My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 36

“Come on. Let’s not waste anymore time. It’s just buying a BMW anyways. Piece of cake.” Wilbur said as he walked outside.
Chuck tried not to laugh out loud. The BMW worth more than two million dollars was indeed a piece of cake to Wilbur now that his father was rich. However, the only reason why his father could sell off the square and earn some cash was because of Chuck’s mother. If Chuck didn’t plan to buy the square, where would Wilbur’s father get the money to buy a car?
At this moment, the manager walked over with hesitation and whispered something in Wilbur’s ear, mostly regarding the three hundred thousand dollars deposit….
Wilbur frowned, “I’ll transfer it to you tomorrow!” How could he have money now? He could only wait for his father.
The manager smiled in relief and said politely to Chuck, “Mr. Cannon, please take care. When the car is here, I’ll call you.”
Chuck nodded. He heard just now that he needed training to drive a sports car, but it should not take too long. Anyhow, it was nice to drive a sports car too. Chuck was about to open his car door and get in.
However, the more Wilbur looked at Chucks car, the more upset he became. What’s so good about this car? Wilbur decided that when he buy one later, he would ask his dad to buy another one. Then, Chuck would have nothing else to boast about.
Wilbur got into his Cayenne haughtily, stepping on the gas and zooming off the moment he got in. Naturally, Chuck followed suit.
The manager looked at Chuck who had left and was amazed. Who were the parents of this young man? It was rare to see a super rich person with such an indifferent temperament. The manager had encountered many people in his life, but he had never felt such a feeling from anyone.
“Manager, did this young man just now really order it?”
“He just swiped his credit card, so how could it be fake? It looks too simple though, I’ve been selling cars for so long, but I’ve never seen anyone buy a car so quick. Well, the rich are really rich!”
“I really want to know his WeChat. I want to be his girlfriend!”
“Me too. He’s handsome and rich, just a perfect man of my dreams!”
The several Porsche sales consultants all gathered around and began to chatter away enviously.
The manager frowned and scolded, “What are you guys doing? Don’t you have work to do? Just look at his charisma, do you think he’ll like any of you here? Let me tell you, the next time Mr. Cannon comes, if anyone dares to offend him, pack up your things and get out of here immediately! Do you hear me?”
“Yes, sir.” Several sales consultants were discouraged.
Just then, a beautiful woman strolled into the shop, wearing a pair of hot pants that complemented her long, slender legs. It was Quincy Lowie, Zelda’s best friend. She had ordered a Porsche for herself few days ago as a birthday present for herself, so she came up to pick up the car. But when she saw the salespeople in the shop whispering to one another, she curiously walked over and asked, “What happened?”
“Ah? It’s Miss Lowie. Your car has arrived. Let me bring you to complete a few procedures, then you can pick up your car.” The manager came back to his senses.
“Okay. By the way, what were you guys talking about just now?” Quincy asked curiously.
“Oh, it was nothing. It was a customer who just ordered a 911 modeled car.” The manager said. He waved his hand and the crowd of salespeople immediately dispersed.
“911 model. That rich?” Quincy’s eyes widened. She wanted to buy that car, but she didn’t have so much money at the moment. She only managed to buy an ordinary Porsche because it was her birthday, and only after begging her father to let her buy it. This was why she didn’t say anything when she heard Wilbur mention the Cayenne at the birthday party yesterday.
“He’s quite rich.” The manager sighed. Chuck’s charisma had left quite an impression on him.
“Who ordered it?” Quincy asked out of curiosity.
“This…” The manager hesitated. This was related to the customer’s privacy, so he had no right to say it out.
“Wilbur and I are good friends. You can’t even tell?” Quincy added.
“Okay, alright, it was ordered by a man called Chuck Cannon.” The manager could only say it out.
“What? Chuck Cannon was the one who ordered the model 911?” Quincy could only gape in shock. Didn’t he tell Wilbur that he would buy the Cayenne? Why did he order a 911 model that was several specs higher than a Cayenne? That was an extra four million! Quincy took a deep breath, this came as a surprise. Chuck Cannon was indeed extremely rich!
“Do you know this Chuck Cannon, Miss Lowie?” The manager couldn’t help but ask Quincy. Otherwise, why would she have such an expression on her face?
“Yes, I do.” Quincy nodded and a strange smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. “Zelda, you found a pretty neat boyfriend!”
