My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 354

Ouyang Fei is considering.
Du Xinye is a school grass, and he is a school flower. He is barely worthy of his appearance. He has a sports car of more than 5 million, indicating that his family is in good economic condition. Although his assets are more than his ultimate goal A hundred billion perfect men have a gap.
Ouyang Fei believes confidently that she is worth the price at least! Others don’t deserve themselves!
But how to say, Du Xinye is indeed the best boy Ouyang Fei has met for so long.
His appearance and temperament are very good.
Can give him a chance!
However, Ouyang Feike never went out with men. She felt that people with hundreds of billions of assets could be worthy of themselves, so at least they had to keep their bodies intact.
So Ouyang Fei feels that let Du Xinye touch himself, but he insists on the last bottom line, in fact, it is acceptable!
After all, men are lascivious, but definitely not today!
A smart woman like Ouyang Fei feels that a watch with more than 300,000 will touch herself, then she suffers more from it?
I have to meet my own requirements, and I have spent more than 300,000 on myself. At this stage, I only need to pull my own hands, and I can only pull for three minutes. I have to kiss myself. At least five million or more, before qualifying to bring yourself to open a house, but absolutely can not do that kind of thing, absolutely not, this is Ouyang Fei’s standard!
It’s worth the price if you are so beautiful and have such a good figure!
Ouyang Fei also thinks that this standard is too low. She previously believed that
300,000 yuan is only suitable for a meal and nothing else is allowed to be done.
Want to handle it? may? ! impossible!
Today’s exception can make Du Xinye pull, just because he looks pretty good.
Otherwise, Ouyang Fei will feel very disgusted by the ugly person.
The meal was finished soon, and the bad thoughts in Du Xin’s ambitions certainly came up. He just wanted to get Ouyang Fei tonight. This hotel is a five-star hotel.
If you open a presidential suite, it must be very good. Are you emotional?
Bring the beauty up to enjoy it.
It’s just that Du Xinye didn’t speak yet, Ouyang Fei said, “I’m full.”
“Well, I’m full. There’s a family movie theater on it. Would you like to check it out?” Du Xinye straightened out, obviously.
Ouyang Fei glanced at Du Xinye, “No, I will go back.”
After she finished speaking, she stood up, Du Xinye was anxious, what is the case? I bought you 300,000 watches, ate tens of thousands of meals, and you still couldn’t sleep?
What do you think of you?
Du Xinye was a little annoyed, but his manners must be maintained, “That line, I will send you back,”
There is still a chance on the road. It should be no problem to touch the body or the like. After all, he is so handsome, and he is still in the Ferrari car. With one hand driving the Ferrari, the other hand is free.
“Good.” Ouyang Fei smiled.
Du Xinye handed over the car key, “You go to the car and wait for me,”
“No problem,” Ouyang Fei took the key and swayed his long legs away.
Du Xinye’s face was somber, “Who do you think you are? Who can’t sleep for
300,000 of me? Pretend! Waiter, checkout!”
Du Xin’s ambition suddenly had an idea, deliberately opened Ouyang Fei.
At this time, the manager came over, “Hello, you spent a total of 78,000!”
That yellow-lip fish is worth more than 40,000, let alone red wine,
“Swipe the card!” Du Xinye took out the bank card. The little money, the small money, was mainly for food. He really felt very satisfied and value for money. He will come over this hotel next time!
The manager took it with a smile and went to the front desk to swipe to check out!
Soon the manager delivered the card. Du Xinye took the card and left. He did not go to the parking lot, but went to the door of the hotel, avoiding Ouyang Fei, and when he reached the roadside, he took out his mobile phone and called .
“Hey, I’m at the hotel at night, give me some over here. Yeah. I’m not done! Hurry up!” Du Xinye hung up the phone in annoyance, he really felt annoyed, 300,000 could not even reach a woman ? Isn’t this forcing him to go the other way?
I haven’t done this in a long time, so excited!
