My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 348

“You eat slowly!” Murong Qing knew that Chuck would definitely stay in the square. After all, the square was his, and Murong Qing could not force Chuck out.
There is no reason at all!
She just came up with an idea, but she is still thinking about it, so can it be done? Can you do that?
“President Murong, don’t worry, sit back for a while.” Chuck knows, knowing that he is working with Murongqing now, can’t he always make Murongqing angry?
“I don’t sit down anymore, I am very unhappy.” Murong Qing stood up and walked outside.
Chuck could only chase it, but when she thought that the account had not been settled, she told Murong Qing and asked her to wait.
Chuck went to the front desk to check out. The beautiful woman at the front desk smiled and shook her head. “Sir, no need, our boss has already explained that you come to eat in the future.
You don’t need any money. Our boss wants you to come and eat every day.”
Chuck was not too surprised. He knew that Zelda would definitely do this, but the business was different. Business was business. Chuck wanted to transfer money, and Zelda came out. “What’s so welcome with me?”
“Sister Zelda…” Chuck was helpless.
The eyes of the beautiful women at the front desk are all bright. Is this the boss’s brother?
Why does it look a bit good?
“Don’t be polite with me, come over tomorrow and continue to eat. I’ll make it for you. What do you want to eat?” Zelda smiled slightly.
The beauties at the front desk were all stunned. Is this to cook for men? Is your boss chasing this boy? That boy was so lucky that he could make his boss chase back.
“Well, I don’t have to come tomorrow.” Chuck couldn’t guarantee that Bettycha’s cousin’s affairs should have almost come to fruition.
Chuckde was ready for this.
“It’s okay, anyway, if you come, I will do it for you.” Zelda still smiled.
“Well,” Chuck went out.
“Remember this person, as long as he is here, no matter how late or early, he must call me.”
There are many restaurants in Zelda, and she can’t stay here every day, for up to ten days, she usually You have to go to other restaurants, or to find new good places, and continue to open new stores.
But Chuck came over, she would definitely come to cook for Chuck, after all… she seems to be thinking about it now, she sighs all by herself, will there be a result between herself and Chuck? She didn’t really want to marry Chuck, but she felt that if she could have a child with Chuck, she would have a companion afterwards.
“Yes.” The beautiful woman at the front desk remembered Chuck, how to say, she was transferred from other stores, and had followed Zelda for a while, and had not heard of it, Zelda treated such a man so carefully.
This man must be someone his boss likes.
Zelda turned back to the office, but this time, the phone rang, she took out to see, it was her mother’s phone, she had a headache, and she certainly asked herself when to go back.
“Mom.” Zelda was helpless.
“For so long, why didn’t you bring your boyfriend back?”
“No time, Mom, I opened a new store here.” Zelda felt that Chuck also had no time. She was even more embarrassed to let Chuck go back again. After all, Chuck spent a lot of money last time.
“Don’t you tell me when the store opens? Is Chuck next? Let him answer the phone.”
“Mom, he has his own business.”
“What? He wasn’t here when you opened the store? Daughter, are you two in a conflict?
Daughter, I tell you, Chuck is a good boy. You can’t break up with him.”
“No!” Zelda turned to look outside, Chuck had left long ago, she sighed, this is not the one who can make the call!
“Huh, it’s twisted!” Du Xinye smiled here, but he saw it clearly. He wanted to get Murong Qing angry and left. He must be disappointed, so he left.
If you do it yourself, the result will be different, but he is very experienced. As long as a woman agrees to eat out with him, then this woman will definitely not be able to run, and she must do something at night.
This Chuck is rich but rich, but not capable, and actually made the woman angry.
“Take your food well and watch what others do?” Du Peixin said solemnly, Du Xinye was not happy, but he didn’t dare to talk back, he ate his food obediently, and then Du Peixin checked out and the two left.
Du Xinye asked his sister to go back, right? Du Peixin thought he could go back, “Brother, I told you, don’t provoke that person any more. If you don’t listen, I will clean up you. Is the screen clear?”
“Got it, sister.” Du Xinye was downcast.
He first left and left. Du Peixin made another turn in Chuck’s square and started driving out of the parking lot. However, after seeing Chuck actually stopping at the roadside, Du Peixin hesitated and opened it, and the window opened, ” Mr. Chuck, where are you going, I’ll give you away.”
Du Peixin was surprised. Did Chuck not drive?
“Well, okay.” Chuck just said a few words to Murong Qing. Murong Qing just didn’t speak anyway. Chuck said a few words. Sorry, Murong Qing said no more. She drove away.
Chuck thinks, just like Murong Qing just now, it seems like being coquettish, particularly coquettish after being angry. Chuck just couldn’t help what to do with her in the car.
Fortunately, Chuck was under control.
Chuck opened the door and came in. He was going to look for Yvette, but she sent WeChat to Yvette. She didn’t reply. She was definitely learning to fight, so it was useless to find her!
Then Chuck can only go back to his mother’s hotel. Chuck said to the night hotel. Du Pei nodded and navigated. After a while, Du Peixin drove Chuck to the hotel. Chuck opened the door and said thank you.
“It’s okay, Mr. Chuck, what is this hotel?” Du Peixin’s insight said that this night-light hotel is super five-star, so this way, at least more than 4 billion.
“Uh, my friend’s hotel.” Chuck didn’t say it was his mother’s.
“Friend. Is that Mr. Chuck your right?” Du Peixin felt that her decision was not wrong, and she had to refund the money. Otherwise, something might really happen.
“No.” Chuck didn’t lie. He wasn’t his own, but his own mother.
But Chuckgang said this, and a voice came, “Young Master…”
Du Pei’s heart and eye were attracted by the sound, and saw a woman coming over, it was Betty. This kind of clothes should be the manager of the hotel, called Master Chuck, then the hotel is really his.
“Yeah, the hotel is indeed not mine, it’s my mother.” Chuck can only admit it, but Betty seems to have just come out at this time. When he comes here, there should be news from his cousin. Too.
“Well, Mr. Chuck hides nothing.” Du Pei’s heart is meaningful. Chuck’s mother has such a big hotel, then it may be the tip of the iceberg. This background of Chuck is terrible.
Chuck coughed and said thank you, Du Peixin said. “No, then I will go back. I am really sorry about my brother.”
“It’s okay.”
Du Pei was relieved to leave, his brother should not do anything to offend Chuck?
“Master, there is news.” Betty said.
“Well, Sister Li, let’s go back to the room and say it carefully.” This matter must be cautious. My cousin has already started to shoot himself.
“Good.” Betty followed Chuck upstairs and back to the room. The two returned to the room, Chuck sat down, and Betty began to speak.

On the side of the capital, in the villa, Logan felt empty alone. Such a big house has always been his own.
“How can Ceer just come to see me?” Logan was a little lost, and felt that she was not interested in anything. Anyway, she was particularly bored and wanted to go out, but no one was there.
She returned to the room and took out the cat mask. She smiled, thinking of the dragonfly-like kiss in her mind.
Logan looked at it for a while, and she felt very tangled, “Cer must be asleep at this time, and it is definitely not possible to call him, then, then I should just go and find him, anyway, he started school, as if there was an opening ceremony, then. .”
Logan thought of something, packed her things with a smile, went out and drove towards her private airfield, Ceer, I’ll come and find you.

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