My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 351

Lin Dan’er wanted to say it, Chuck waved his hand, and they didn’t believe it. Why should they continue to be ridiculed by them?
In fact, to Chuck’s present level, these jealous students, in Chuck’s eyes, are not even clowns.
People who are not in the same world, Chuck are too lazy to care about them.
“I’m not lying, you leave.” Chuck said.
Lin Dan’er was anxious. “You’ve lied, you clearly turned 25 to Du Xinye…”
Lin Dan’er said just now, and the whole class laughed.
Laughter laughed! Interrupted Lin Dan’er.
“What? Chuck gave the school grass Du Xinye 25 yuan? Haha, what is this for?”
“Don’t you owe Du Xinye twenty-five yuan before, but do you pay it now?”
“It’s shameless enough, Du Xinye came here. It’s a freshman. You just ask someone to borrow money. Who is this? This is our sophomore face!”
“That’s too shameful!”
The whole class laughed, Lin Daner was forced, what is the case?
“What are you laughing at? Chuck gave Du Xinye not 25 yuan, and 2.5 billion!”
Lin Daner screamed! !
The class was quiet all at once.
One second, two seconds, and three seconds later, the whole class’ faces turned back.
“Haha! Chuck, the hanging man, transferred 2.5 billion to school grass Du Xinye?
My mother, so much? Is it the island’s money?”
“What island country’s money? How much is 2.5 billion yuan for Huaxia coins?
Chuck’s hanging man will have so much money? I think it’s almost the same!”
“Haha, 2.5 billion pennies, haha, laugh to me, Chuck, this guy transferred Du Xinye’s penny coins? Didn’t get beaten?”
“I think it must have been beaten. If Chuck would give you the money, wouldn’t you beat him?”
“Damn, if he dare to turn me around, I will immediately call him a mom!”
“What are you doing? Really!” Lin Daner was shocked. Under what circumstances, didn’t the whole class know that Chuck was so rich?
My God, Chuck is too low-key, right?
Lin Daner is incredible!
There were only two people in the class who didn’t laugh, that is Queenie and Lara.
Queenie knew Chuck was rich, but she was shocked. How could Chuck transfer so much money to Du Xinye?
Lara was stupefied. She knew that Chuck had a square and that Chuck had money in a sports car, but she actually transferred 2.5 billion people. How rich is this?
If before, Lara must have laughed at Chuck with his classmates, but now, Lara is convinced! Although she doesn’t know why.
“Shut up, you guys!” Lara yelled in exasperation, and the whole class was upset.
“I said Lara, are you sick? You talk to Chuck, wouldn’t you like him?” The students were upset.
Although they don’t believe it, but they are so happy by Lara, can they be happy?
Lara was red-faced and red-eared, “Your group of pens, pens…”
Chuck glanced at Lara, who was blushing, and said to Lin Dan’er, “You leave.”
Lin Dan’er saw it, Chuck didn’t take this opportunity, but it was an opportunity to get close to the school flower Ouyang Fei!
Once in a lifetime!
Chuck actually gave up directly, which really shocked Lin Dan’er.
“Ouyang Fei is a school flower, you just have to clarify with her, you…”
“What is she doing at school?” Chuck shrugged.
Lin Daner was speechless, he actually said so, did this miss Ouyang Fei? Lin Dan’er didn’t know what to say, she could only leave with her head down.
She left, and the whole class was even more mocked by Chuck, what? It turned out that I deceived the school by spending so much, and obviously only turned 25.
Passers-by said 2.5 billion. Who believes this? Is it a shame to be a school flower?
Lara and the people in the class scolded, and the teacher came to be quiet. Lara always blushed and sat secretly to see Chuck, but Chuck didn’t pay attention, listened carefully, and couldn’t understand, you had to ask Yvette.
After class, Chuck came out of the classroom, and some students asked with ridicule, “Chuck, you really gave Du Xinye 2.5 billion pennies? Haha, you have a kind!!!”
When the classmates left with a laugh, Chuck frowned and went straight out of school. Lara followed closely, chasing Chuck breathlessly, “Hey, are you going to the square?”
