My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 346

Murong Qing agreed, who did Chuck see when he went up? She is more curious, but how can she say that she cannot follow up!
“Thank you President Murong, I will order a few more dishes later.” Chuck laughed.
“Yes, you can bring enough money.” Murong Qing hummed lightly.
Chuck shrugged. It doesn’t matter. At the place where he eats in the square, two people have succumbed to 300 yuan. Murong Qing will really save himself money!
“Right, your wife, aren’t you?” Murong Qing considered this.
“She has her own business.” Yvette has been training hard recently to learn how to fight. See if you can see Yvette tonight. After all, after training, Yvette is wet with sweat, which is special.
Alluring, Chuckguang was excited.
He couldn’t help but look at Murong Qing, mainly because of the sudden thought of Yvette, and Chuck came up with bad ideas. She sat inside, and her legs were so beautifully outlined.
Mu Rongqing suddenly discovered that Chuck was silent, and she found Chuck’s eyes fixed on her legs. She hummed, “What are you looking at?”
Chuck didn’t look at it awkwardly, mainly because of Murong Qing’s beautiful legs, and Chuck just thought about it just now, so she couldn’t help looking at it.
The more I look at it, the more I have some ideas, and Chuckba may not go to Yvette now.
Suddenly thinking, what a torture!
The two did not speak, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward.
Murong Qing felt it was suffering, what exactly did Chuck want to do? Look at your own legs? Murong Qing felt that he had another dream tonight, would he dream of what he was in the car with Chuck?
It is estimated that after all, the day before yesterday, she dreamed that Chuckla would go to the toilet and force her…
“Cough, President Murong, wait a moment.”
“Yes.” Murong Qing said a little softly, and was not angry.
Chuck took the elevator with a smile, Murong closed the window, closed her eyes, and soon opened it again, sighing, what the hell is he thinking?
Have you been single for too long, why have you been thinking about those lately?
Murong Qing didn’t want to think about it, he just looked at his mobile phone, and he would have a good mood when he invited him to dinner.

