister Li, double up to the account just now.”
“Okay, Master, wait a moment.” Betty did the same.
In less than a minute, Du Xinye’s mobile phone rang again, and another arrival SMS arrived. He looked down and froze again.
Not to mention him, even Lin Dan’er and Chu Hanhan were completely shocked.
“Enough?” Chuck smiled.
“You, who are you? Who are you?” Du Xinye was shocked. This figure made him feel incredible. Why is this person so rich? A call actually gave me so much money!
The first text message arrives at 500 million!
He thought he was wrong. The man who managed the loss-making square actually paid him 500 million? ? How is this possible?
The second arrival SMS has doubled to one billion, which means that Chuck hit himself a few times and paid himself 1.5 billion?
Du Xinye also feels like a dream. Because of his business, his family has many industries in Huaxia, but he really wants to count his family property, maybe more than 50 billion, but his family is so rich, but his father has at most once Give five million.
But Chuck, who is similar to himself, actually transferred 1.5 billion to himself on one call! It’s
1.5 billion! !
“Why do you care who I am? I just slapped you just now. Forget it. I’m paying you a little.”
Chuck shrugged and continued to call Betty. “Sister Li, please continue to trouble again.”
Bettydu is overwhelmed, what’s wrong? Is what the young master doing investment?
“Okay, Master, wait a moment.” Betty did the same again.
Soon, another SMS arrived, Du Xinye was completely shocked, it was one billion, 2.5 billion!
Who is he? How can there be so much money? ?
Lin Daner feels like dreaming, is this true? This hanging silk man actually lost 2.5 billion. She thought that the number was wrong, but when she recounted, her heart was shaking. This was a kind of fear, a fear of so much money.
She looked at Chuck again. Wasn’t he hanging wire? He really has money to invite the whole school to drink milk tea? Can you really buy a house in the community? He really has a sports car, he didn’t lie at all? ?
In this way, Chu Hanhan was even more shocked. She felt that she couldn’t get back to her mind.
This man, who wears so badly, casually compensated, actually lost so much money?
How many Lincoln Navigators can I buy?
It turned out that he didn’t lie, he really came to buy a car, and he really can afford…
“Enough enough? Would you like to stop paying you a little? You just say it.” Chuck doesn’t matter. Turning out so much money, I feel distressed at all.
Du Xinye’s hands are shaking, is this Chuck, a family similar to his Du family? But why haven’t you heard of it?
Chuck slapped him again, Du Xinye was dumbfounded by covering her cheek, “You…”
“Sorry, I slapped you again, forget it, and lost some money for you,” Chuck took out his mobile phone and was ready to call Betty again.
Du Xinye was frightened and took Chuck’s hand, “Stop, stop, don’t hit, don’t transfer money anymore, who the hell are you?”
So light and breezy, are you ready to transfer yourself a billion? ? Du Xinye was scared, his family also has money, but it is not a one hundred one hundred million flower, let alone just beating people to lose money?
He just thought that Chuck would make a few hundred thousand. One million will be considered the top of the sky, but actually lost so much, now look. It can be more!
“Is that enough?” Chuck smiled.
“Enough, enough, you don’t have to turn, you first say who you are?” Du Xinye cares about this, if he can transfer money to himself like this, he may be equal to his Du family, or even worse than the Du family. , Such a person, provoke, is a big problem!
“Who do you care about me? Anyway, if you don’t have enough, just tell me and give it to you at any time. By the way, do I have to pay for this car?” Chuck asked curiously.
“Ah? No, no.” The shock in Du Xin’s ambition was too great. What’s going on today?
“Then you are going to lose money, I have to buy a car!” Chuck shrugged.
“Good.” Du Xinye asked Chu Hanhan how to pay? Chu Hanhan was stunned, she said, “This needs negotiation, Master Du…”
“Card number!” Du Xinye did not have Chu Hanhan card number, Chu Hanhan said, Du Xinye directly paid the pilot in full, and then negotiated with the sports car.
“Miss Chu, can you go? I still have to buy a car.” Chuck felt hot, and the sun was so hot.
“Ah? Okay. Okay, I’m calling now to send a car to meet you in the shop!” Chu Hanhan pulled out the phone in a daze.
Chuck sees that this car should still be able to drive, and he will drive it back, not too far anyway.
“Forget it, just go back to this car, don’t be so troublesome, Yolanda gets on the car.” Chuck has already got on the car.
Of course, Yolanda also got on the car, and Chu Hanhan walked over, and got on the car with the test driver. Chuck drove back.
There is only one left here, a sports car close to obsolescence, and the frightened Du Xinye, the shocked Lin Daner, a test driver, and the frowned Ouyang Fei.
Looking at Du Xinye, she was angry and disappointed. How much did she transfer? Actually made this Du Xinye like this?
“Master Du, look.” The test driver was embarrassed, Du Xinye took a breath, “Card number, I will pay you all the money, and you will solve the rest!”
“Okay,” the test driver immediately said the company’s account, and Du Xinye passed the full amount of money.
The test driver immediately contacted the company and asked someone to come over the trailer, and there was some follow-up.
“Master Du, you can look at other models, this time the company can give you discounts.” The test driver said embarrassingly, he also said cheeky.
“Buy it?” Du Xinye was annoyed and immediately called, and soon a car came over, and Du Xinye hurriedly left by car.
Ouyang Fei was angry. Actually don’t care about yourself? ?
Well, you don’t want this opportunity. The next time you come over and kneel down to beg me, I won’t give you any chance!
“Lin Dan’er, let’s go!” Ouyang Fei was ready to go back to drive, but her name was Lin Dan’er, and Lin Dan’er was still in a daze.
Ouyang Fei is angry, she pulls Lindiner, “What are you doing? Go back, go back!”
“Ah? Feifei, Feifei,” Lin Daner looked around in a panic. Why was there no one?
“What are you doing? Shouting. Was you stupid?” Ouyang Fei was impatient, so uncomfortable, today’s things were destroyed by the hanging man.
“No, no, Feifei, do you know how much the man just paid Du Xinye?” Lin Daner asked hurriedly.
“How much? How much can he compensate? Don’t talk about it, don’t disgust me.” Ouyang Fei said in disgust.

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