Chuck looked back, seeing that Lara’s legs were still not good, and said that it would be better to take her together. Anyway, Betty drove, and there was certainly no problem in sitting alone.
In Chuck’s words, Lara was pleasantly surprised, and her blushing heart beat followed behind Chuck. Lara was going to have a birthday these days. She really hoped that Chuck passed by and whispered that Chuck found a reason to perfunctory.
What’s Chuck doing for Lara’s birthday? Lara is a little lost, why not come?
Lara’s surprise was gone, and she followed Chuck behind her. She didn’t know what to do. Anyway, Chuck couldn’t pass it. Lara didn’t want to celebrate this birthday anymore.
Chuck turned around and said that it was almost there. Chuck had seen Betty’s car.
She had just got on the car just now, which was considered to be personal protection for the whole journey.
However, when the two were walking on the road, Ouyang Fei, who was sitting in the car in the school parking lot and was going back, saw that she was disgusted in her beautiful eyes, and she ran into him again, which was really disgusting.
At this time, there was a roar of sports cars. Of course, Ouyang Fei did not want to see such a disgusting person. She turned her head and saw a Ferrari coming over. It was Du Xinye who was driving.
That’s right, he thought about what he wanted to do, and felt that all the money had been spent, but he didn’t even get to Ouyang Fei, so what should I do? So he went directly to pick up a Ferrari, and just yesterday, it happened that other stores had existing cars, and he bought all of them directly. It must be Ouyang Fei!
Ouyang Fei frowned, “Come back? I’ve given you a chance, you are not sure.”
Ouyang Fei drove away, but Du Xinye’s car stopped her sideways, the door opened, and Du Xinye got out of the car with a smile, and there was a gift in his hand, “Ouyang Fei, I’m sorry, I apologized for your courtesy.”
This cost him 300,000! This is a watch! Du Xinye thinks that spending 300,000 to play Ouyang Fei is also good.
Ouyang Fei was unimpressed.
Du Xinye opened the box. Ouyang Fei was surprised.
“This watch matches you well, I’ll bring it for you.” Du Xinye smiled slightly, Ouyang Fei nodded after hesitating, this watch is indeed good, he gave it to himself, and he didn’t ask for it. , Why not accept it?
It should be.
Who told him to throw himself on the road last time?
Ouyang Fei extended his jade hand, Du Xinye smiled deeper, and brought Ouyang Fei, this hand is really beautiful, slender and slender.
“Let’s go to dinner, I know a place where the food is particularly delicious.” Du Xinye smiled, yes, Ye Ye Hotel, the food in the hotel is delicious, and the room is above, in many ways, after eating You can do some post-meal exercise. , How good?
“Yes.” Ouyang Fei agreed.
“Come, the car I just mentioned. You can take my car. How about pointing this car?” Du Xinye showed off. Ouyang Fei had already seen it. She came out of her car and followed Du Xinye into it.
Very good, this sports car.
“So, Ouyang Fei, can I add your WeChat now?” Du Xinye took out his mobile phone. Ouyang Fei agreed, and also took out his mobile phone for Du Xinye to add.
The people on Ouyang Fei’s WeChat account are not more than twenty men apart from their own family. After all, there are too few people who can meet her requirements.
Du Xin’s ambition is proud. He clicked on Ouyang Fei’s pictures. They are really beautiful, casual, home, and on the beach. Gee, the figure is perfect, what is there for anything.
Du Xinye is thinking, does Ouyang Fei have foreign genes, otherwise why is his figure so uneven?
This is not yet the time to wait. You may still be able to see the entity. Du Xinye put away his mobile phone. He drove Ouyang Fei to the Night Hotel. He had already booked a place in advance.
Just go.
Ouyang Fei saw that Chuck and Lara were still away, Ouyang Fei hummed, “My girlfriend Lin Dan’er said that the man transferred you 2.5 billion last time…”
“Haha, there are two and a half billion in that forcing?” Du Xinye sneered. This must not be admitted, at least she can say it, otherwise, there may be trouble.
Ouyang Fei snorted. Sure enough, it would be a waste of saliva to ask such words.
This is simply impossible.

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