My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 35

“Hey brother, what kind of car do you want to buy at your level? I think this Porsche 911 is not bad since it suits you pretty well. Why don’t you buy this car?” Wilbur Wendel walked over to Chuck Cannon playfully. Since Chuck was going to continue to pretend, Wilbur would gladly give him the chance. Did he really think that this car cost less than two million dollars? Too bad, it’s more than four million dollars. The manager was surprised and hurried over.
Chuck glanced at Wilbur and said, “Seems that you have a good taste this time. Manager, do you have any ready stock available for this vehicle?”
“Hmmm?” The manager was surprised. Was Chuck seriously going to buy this car?
Wilbur scoffed in disdain and even wanted to laugh. A person who didn’t even know what a Cayenne was, actually bought a Porsche 911? But seems that Chuck’s acting was not bad. This kind of car will not be available on the spot as they are all imported. It will take at least a week for the car to arrive. Since there’s no ready stick, Chuck could then be able to take the opportunity to not buy the car. Pretty slick of him!
“Sorry, sir, this car is not available on the spot and requires prior reservation.” The manager glanced at Wilbur and said calmly.
“No ready stock?” Chuck frowned.
“Since there’s no stock, are you going to pretend not to buy it?” Wilbur smirked. He was sure that Chuck was going to pull off such a stunt.
“Since you’re so high-class, if you don’t buy the car, it’ll ruin your reputation.” Wilbur taunted, as he did not want to miss any chance to ridicule Chuck.
Chuck just stared at Wilbur for a while, before turning to ask the manager, “How long will it take for the car to arrive then?”
“I remember that there’s an available new car, but it’s in another province. It will take three days to transfer it here.” The manager thought for a moment and said.
“Alright, I’ll take this one then.” Chuck announced straightaway.
The manager was shocked at Chuck’s decisiveness. Was he not going to listen to the details or spec of the car? The smirk on Wilbur’s face froze uncontrollably. He raised an eyebrow and said, “Do you know how much this car costs?”
“I don’t know.” Chuck said.
“You don’t know, but you still ordered it. Forget it, I’ll tell you then, but don’t be frightened when you hear the price. This car is priced at least four million dollars!” Wilbur snickered. Four million dollars was almost enough to buy two BMW seven series. He thought Chuck would never be able to hold in his emotions when he heard the price.
“Why are you so surprised about four million dollars? Is it very expensive?” Chuck asked flatly.
The manager was surprised. There were a lot of people who could say such words calmly, but few of them could say that at such a young age. Moreover, the man in front of him looked inexplicably composed, as though nothing would faze him, even if the sky fell down on top of him. Till this day, he has never seen such a well-maintained composure in anyone until he saw Chuck. As such, he believed Chuck’s words in an instant. This man was indeed qualified to say such words.
Wilbur was shocked, his face full of uncontrollable surprise. He stuttered, “What did you say? Four million dollars is not expensive? Why are you so pretentious?”
His family’s net worth was more than a billion dollars, but he still felt that more than four million dollars was still expensive. His father would never buy it for him, let alone Chuck, whose background was still unknown.
“That’s why at your level, you can only drive a Cayenne!” Chuck shot back indifferently.
Wilbur immediately gritted his teeth.
“Sir, do you really want to order this?” The manager asked seriously. He had to double confirm with Chuck since there was a lot of money involved in this deal. He believed that Chuck was qualified to say this, but whether he wanted to or not was another thing.
“He’s ordered sh*t! He’s just putting on a show!”
Just as Wilbur was about to think of an excuse to why Chuck would be able to buy the car, he suddenly thought of a problem. How could Chuck drive a sports car if he could even damage a BMW seven series? Sports car needed special training.
“But what if I did?” Chuck looked at Wilbur Wendel calmly.
“You did? If so, then I’ll change my surname to yours!” Wilbur scoffed in disbelief.
“Well, I would prefer if I didn’t have a son as old as you!” Chuck shook his head.
“You!” Wilbur was furious.
“How about this? If I order it then, you have to promise me one thing.” Chuck said, an idea suddenly popping into his mind.
“One thing? What if you ask me to die?” Wilbur shook his head.
“Don’t worry! Just do me a favor!” Chuck said.
Wilbur was suspicious. He thought about it, and suddenly realized something, sneering the minute he realized. It’s another trick. Chuck was deliberately putting him in a dilemma, so if he didn’t agree to Chuck’s demands, Chuck would have another reason not to buy the car. What a profound set of tricks!
But it’ll never work! Wilbur didn’t believe that Chuck could cash out more than four million dollars from his pocket just after buying a new car.
“Okay.” Wilbur nodded.
Chuck glanced at him took out a card. “How much is it? I’ll swipe my card!”