Chuck found that Wilbur was driving so fast that his car disappeared in just a blink of an eye. However, Chuck wasn’t planning to drive so fast because he cherished his own life. He would arrive at the BMW store soon since it was just a stone’s throw away. At that moment, his phone rang. He took a look and saw that it was Zelda Maine.
Chuck was a little surprised and nervous. Why was Zelda coming him now? Did she find something out from Director Wendel? Despite being a little nervous, he had no choice but to answer the phone.
“Hey, Chuck, where are you?” Zelda’s voice could be heard clearly.
“I’m driving.”
“Well, I have something to tell you. I’m sorry to tell you that the shop that the shop I showed you yesterday was taken over by someone last night. I may not be able to go into business there.” Zelda said apologetically.
Hearing this, Chuck was instantly relieved. Turns out that she wanted to talk about this.
“Alright.” He had no choice but to say so.
“By the way, do you know who took over the square?” Zelda asked.
“How would I know?”
“I have already asked a lot of people in the morning, but I still don’t know who was the person who bought the square over. The thing is, it will cost at least 500 to 600 million dollars to take over the square, but everything was done overnight. This shows that this new boss is very low-key and powerful, so I really want to talk to him.” Zelda sounded so full of confidence and expectation.
Chuck sighed silently, what did she mean by “talk to” now? How embarrassing would it be if Zelda found out that he was the one who took over the square and force him to give up the shoplot? It would be so awkward then. He didn’t know what to say, so he could only respond to her in a few words.
“Well, don’t worry. If I found out who the new boss is and manage to negotiate with him, I will let you know.”
Zelda sounded so sincere, it made Chuck feel slightly guilty. He didn’t know how to continue this conversation, so he could only thank her.
“Why are you thanking me? About things yesterday, I still have to….” Zelda did not finish her words and stopped talking.
Chuck was immediately reminded of the fact that he kissed Zelda yesterday. Her lips were supple and sweet like jerry,and the touch of her curvy hips were still vivid in his mind. The atmosphere was a little awkward. Neither of them spoke. After about ten seconds, Zelda took the initiative to speak first. “Then, I’ll contact you if there’s any news.”
“Okay, sister Zelda, bye bye.”
Chuck sighed in relief after he hung up the phone. He couldn’t afford to let his mind wander. Although things got a bit heated up between them yesterday, Zelda obviously wanted to forget what had happened. If such, he had better let bygones be bygones and leave it as a memory in the past. He didn’t want to misunderstand and make a fool of himself later on.
However, Chuck still wanted to know how Zelda would react if she knew he was the one who bought and took over the square. He shook his head slightly. At this time, he had already arrived at the BMW store.
After Chuck parked his car, he entered the shop straightaway. Charlotte Yales was surprised when she saw him. In the meantime, Wilbur was already looking at the car while he was waiting for Chuck. The salespeople in the BMW store were all surprised as they didn’t recognize Chuck’s new look. A salesgirl approached him. After all, his aura and charisma gave others the feeling that he had a high purchasing power. However, she saw Charlotte Yales walking over to him, and only realized that it was Chuck. After a makeover, he looked very handsome! It was true that clothes can change a person’s look. She couldn’t recognize him at all.
The few salesgirls were even more remorseful. If they had known, they would have taken care of Chuck better when he came over that day. But now, and intern had taken over his businesses instead. More importantly, Chuck had already introduced customers to Charlotte. They were originally theirs, but….
The more they thought about it, the more regret they felt.
Charlotte walked over. “Mr. Cannon, Mr. Wendel is already here.”
Chuck nodded and had Charlotte bring him to a BMW seven series. There, Wilbur was already checking the interior of the car, looking satisfied with everything that he had seen.
Seeing that Chuck finally arrived, Wilbur secretly looked down on him. How could he drive so slowly? Wilbur exited the car and was greeted by Charlotte sweetly, “Mr. Wendel, we have ready stock for this model.”
She was more grateful to Chuck. Since he wanted to treat her to dinner today, should she do something for him at night?
“Okay, wait for my dad to come over!” Wilbur said and looked out. All of a sudden, his expression brightened with confidence and pride. “My dad’s here!”
His tone ended lightly, as he was trying to show off, and Chuck also looked out, the corners of his mouth curling up. A BMW three series drove in and someone exited the car. It wss Director Wendel, whom he saw last night!

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