My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 345

Chuck saw this strange number, he answered after shrugging, and there was a cold voice inside,
“Hello, may I ask Chuck, Mr. Chuck?”
“Yes, I am.” Chuck was surprised. The voice was cold, but the tone was quite comfortable. It should be the voice of a strong woman.
“Well, this is the case. I want to see you below.”
“Meet? Do I know you?”
“I didn’t know before. I’ll know you later. Sorry, I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Du Peixin, Du Xinye’s sister.”
Chuck smiled, is it so fast? He hasn’t done anything yet. If Chuck pays Du Xinye tens of millions, even 100 million, then Du Xinye will take care of it, but 2.5 billion, this is not the average person can be in a few minutes Among those mobilized, this Du Xinye dared to take it, and the Du family dared not take it!
However, Chuck didn’t have time. Chuck also wanted to buy a Mercedes-Benz big g now.
“Are you free? I’m in your square, and I’m very sincere to meet you.” Du Peixin continued.
Chuck thought about it, and actually came to his square, how anxious? Forget it, I won’t buy a car today, I have already bought it for Yolanda anyway.
“Okay, wait a while, I will go back later.”
“Okay, I’m waiting for you.”
The phone hung up, Chuck and Yolanda talked a bit, Yolanda was a little surprised, asked Chuck not to buy a car?
“Someone wants to see me over there.”
“En.” Yolanda also thought of something. She didn’t think Chuck would lose money to Du Xinye so easily.
After waiting for a while, Chu Hanhan came over and said that the car was ok, let Yolanda check it in the past, Chuck and Yolanda went to see it together, it was a new car, no problem.
It’s no problem to drive away. Yolanda is sitting in the driver’s seat. Chuckgang just opened the back door to enter. This Chu Hanhan said, “Mr. Chuck, add a WeChat? You can come and find me after buying a car.”
Chu Hanhan felt that the strength of such a person as Chuck was too strong and would certainly be able to bring more customers to himself.
Yolanda’s eyes blinked.
“Add me? It’s not necessary.” Chuck shrugged. This Chu Hanhan has a good figure, but looks a bit different from Yvette and Yolanda, mainly with a thin waist, wearing professional attire on her, looking forward. Qiao, is there really a tempting place to do, sell? ?
Chuck didn’t have this thought.
“Yes, Mr. Chuck added me on WeChat. I can introduce you to many kinds of cars.” Chu Hanhan was anxious, regretting that he had treated Chuck just now.
If the attitude was better in the beginning, would Chuck add his own WeChat?
“No, I won’t buy your car anymore.” Chuck refused.
Chu Hanhan was disappointed, “Mr. Chuck walks slowly,”
Of course Yolanda drove and took Chuck back to the square.
“Hello, Han Han, didn’t you add him to WeChat? Such a big boss!” A colleague came over, how to say this big thing happened in the shop today! The test drive was hit, but someone else paid the full amount, and now a pilot is raised in full, how rich are you!
“Alas, it may be the reason for my bad attitude just now. I don’t think he wants to ignore me.”
Chu Hanhan sighed.
“The boss is so angry, if you really dislike your bad attitude, then you will not be allowed to continue serving.”
“Really?” Chu Hanhan had hope, how to meet such a big boss, then selling a car by himself might be a lot easier.
“I think so.”
Chu Hanhan ignited hope, and when Yolanda came over to do the card, Chuck WeChat was added.
“Hey, Han Han, tell us a little about what happened just now. That person has turned around a few times!”
“Three times, the first one was 500 million, the second one billion, and the third one billion.”
Chu Hanhan felt incredible again.
What a rich world, she can’t understand it!
“Wow, it’s too rich. How good is my boyfriend?”
“Alas, people are so rich, we like us, he wouldn’t want it to come to the door.”
Chu Hanhan bowed his head, he had a good figure, wouldn’t he want it? It should be impossible!
How thin your waist is!

