My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 350

Lin Dan’er is helpless, Ouyang Fei’s prejudice to Chuck is too deep, what can I do? Lin Daner regretted it. When Chuck transferred money to Du Xinye, she should have Ouyang Fei come over to see. Perhaps Ouyang Fei would be shocked with her at the time.
Even greater than their own reaction, how to say, who can lose so much money, more than five million sports cars? Not just buying it? Can even the plane be bought casually?
This can certainly meet Ouyang Fei’s standards!
She wanted to see, Ouyang Fei gave Chuck a chance to let Chuck add her WeChat, and then Chuck and Ouyang Fei together.
But now Ouyang Fei has misunderstood Chuck so deeply, how could Chuck add WeChat?
“Fifi, you just go in and ask, I really didn’t lie to you.” Lin Dan’er was helpless and took Ouyang Fei away.
“Have you heard? Let me talk about his affairs again, I will ignore you forever,” Ouyang Fei was angry. Why did his girlfriend say so? Is this to push myself into the fire pit?
To be honest, she knew that Chuck was in this classroom today, and she had already decided in her mind that from now on, she would never go here again!
Because this person Chuck has completely disgusted her, as long as she sees Chuck, she will feel very sick, and now she is like that.
“Hey, Chuck, you come out!” Lin Daner yelled at Chuck in the classroom.
At this time, there was no class, Lin Dan’er suddenly called, and the whole class saw it.
I saw two big beauties outside, especially Ouyang Fei!
The whole class was boiling immediately! Even the male student’s eyes were straight.
“This is the new school flower Ouyang Fei!”
“My God, her legs are so long, the net height must be more than one and seven meters.”
“How did she come here? Still looking for Chuck? Is it looking for Chuck? Am I listening right?”
“You heard it right, so come here to find Chuck.”
“My mother, how come all the school flowers come to find Chuck’s hanging silk man! It must have been Chuck invited the whole school to drink milk tea a few days ago, and he became a celebrity overnight, so the school flower came to see him, when Look at the clown.”
“I think so. Certainly! What if the school spends coming to find Chuck?”
The whole class was sour. The last time Yolanda came to find Chuck, this time the new school flower actually came to find Chuck. What does that mean? There are no more men in school?
Lara pouted, what is this?
What did the new school spend here?
Queenie was also dumbfounded. How did she accidentally know about this new school flower?
Chuck gave Lin Daner a glance. Lin Daner continued, “Come out, I ask you something, come out. Come out!”
Chuck is too lazy to take care of her, Lin Dan’er is anxious, “Fifi, you wait a minute,”
Lin Dan’er ran into the classroom, pulling Chuck’s arm and pulling Chuck out. Chuck was speechless. It seemed that her hand had touched her.
Such a drag, the whole class was stunned, what ah, so active to pull Chuck out, this woman shame? Chuckshou has touched you in front of you. The boys in the class envy jealousy.
Lin Dan’er is not as good as Ouyang Fei, but she is also a beautiful woman, not to mention her very good figure. If you drag Chuck Si, a man of silk, you can’t be eaten tofu by Chuck?
“What are you doing? Is there anything?” Chuck was dragged out helplessly.
Lin Daner was surprised. “Wow, your arms are strong. Do you exercise regularly?”
Lin Dan’er felt it, Chuck’s hand, this was the exercised hand, and she felt particularly powerful when she just dragged it.
Ouyang Fei sees that Lin Dan’er is disgusted, hasn’t he seen a man?
“What’s the matter?” Chuck didn’t have much impression of these two women, but Chuck was still a little surprised. How to say, she slapped Lin Daner twice, she actually pulled herself out in public, this is Chuck’s fundamental Things that didn’t come to mind.
“I ask you, did you transfer 2.5 billion to Du Xinye in three times?” Lin Daner was nervous. This sentence was asked by her for Ouyang Fei. Of course she knew that it really turned!
Chuck is a little weird, ask what is this doing?
Lin Daner watched Chuck not talking, she was anxious, she hurriedly gathered in Chuck’s ear and said, “Hurry, I’ve seen Du Xinye’s text messages, you definitely gave Du Xinye twenty Five hundred million, if you just say it, Ouyang Fei will give you a chance.”
