My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 352

“So how much did he turn to you then?” Ouyang Fei was bored.
“He? How much do you think he can turn me?” Du Xinye sneered, his face mocked, and he saw Chuck.
“I think he didn’t give you a penny, because people like him must have no money.”
This is simply beyond doubt, can he have money?
“Yes, if it wasn’t something that happened to me that day, I must have beaten him.”
Du Xinye said, looking back.
“Well, don’t mention him, disgusting people, saying he was a waste of saliva.”
Ouyang Fei felt that Chuck was disgusted with her eyes when she walked in front of her.
“Yes, saying he was a waste of saliva,” Du Xinye smiled, thinking in his heart:
Chuck, Chuck, you look like a hanger, obviously you have the opportunity to get in touch with Ouyang Fei, you don’t even catch it, then I have to take a step first. roar!
Du Xinye slammed on the accelerator. The car rang on the street. Chuck couldn’t help but look back. Lara also saw, “Chuck, your sports car is much better than this Ferrari, it’s much more beautiful. ”
Chuck gave Lara a glance. Chuck checked it when he was fine these days. This Ferrari is still a little more expensive than his Porsche.
It’s very new, it may be mentioned in the past few days.
“Really, I think your car is much better than this.” Lara added, because Chuck’s eyes were suspicious.
Really, it’s just that Lara hasn’t done Chuck’s sports car yet.
Chuck’s sports car was scratched last time and was taken for repair. Yesterday, he called over and said that he can go to pick up the car, but Chuck has not had time.
“This car is much more expensive than mine,” Chuckzhi said.
“I know, but I think your car looks good. It has nothing to do with your price.
Yours is a lot more beautiful.” Lara whispered, her face flushed.
Chuck is speechless. Is Lara flattering?
“Get in the car.” Chuck opened the door, and Lara sat a little bit cautiously.
Chuck sat next to her, “Sister Li, you can drive.”
“Yes, young master.” Betty drove.
Lara was a little nervous in Chuck’s car for the first time. She didn’t know what to say. She could only say, “Chuck, your car is very comfortable.”
Betty, who was driving, looked at Lara with his rearview mirror.
“This is not my car,” Chuck said.
“It’s not yours and you can sit comfortably.” Lara blushed.
Chuck was speechless and soon arrived at the square. Lara went down and said that Chuck was making milk tea. Chuck was not thirsty yet, but Lara had already run away, and soon brought three cups of milk tea, Chuck a cup, Betty One cup, another cup is for Yolanda.
Chuck accepted it, and Lara blushed and went to his shop.
Betty looked at Lara strangely away, and took Chuck’s milk tea. Go up with Chuck together.
Chuck came over to inquire about the land, but Yolanda was not in the square. It was only when she called that Yolanda went to the land that was bought, Chuck was empty, and only bored Betty Back to the hotel to rest, by the way, let Betty teach himself to fight.
Of course, Betty said that there was no problem, and drove Chuck back to the night hotel.