“Sister, did he deliberately play us. Why didn’t he come?” Du Xinye was impatient for more than an hour.
“It’s a bit patient to do things.” Du Peixin closed her eyes and she was already waiting in a cafe in the square.
“I think he was deliberate. People like him, really, if I were…” Du Xinye was even more unhappy!
“What is it? I called him just now. You said Chuck with a good tone. Did you take the initiative to provoke him?” Du Peixin stared at his younger brother, Du Xinye’s personality, she knew too well.
“What did I provoke him to do? Is it okay?” Du Xinye felt stubborn and lied in front of his sister.
“I don’t think you have done anything. I don’t know your character yet? What is the purpose of buying a sports car this time? Who do you want to chase? Why can’t you chase one wholeheartedly? Like someone?” Du Pei couldn’t understand his brother. what happened? Women are so fun? Her brother chased one after another, and she looked at the flowers.
“Sister, if the girl I chased is as beautiful as you, then I must like one wholeheartedly.” Du Xinye flattered, but this is true, he is a school grass, how can it be as a school grass sister? That’s beautiful to the extreme.
Du Xinye felt that Ouyang Fei couldn’t match his sister. Yolanda beside Chuck can barely compare, and the Murong Qing that I saw just now is the same, but my sister said that Murong Qing will never fall in love with so many young people, so Du Xinye gave up.
But he is tangled, his sister is so beautiful, and his body is so good, I don’t know who will be cheaper in the future!
“Shut up, you don’t know how to converge, and it’s still touching me?” Du Pei frowned.
Du Xinye can only stop talking!
Ding Ding, Ding!
Du Peixin’s mobile phone rang. She looked at it with a sigh of relief and answered, “Well, Mr.
Chuck, I’m in a cafe on the first floor of your square. Well, I’m waiting for you!”
The phone hung up, and Du Pei was serious. “You hear me clearly. Wait until you don’t talk nonsense, honestly apologize, and then return the money to him, otherwise I will pack you up!”
Du Xinye nodded dejectedly. “Got it, sister.”
Du Peixin looked at the outside of the cafe, and she also wanted to see, what does Chuck, who can “pay” 2.5 billion, look like, should the super rich second generation look like it? parking lot!
Yolanda drove in. As soon as the two got out of the car, Chuck heard the sound of the horn.
Chuck saw Murongqing’s car, and Yolanda also saw, “Then I went up myself.”
“OK.” Chuck is strange. Why did Murong Qing come over and do something? Yolanda took the elevator by himself, and Chuck walked to the side of Murong Qing’s car, and saw that Murong Qing was particularly beautiful today. Sitting in it like that, the long legs were so charming.
“President Murong, what are you doing?” Chuck thought that Murong Qing would spend more time at Huagang today and didn’t want to come back so soon.
“What the hell are you doing every day?” Murong Qing asked coldly. She came to the square today and didn’t see Chuck. She actually came back long ago. On the second day of Chuck’s return from Huagang, she came back bored. It’s just that she didn’t come over. She has almost negotiated the project of the two people’s cooperation.
“Go to school, I’m going to buy a car on vacation today.” Chuck shrugged.
“Are you going to buy a car? Isn’t your car enough? There are so many cars in your mom’s hotel.” Murongqing’s voice softened. By the way, I forgot that Chuck was still in college.
It’s really young.
“My mother is my mother!”
“Okay, don’t you want to cooperate with me? My project over there is almost the same. You have time to go over with me and see.”
“Just look at it, how much money will be said, and I will pass it on to you.” Chuck smiled, Chuck still believes in Murong Qing.
“Trust me so much?” Murong Qing glanced at Chuck.
“Of course I believe. President Murong, can I not believe it?” Chuck shrugged.
“Okay, don’t flatter me. I’m hungry. If you invite me to dinner, go to the place where we last ate.
The one on the third floor of your square.” Murong Qing said.
“Okay, no problem, but I’ll see someone first. In ten minutes, I’ll come down to find you. You’ll wait for me in the car first.”
“Waiting for you in the car?” Mentioning this, Murong Qing thought of the dream that had made that kind of dream on Chuck’s car and left traces. It was really hard to say.

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