Wilbur’s brows furrowed. How could Chuck still be so decisive?
He couldn’t help but remind Chuck coldly, “You know that this time you’re not paying the deposit, right? You’re paying an amount of four million dollars in total!”
“I know! Didn’t I already give you a deposit of 300,000 dollars?” Chuck asked.
“Yes, but…..”
“In that case, nothing’s wrong then.”
Chuck handed the card over to the manager and asked coolly, “How much is the balance? He has my deposit of 300,000 dollars!”
The manager was stunned and immediately took the card to the front desk.
Wilbur glanced at the manager subconsciously. It was impossible. Even with 300,000 dollars deducted from the balance, Chuck still had to pay more than four million dollars at once!
“Hey, stop pretending. It’s impossible for you to pay so much at one go!” Wilbur continued to insult Chuck.
Chuck just continued staring at him without saying a word. The look in his eyes made Wilbur frown. How could Chuck still be so calm?
In less than a minute! When the manager came back, he was even more polite, bowing once before handing over the credit card to Chuck with both hands. “Hello, this is your card and receipt.”
“What? The payment went through?” Wilbur was shocked out of his skin. He froze, standing as still as a statue while the thoughts in his brain were furiously spinning. How could it be possible? It didn’t make any sense! How could he swipe and pay four million dollars so easily if he just bought a new car worth more than two million dollars?
Wilbur hurriedly confirmed with the manager, “Did he really swipe it?”
“Yes, he did.” The manager was serious. He was serious, since when did this place have such a low-profile rich man?
Wilbur was utterly ashamed. He couldn’t say anything for a long time, because he found it simple unbelievable.
The manager took this opportunity to ask Chuck, “Sir, please give us your phone number. When the car arrives, we’ll inform you.”
Chuck took his card and checked the amount on the receipt to see if it was correct. After double checking, he gave the manager his phone number, which the manager gladly memorized. This was an important client, so naturally he had to treat him well.
It took a full five minutes for Wilbur to recover from his daze completely. He could never look at Chuck the same way again. Wilbur sighed and looked at Chuck complicatedly, “What do you want me to do?”
“Don’t fret! I’ve already bought my car, so you have to buy yours now!” Chuck said.
Once again, Wilbur started to feel arrogant. “Of course, it’s just a BMW seven series, right?”
“You have the money?” Chuck smiled.
Wilbur snorted in response and said proudly, “If you can buy two cars, why can’t I?”
“Of course you can. You are the son of a super rich family.” Chuck smirked, the two corners of his mouth curling up unknowingly. If Wilbur knew he was the one that bought his father’s square, would he still have the arrogance to taunt him further?
“Well, I’m not going to hide it from his anymore. To be frank, do you know City Square?” Wilbur continued proudly.
“Yes, I know.” Chuck’s smile widened mysteriously.
“That’s my dad’s. It was taken over by a person yesterday. As for how much it was sold for, I can’t tell you that, but it’s definitely not a small amount. Do you think I won’t have enough money to buy a BMW seven series?” Wilbur’s face was full of confidence. Deep down, he was ecstatic. He finally managed to win Chuck in something. Look at Chuck, he’s probably dumbfounded. It would make sense since the amount he was going to pay was 500 million dollars, not a few million dollars. So what if Chuck managed to buy a new car? It was only worth several million dollars anyways. If Chuck maanges to fish out 500 million dollars, Wilbur vowed that he’ll never piss off this guy ever again.
“Woah, that’s a lot!” Chuck pretended to be surprised but was actually just speechless. This guy was really good at showing off, how could he be so pretentious? If his father knew it, he would slap him in the face.
“Hmm, so as I said, it’s just a BMW seven series. I can buy it anytime I want!” Wilbur beamed even wider, since he managed to get back at Chuck for all the discontent he felt just now. Indeed, it was really necessary for him to show off his family background.
“Congratulations then.” Chuck said.
“Wait a minute. I’ll call my dad and ask him to come to the BMW store!” Wilbur took out his mobile phone and called his father, deliberately turning on his speakerphone.
“What’s the matter?” It was really Director Wendel’s voice. Chuck couldn’t wait to see the look on his face.
“Dad, I’ve taken a fancy to a BMW. Come to the BMW store and have a look.”
“What kind of BMW?”
“Just a normal BMW. Dad, come here quickly. I’m almost there.” Chuck hurried his father.
“Okay.” After a few minutes of silence on the phone, he finally spoke.
“Hurry up then.”
The call ended with Wilbur feeling even prouder. “My dad’s coming to meet me. Maybe he also wants to buy a car.”
Chuck just smiled politely. He didn’t know what kind of expression Director Wendel, who had just met him last night,would have when he knew that his son was trying to compete with him by buying a BMW.

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