My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 344

Du Xinye felt that what his sister said could not happen at all, and that his Du family was not a vegetarian. How could Chuck double back 5 billion or even 10 billion?
How easy is this?
What if Chuck is as strong as his Du family? His Du family is not afraid of these people.
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“Sister, don’t think about it. The 2.5 billion yuan was paid to me by the pen. I won’t pay it back.
Otherwise, I will divide you 500 million yuan? No, 1 billion yuan. Is this all right?” Although Du Xinye is often beaten by his sister Du Pei, he still likes his sister very much because of his majesty, which has formed in his mind since childhood.
This led him to listen to Du Peixin’s words in particular, but this time it was 2.5 billion. He really wanted to squander a bit, how could he be willing to let go?
You know, the family is rich, but his father never gave him so much money!
“Shut up for me!” Du Pei was unmoved. Now that she has graduated from college, she has directly taken over half of the family’s business. How could she be worth a billion? What’s more, if it was really her brother’s money, then she would not want it.
But this money is very dangerous!
Du Pei felt that he had to return it.
“Let’s talk again? Are you looking for a fight?” Du Pei sneered, Du Xinye busy covering his cheek, grieved, “Sister, you are now the president of the family company, why are you so courageous?”
“It’s not timid, you’re too young to understand some things.” Du Pei’s heart is rare, “You don’t know where the man’s square is? Take me to see, I want to find out this person What is the background, but I remind you that you must take out this money, there is no room for negotiation, and lead the way!”
Du Peixin swayed his long legs and sat in his car. Du Xinye had no choice but to obey and he could only lead the way.
Soon, Du Xinye took Du Peixin to the city square, entered the parking lot, the two people got off, Du Peixin had been looking at this square.
“Sister, look at this square of garbage, right? There aren’t even matching office buildings, you say garbage is not garbage,” Du Xinye disdains, his sister is beside him, just like a child with a parent, his confidence is still gave birth.
“Shut up, what are your eyes looking at? The location of this square is very good and the prospects are very good. It will definitely be done within three to five years, and you know that there will not be an office building? You can build another one in that place. The office building came out.” Du Pei’s hand pointed at a place. Du Xinye shook his head. He didn’t think his sister was right. With an office building, where could it be so easy?
“Also, do you see the whole square? It is strictly managed and has its own set of management models. It is very comfortable. It is really only a matter of time for such a square to rise.” Du Pei saw that the prospect of this square is very good, and There is a set of management, so that people who come in feel the convenience. In terms of shopping, how can such a square not get up?
“Sister, don’t you exaggerate?” Du Xinye pouted.
“It’s not a boast, but the person you said, who is capable and discerning, who must be a big family,”
“We Du family is also a big family!” Du Xinye is not happy, why his sister always grows the ambition of others?
“Different, our family is still far away from the big family. The real big family is something you can’t imagine now.” Du Pei was very helpless, and his brother could not understand this at school.
“I imagined it was like our Du family!”
Du Pei frowned, “Do you still say yes?”
Du Xinye shivered so hard that he couldn’t speak.
“About this person out, I will meet him in person!” Du Pei felt that it was necessary to do so, she did not want to establish a big enemy without knowing the background to the family!
“Sister, is this necessary?” Du Xinye was unwilling to see him. Then, would he have to give back to Chuck if he got 2.5 billion? He is definitely not willing!
“Do it!” Du Pei ordered coldly. Du Xinye was frightened and nodded busy to say yes, but he didn’t have Chuck’s phone number, so he could only ask people. He called his classmates to see if he could get Chuck’s phone number.
However, at this time, Du Peixin suddenly saw a person, this is a tall woman.
“Huh, what a beautiful woman!” Du Xinye saw that the woman was wearing a professional attire and outlined a hot figure!
“Sister, do you know?” Du Xinye’s eyes lighted up. Although the woman was twenty or thirty, much older than him, he was still attracted, and this attraction was more attractive than the school flower Ouyang Feifei, because This beauty’s figure is so good.
“Yes, but I haven’t seen it before.” Du Pei glanced at his brother frowning. “Put up your imagination, dare not respect women, and see how I clean up you!”
“Sister, don’t worry about me, who is this beauty?”
“In recent years, a relatively well-known investor, Murong Qing, has a net worth of ten billion upwards…” Du Peixin said.
Yes, the beauty she saw was Murong Qing who had just returned from Huagang. She came to Chuck’s square unconsciously. She didn’t know how to come by herself. She just wanted to see here. By the way, see Chuck. .
“Ten billion?” Du Xinye was very surprised. “So what is she doing here?”
“May I know Chuck who you said.” Du Pei analyzed, “Also see? Haven’t you contacted that person yet? Tell you, 2.5 billion, if you dare to spend a penny now, I will break Li’s leg !”
Du Xinye was terrified, afraid to look at Murong Qing again, busy trying to find a way to find Chuck’s phone number.
But he thought of the milk tea shop, that Lara, she should have Chuck’s phone number, “Sister, wait a minute, I’ll go find someone to ask for the phone number.”
Du Xinye ran to Lara’s milk tea shop, Du Peixin glanced back, and continued to look at Murong Qing from afar, “You can come here, what is this Chuck’s background? 2.5 billion, can be transferred in two minutes With 1.5 billion coming out, this net worth is definitely no less than
50 billion, no, no less than 100 billion, who the hell are you?”
After a while, Du Xinye ran back. He just saw Lara and asked Lara to call Chuck. Lara gave it.
Lara thought he had something to do with Chuck. So I gave it.
“Sister, I found the man’s phone, you call him, I won’t call.” Du Xinye gave the number to his sister, Du Peixin read the number, took out his mobile phone, Du Xinye grabbed himself The elder sister’s hand, “Sister, don’t do it? 2.5 billion, you let me return that person? Are you so cruel?”
“Let go!” Du Pei said with dignity!
Du Xinye let go and grinned.
Du Peixin pressed the dial…

Chu Hanhan hasn’t recovered yet, Chuck has already swiped the card directly, and bought the pilot of Lincoln in full, it is really 2.5 billion, this person is too rich, she told the matter to her colleagues , They are shocked.
They all look away. After all, Chuck’s appearance is too ordinary. Who would think that such a person can not only transfer 2.5 billion people, but also directly mention a car of more than 1 million?
“Mr. Chuck, please wait. After the formalities are completed, the car will come out.” This car has a current car. Chuck mentions it in full. You can drive away today, and you can get a license in a few days.
Chuck shrugged.
Chu Hanhan felt that he was a little envious of Yolanda, but this was the full purchase of a car, and he also wrote the name of Yolanda! This was bought for Yolanda. Just now Lu Yuwen really did not make a mistake in the car. This Chuck is really her boss. secretary? Or what?
“Do you want to stop looking at other cars?” Chu Hanhan looked forward a little. Today’s car, but she’s the first one this month! If she sells another one, she can raise her eyebrows and exhale.
“No need,” Chuck didn’t want to buy this. Yolanda had it all. Buy it yourself. What’s the matter? He thought about going to buy a Mercedes-Benz big g.
Chu Hanhan was a little disappointed. She felt that she should be better to Chuck earlier. She went to pour water to Chuck. While Chuck and Yolanda were waiting, Chuck’s cell phone rang.
He took it out to see that it was a strange number? Who is this?

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