“Opportunity? What opportunity?” Chuck felt confused, and when this came out, what opportunity could Ouyang Fei give himself? What opportunity does Chuck want her to give herself?
“Oh, Ouyang Fei has a standard, that is, people who drive five million sports cars can add her WeChat. This is her chance for you! Take this opportunity quickly.” Lin Daner was anxious.
Chuck understood that it was such an opportunity!
Looking at Ouyang Fei, Chuck said lightly, “No, I didn’t transfer 2.5 billion to Du Xinye.”
Lin Daner was dumbfounded, “Why do you say that? You’ve obviously changed, why do you say that! You’re going to say you’re turning, you’re going to say!”
In Ouyang Feimei’s eyes, she was disgusted to the extreme, and she wanted to vomit. Chuck Ze’s sentence just made her nausea. .
“I didn’t turn, what did I say?” Chuck shrugged.
“You turned, turned, I saw it with my own eyes!”
“No.” Chuck replied.
Lin Dan’er was dumbfounded. What happened? Ouyang Fei is a school flower, with beautiful skin and long legs. Does that man dislike it? Chuck denied that this is disregarding Ouyang Fei?
Really, Chuck really didn’t have this thought, saying that Ouyang Fei is beautiful, really, like Yolanda, each of them has beautiful beauty, saying that his body is okay, also, similar to Zelda, hot, long legs, can evoke the idea of a man .
But this kind of character is clearly a money worshiper. Chuck is too lazy to say a word to her. To be honest, even if Ouyang Fei took the initiative to give WeChat a micro signal, he would not want it.
What do we want from this woman’s WeChat account? ?
What is the use?
Ouyang Fei narrowed his eyes, “Lin Dan’er, how can he transfer without money?”
“No, Feifei, he really has…”
“Shut up! Lin Dan’er, do you think I’m stupid? Can this kind of person pay so much money? Do you think it’s possible?” Ouyang Fei was disgusted, he wouldn’t even tell this lie, this is simply impossible!
Chuck gave her a glance. She shrugged and did not refute. There is no need to refute. She said that she has no money, then there is no money, and she will not lose a piece of meat. Instead, she has increased her sense of superiority. Not bad.
“Possibly, Feifei, you ask him again, he…” Lin Daner was anxious.
“Shut up, Lin Dan’er, you really disappoint me. How can I have a friend like you?” Ouyang Fei was particularly disappointed.
Lin Dan’er was anxious and speechless. She pulled Chuck to let Chuck speak, but Chuck ignored her, so Chuck was too lazy to talk.
“I’m going back to class,”
Chuck shrugged, turned around and walked into the classroom after finishing his speech, Lin Daner forced.
“Lin Daner, you don’t want to be with me anymore.”
Ouyang Fei swayed her long legs and left. She thought she was ridiculous. She actually gave Chuck time to speak? It’s a waste of my time.
She smiled. If Chuck, a non-interested person, could transfer 2.5 billion to Du Xinye, she immediately knelt down and apologized to Chuck!
But is this possible? impossible! A man who would rather ask the whole school to drink milk tea on credit, no, it shouldn’t be a man anymore, it’s just a pretender to hang on!
Disgusting that he should die!
Ouyang Fei walked away, Lin Daner forced, what did he do? And the people in the class had a lot of balance in their hearts and saw Ouyang Fei leave angrily. They knew what the school spent on looking for Chuck and took Chuck out of anger.
Now that he’s out of breath, of course Chuck must kick off. They looked at Chuck more ridiculous, and thought that you can still hook up with the new school flower, but I didn’t expect it to be a punching bag, which really humiliated the man’s face!
Lin Dan’er ran into the classroom again, pulling Chuck’s arm, “Get up, tell me clearly to Ouyang Fei, why are you lying? Get up!”
“Haha, beautiful woman, what did Chuck panic? Tell me and let us all listen!” The students sneered, Chuck is a trash, and still lying in front of the school flowers? You see, kicked by the school flower!

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