“The food in this hotel is particularly delicious. You should have heard of it?” Du Xinye drove Ouyang Fei to the place. The big building in front of him is a five-star hotel!
Of course, Ouyang Fei had heard of this nightly hotel, but after she came here to study, she found the best hotel. She also heard that the food here is particularly delicious!
“I heard that good.” Under the service of the security smile. Du Xinye drove the newly purchased sports car and stopped at the parking space, and the two opened the door.
Du Xinye and Ouyang Fei entered the hotel restaurant on the first floor, and the receptionist smiled politely, “Does Mr. have an appointment?”
“Yes.” Du Xinye took out his mobile phone. After reading the beautiful woman at the front desk, he smiled and said, “Mr. Du, you are booking a VIP seat. Please invite two of you inside!”
Du Xinye shrugged. Ouyang Fei felt that this hotel was very good and the environment was much better than many hotels she had been to. The food here was absolutely delicious.
Ouyang Fei is also hungry and feels that he should be able to eat a lot.
The beauty at the front desk took the two to the VIP seat, which was a very isolated place and the environment was particularly good.
“This is the menu.” The receptionist brought the menu.
Gentleman Du Xinye asked Ouyang Fei to order. She opened it and saw a lot of dishes she wanted to eat, especially the steamed yellow-lip fish, but the price of this fish is current, which is determined by the size.
“How much is this dish today?” Ouyang Fei asked. Du Xinye didn’t care. He could afford it for every dish.
“Sorry, I don’t have this dish today.” The reception apologized. In fact, there are some today, but there is only one. This is Betty’s command, because Chuck has lived in a hotel recently. Betty has to arrange Chuck’s diet. A yellow-lip fish was reserved.
The one in the kitchen. It was for Chuck, not for others.
Ouyang Fei was disappointed. She knew that it was not easy to catch this kind of fish. Certainly not every day. Eating this dish can only be luck.
“Well, this, this, and this,” Ouyang Fei ordered a few casually.
The receptionist smiled and said, wait for Du Xinye to stop her and order some wine. After all, how can it be done without wine?
“Drink some red wine, I heard that they have good wine here.” Du Xinye
Ouyang Fei hesitated, “Well, drink a little.”
“Okay, here’s a bottle of your most expensive wine,” Du Xinye ordered.
“Okay, wait a minute.” The receptionist went back with the menu.
Du Xinye looked at Ouyang Fei’s figure, he really couldn’t wait, would he drink some wine, wouldn’t he get it done after half a push?
Du Xinye is excited when he thinks about it. After all, it’s been a long time since I met a woman with a superb figure like Ouyang Fei.
Soon, the dishes came up, and the wine was sobered up in advance. Ouyang Fei ate the dishes and felt really good. “The food here is delicious, more authentic than many hotels.”
This is Ouyang Fei’s evaluation. Du Xinye nodded with a smile and dealt with a few words. But suddenly Ouyang Fei frowned, and she stood up, “Waiter, stop!”
Because she saw a waiter served a dish and passed by. She knew the taste was the taste of yellow-lip fish.
Didn’t you say that there is no such dish today? Why do you suddenly have it now?
The waiter serving the dishes stopped. “Hello, what’s the need?”
“I ordered this dish just now, and you said at reception that there is no such dish today, but you still have it now. What’s going on? Give me an explanation.”
Where is this? Du Xinye is also a bit unhappy. Does Lao Tzu have no money? Did you say it on purpose? He hasn’t eaten this dish for a while.
“Sorry, this dish is not available today.” The waiter apologized.
“What is not external? What does it mean? Is your boss eating right?” Ouyang Fei frowned, she saw that this dish is full of flavors and flavors, she really wanted to eat, after all, her status status, just Only eat such high-end dishes.
“No, we are less…” The reception shook his head, and Ouyang Fei immediately caught fire. “It’s not the boss’s, why not give it to us?”
She was already unhappy today. Lin Daner said that, and was disgusted by Chuck.
Now, a waiter actually cheated herself? What is this for? Despise yourself to be able to eat this dish?
“Call your manager! Go!” Ouyang Fei was angry.
“Yes, call your manager! What attitude is this? You order no food, you said no, now give it to others last time, why do you look down upon me?” Du Xinye was also annoyed.
The waiter was helpless. The guest was angry. She had to call the manager.
Fortunately, the manager was there. She went to call the manager over the intercom, and soon a beautiful woman came over and smiled. “What do you need?”
“Give me an explanation, why do I order this dish, you said no, but give it to others? Give me an explanation!” Ouyang Fei was angry, especially angry, and even looked down upon a meal? ?
The manager knew that this was the yellow-lip fish. She apologized. “Sorry, we didn’t make it clear just now. We had this dish today, but it was prepared for our young master!”
“Master? Who is your master?” Ouyang Fei frowned!

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