To know his Du Xinye’s face, there is no need to use that kind of thing. But today Ouyang Fei, he decided to make an exception!
You have to install! I let it pretend!
Less than ten minutes later, a car drove over and the window opened. It was a wretched man. He handed out a bottle of water, and Du Xinye walked suspiciously over. “this one?”
“Just this, it’s okay!” The wretched man smiled, and the men knew it.
“OK.” Du Xinye took out five thousand pieces of cash from the bag and threw it into the car. “I don’t want anyone to know about it. If others know it, then I will let you die without knowing how to die!” Du Xinye said coldly.
“I’m doing business, you can rest assured, but ah, I’m curious, and there is someone you can’t get Master Du?? Who is this woman?” This insignificant man just received a call from Du Xinye, he was surprised, after all, Du Xin Shouldn’t a man like Ye be posted directly by a woman?
Still unsure?
It’s really rare.
Du Xinye impatiently pointed to a place, the parking lot. At this time, Ouyang Fei was not sitting in the car. She leaned on the door of the car, as if breathing. She had just drank a little wine.
“Wow, this girl is superb! The legs are so long, my god!” The sullen man’s eyes were all bright. He saw too many women in the club, nightclub, but no woman could compare with Ouyang Fei. Yes, this figure is perfect, the face is too beautiful.
Is this a star? But why don’t you know?
“No knowledge. Don’t hurry! Let her see, I abolish you!” Du Xinye scolded!
Of course the sly man drove away reluctantly.
Du Xinye looked down at the water in his hand and smiled coldly, “Ouyang Fei, Ouyang Fei, what do you say you are pretending to be in front of me? You raise yourself too high, and you can’t sleep for 300,000 You, who do you think you are?”
Du Xinye deliberately went to the side to buy a bottle of identical water, and then walked over to Ouyang Fei.
Ouyang Fei saw Du Xinye coming, she smiled a little, she thought Du Xinye went to the toilet, so she hadn’t come here for so long, she didn’t expect to go to buy water, she was really careful, Ouyang Fei felt that her decision Reluctantly, Du Xinye’s chance is good!
It’s just that you’re a little stingy, and it’s only 300,000. But what can you do to me? You’ve spent more than 5 million on me. Let’s talk about other things. Now that you can eat with you, you can count on you.
“Drink saliva, wake up.” Du Xinye handed the water over, Ouyang Fei took it, opened it and took a sip, feeling cool and refreshing.
Du Xinye’s mouth sneered. At most one minute, this Ouyang Fei would be unconscious.
Ouyang Fei drank water and sat in. Du Xinye deliberately drank water. He saw Ouyang Fei rubbing his eyes in the car and seemed to be very sleepy. “Du Xinye, I am tired, drive me back.”
“Okay, after I drank this bottle of water, I would wake you up and send you back,”
Du Xinye sneered. He saw Ouyang Fei fell asleep with his eyes closed, Du Xinye walked over, “Hey, Ouyang Fei, I Take you back now, Ouyang Fei, Ouyang Fei…”
Du Xinye slapped her face, Ouyang Fei had not responded.
Du Xinye smiled, opened the door, lifted Ouyang Fei out of the car, hugged Ouyang Fei to the hotel to open the room, Du Xinye felt really good, Ouyang Fei’s figure was really good.
The hotel reception desk smiled and said welcome, Du Xinye took out his ID card and bank card, “Open me your presidential suite!”
“Good sir!” The front desk quickly handled Du Xinye.
Du Xinye took the room card and hugged Ouyang Fei and took the elevator upstairs.
“This hotel is not bad, it is very high-end, and you can come here often, hehe, but there are four major schools in the school, one by one, no hurry, no hurry, hehe.”
Du Xinye laughed, arrived at the floor, Du Xinye opened the door and went in.
Du Xinye was satisfied when Ouyang Fei was left on the bed.
He went to take a shower, and he didn’t know if Ouyang Fei would be particularly surprised when he got up tomorrow morning? Huh, let you pretend! This is the end!

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