“Sister, it’s him.” Du Xinye lightly pointed at Chuck who came in from the door. Du Pei was surprised, so low-key?
Long hair, not very trimmed, Du Pei thought it was a big brand, the kind of person with millions of pieces in the watch, I did not expect to look plain.
“Sister, why don’t you talk?” Du Xinye was a little stunned to see his sister.
Du Pei recovered his heart, stood up, and stretched out a beautiful hand, “Hello!”
Chuck saw her when she came in. This is really a big beauty. It looks like a trio between Du Xinye and Meiyu. It is a kind of very cool and cool. This figure is no worse than Murong, especially the legs. It is also beautiful. To the point of perfection.
Unexpectedly, Du Xinye had such a beautiful sister, which Chuck didn’t expect at all. He saw Du Xinye with a ugly face. Chuck said happy in his heart, not much, after all, with such a brainless rich second It’s not interesting to compete with each other It seems that this beautiful sister forced him to come here, otherwise, Du Xinye must have started to spend money, but that is the best, Chuck really wants him to do that, then he can start to deal with him. By the way, I didn’t expect this beautiful sister to be so powerful and so smart, that she would pay back the money?
“Hello,” Chuck stretched out his hand, and the two sat down.
“What does Mr. Chuck want to drink?” Du Pei was polite, and Chuck’s temper made her vigilant.
Such a person, she already has 40% affirmation. If she doesn’t pay back the money, then she thinks Chuck is really capable of taking fifty from the Du family. Billion walk, even more.
Because, Chuck subverted her impression of the second generation of super rich, such a person, the future can never be limited!
“No, what’s the matter with you letting me come?” Chuck also had a meal with Murong Qing!
“This is the case. My brother did something today. I think it hurts the relationship between you and my brother, so I think my brother should do something.” Du Peixin said, turning his head to look unhappy. Du Xinye.
“Sister.” Du Xinye whispered, a little mean coquettishly.
Du Peixin’s eyes narrowed immediately, Du Xinye trembles not to be neglected, and quickly took out the card.
“This is Mr. Chuck’s 2.5 billion! Please ask Mr. Chuck to collect it, and this is because of my sister’s heart.” Du Peixin said, he took out a card, not much, five million.
Chuck was surprised, Du Xinye was so brainless, how could there be such a talking sister? In this tone, Chuck didn’t know how to answer, and his attitude was so good.
“Sister, what are you doing? Give him money? Your brother and I were beaten by him, sister, you…” Du Xin wildfire, why did your sister do this? What’s so great about Chuck?
Is it worth doing this? Du Xinye thought of being beaten so badly today, the more he wanted to get angry, if not for this severe sister, Du Xinye must have got angry.
“Shut up!” Du Pei was stern!
Du Xinye quickly shut up, from a young age to a big one, he didn’t know how many times he was beaten by Du Peixin, he didn’t dare to talk back.
Chuck seemed to be a non-smile, Du Pei was not paying attention to this amount of money, he received this card and stood up. “Okay, this is just fine.”
“Mr. Chuck, please wait.” Du Peixin also stood up, “You wait, this!”
Du Peixin took out a card again, this time it was 10 million.
Chuck glanced at her and shrugged, “You all said it was a sister, so what do I want your money for?”
“Why do you call my sister a sister?” Du Xinye was annoyed.
Really, my sister is only called by herself, no one else can!
“Du Xinye, you shut up for me!” Du Peixin’s voice cooled down.
“Yes.” Du Xinye looked like a discouraged cat, bowing his head in despair.
“Mr. Chuck, don’t mind if my brother is like that. He is still young.”
“It’s okay, so be it.” Chuck didn’t take the card, turned around and went out, went downstairs to the parking lot and asked Murong Qing to eat.
Du Pei’s face froze. “Brother, from today, if you provoke him again, I will clean up you, understand?”
Chuck’s performance was too calm. Du Peixin has been the president for so long. I feel that just a short time contact with Chuck seems to be like a business tycoon opposite.
“Yes!” How could Du Xinye agree? He already had an idea, and now the money is back, but he was beaten in vain!
He couldn’t swallow this breath!
“Sister, are you going back now? Is the company busy?” Du Xinye wanted Du Peixin to go back quickly.
“Not too busy, come here once, we have a meal, just eat upstairs.” Du Peixin check out, and bring Du Xinye out.
“Sister, why do you want to eat here! What kind of delicious food can be found in this kind of square? I will take you to eat elsewhere. I heard that there is a hotel, it seems to be called the Night Hotel, where the dishes are particularly delicious. Let’s go over there to eat,” Du Xinye pleased, he wanted to ask his sister for some money.
After all, the money from his mother had already been spent almost half before the car was bought.
“Just eat here!” Du Peixin swayed his long legs and walked up. Du Xinye was helpless and could only follow up. “Sister, sister…”
“Don’t call it so nauseous, you have no appetite for eating, and say, where do you eat?” Du Pei hummed.
Du Xinye knew that there was no way. He must have eaten here today. He looked around and saw one. This is a newly opened one. That’s right. It’s Zelda’s restaurant. It’s opened today, but, no. And Chuck said.
“Sister, go inside and eat.”
“Sister, treat yourself!”
“Okay, let’s go.”
Two people walked in, the waiter received, Du Peixin came in, I feel good, the restaurant decoration is very good, very unique, there will be more and more special things in this square, then worry about the square can’t do it?
“Brother, you have to study hard with Mr. Chuck. He is very powerful in business.”
“Who wants to learn from him? Who is he not mine.” Du Xin murmured in his heart. He was about to find someone to fight Chuck, and he would cover his head, would he know?
Du Pei felt helpless, this younger brother, she really had no choice.
They had just entered, and here, Chuck and Murong Qing went upstairs. Murong Qing only saw Zelda’s restaurant open. She came up with a thought, “Go to your girlfriend’s side and eat.”
“Girlfriend?” Chuck looked over strangely and found that Zelda’s restaurant had already opened. Why not say it.
“Go, are you still afraid of your girlfriend?” Murong Qing sneered. She was not in harmony with Zelda. She had wanted to eat light food, just the one she went to last time. It was good.
But when she saw that Zelda’s restaurant was open, she especially wanted to know what expression she would see when Zelda and Chuck entered the show. After all, Murong Qing can see that something should happen between Zelda and Chuck. She prefers to see Zelda angry, that would be very interesting.
“What am I afraid of?” Chuck shrugged, but she really didn’t see Zelda for a few days. She must be very busy. Just look at her. The two of them walked inside, and the waiter immediately received them.
“Are there two appointments?”
“There are only couple seats.”
Chuck muttered, “Come on, just eat.”
“The two guys please!” The waiter began to lead the way, Chuck turned back and asked Murong Qing, “President Murong, don’t you mind being a couple with me?”
How to say, this Murong Qing is still disgusting himself, Chuck knows his own heart.
Murong Qing snorted, and Chuck sat down indifferently. The two ordered food and ordered steak. Chuck asked the waiter boss? The waiter said that inside, Chuck wanted to go in to see Zelda, narrate the old.
“I go to the toilet,” Chuck stood up and left.
Murong Qing was angry and went to the toilet? Did you watch Zelda in the past?
“Huh? What a coincidence, the two of them really know each other? And are they still a couple?”
Du Peixin was a little surprised. She had already sat down with her younger brother. She hadn’t seen Murong Qing just now, thinking that Murong Qing had gone back. Have a couple meal here with Chuck.
“Who?” Du Xinye saw, he was immediately annoyed, and even a little envious of this guy’s luck is so good? Not only did such a beautiful employee Yolanda actually eat with such a beautiful Murong Qing?
“Sister, don’t you say that Murongqing doesn’t like people who are younger than her?” Du Xinye regretted that if his sister didn’t say that, he just went to Murongqing and asked for WeChat.
With his handsome appearance, what’s the point? How many women can resist?
“How do I know? I heard that it was like this, but I didn’t expect it to be…” Du Peixin was a little curious. How did Chuck catch up with Murong Qing?
It was surprising that Murongqing had changed his habits.
“Sister, I tell you, you can’t find a boyfriend younger than you!” Du Xinye reminded that he knew his sister’s selection criteria.
“Well, I won’t.” Du Pei nodded and began to eat steak.
Chuck asked the waiter, and soon walked to the office, Zelda was inside, and Chuck didn’t knock on the door, so he opened the door and walked in, but when he opened the door, he hit a body.
After being knocked back, Chuck reached out and hugged her, Zelda inertia, rammed into Chuck’s chest.

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