My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 355

After Du Xinye took a shower, he came out without any pajamas. Ouyang Fei was lying in bed, motionless.
To be honest, Du Xinye has seen too many women, and Ouyang Fei really feels different to him. How to say, is that kind of feeling, young feeling.
After all, Ouyang Fei is only a freshman, only 18 years old, this is the perfect age between girls and women!
This is a big temptation!
Du Xinye smiled, and he looked forward to tomorrow morning when Ouyang Fei woke up and saw herself lying next to her. What expression would she have?
Haha, it’s better to be angry because you pretend!
Du Xinye came over with a smile. When he was ready to take action, the phone rang suddenly. Du Xinye was too lazy to answer it. He still cares about the phone when the beauty is present? ?
Du Xinye ignored it, but the phone was ringing all the time. Du Xinye felt annoyed. He went to take a look at the phone and immediately levied the sign. He hung up directly.
But soon came over again, Du Xinye had no choice, he calmed down the excitement in his heart, and answered, “Sister, what are you doing calling so late?
I’m going to sleep, and I have something to say tomorrow.”
“Dare you hang it again? Hang it again!” Du Xinye’s sister, Du Peixin’s cold voice was on the phone.
All of Du Xinye’s bank cards are Du Peixin’s deputy cards. She knows everything about Du Xinye’s consumption!
But she received the message just now, this is a consumption message. When Du Peixin saw the word “restaurant”, she was too lazy to ignore it. Seventy or eighty thousand people ate a meal. Her younger brother often did this, and she was too lazy to manage it.
When ready to ignore. But after seeing it clearly, she was a bit stupid. Isn’t this the restaurant inside the Yee Hotel?
Isn’t this Mrs. Chuck’s hotel? Why did his brother go to Chuck again? What is this for? Want to provoke Chuck?
Du Pei’s thoughts and thoughts must be clear about this matter!
“Sister, I accidentally hung just now, I’m sorry, is it OK? I’m sleepy, I’m going to sleep, hung up.” Du Xinye couldn’t wait.
“Dare you! I ask you, why did you go to Yeye Hotel for dinner?”
“It’s delicious, why else?” Du Xinye was helpless, what did his sister want to say? Say you eat too much? “Ah, sister, I won’t be so expensive next time.”
“It’s not a question of being expensive or not. Guanggui, I won’t call you. I want to ask you clearly who you don’t know this hotel?” Du Peixin was particularly serious!
“Whose?” Du Xinye looked at, who could it be?
Du Peixin was surprised. His brother’s tone was really unknown, Du Peixin heard it.
At this point, Du Pei was relieved, as long as he did not take the initiative to provoke Chuck.
“Sister, who’s it?” Du Xinye was unhappy, and he was angered by himself just now.
“The hotel you eat is Chuck’s mother.” Du Peixin said.
“What? Sister, have you made a mistake?? How could it be Chuck?” Du Xinye was shocked. What happened? Good hotel, how did it become Chuck’s mother!
Is the young master just now Chuck?
Du Xinye frowned.
“No mistake, I drove him to the hotel last time,”
“Sister, aren’t you wrong? Why did you send him to the hotel? That Chuck didn’t do anything to you., Sister, you said, if he dares, I will cut his hand!” Du Xinye was angry!
He was also struggling to the extreme. Does Chuck actually have a five-star hotel? How many industries are there in his family? ?
“Shut up, what are you thinking about? Who do you think of me?” Du Pei sneered coldly.
Du Xinye breathed a sigh of relief. He was too clear about his sister’s character. If Chuck dared to do anything to her, her sister would definitely turn over on the spot!
“Sorry sister, I really don’t know that this hotel is his, otherwise I will not open a room here.” Du Xinye stopped, really, knowing that Chuck, he will not come again.
“I know it’s time to open the house, I warned you many times, honestly make a girlfriend, don’t mess with it, do you take my words off the ears?” Du Xinye said, Du Pei was at ease, she Knowing that his brother certainly does not know, but he opened the room again, angering Du Pei.
She feels that her brother is too arduous, how can she do this?
“Knowing my sister, I won’t be here again tomorrow, I hung up!” Du Xinye hung up the phone, his sister did not call again, Du Xinye was relieved, he put down his phone, too lazy to change again Hotel, so much tossing around, how much time is wasted?
Can’t wait, just throw the money in the trash, it’s cheap Chuck once, he walked towards Ouyang Fei lying in bed, “I’m here…”

Du Peixin walked around the house, and felt that she still had to ask about it. She called her brother again, and Du Xinye over there collapsed, “Sister, what the hell do you want to do?”
“Give me Zhang Ze’s phone number and I will call him.”
“No, he should not know that I am in his hotel.”
“I just ate his yellow-lipped fish, and he gave me the initiative.” Du Xinye said, thinking of taking things away from Chuck, he felt very happy. Chuck’s shame, surely thought I was a customer , Want to keep me, so give me the dishes.
But you are a shame, I don’t know who made you the dish is me? If you knew it, what would it look like?
To be honest, if it wasn’t for Ouyang Fei at this time, Du Xinye wanted to go to Chuck and deliberately show off.
“Why did you do that?” Du Pei frowned.
“I’m a customer, and why?” Du Xinye still took it for granted, he didn’t give money or eat it in vain.
“Forget it, call me on the phone, I’ll contact him.” Du Pei heartache, his brother!
“Okay, then don’t say I am in his hotel.”
When the phone hung up, Du Xinye sent the number over. He trusted 100% of his sister. The sister said that she would never say that she didn’t come out. Du Xinye put down her phone again and looked at the beautiful food on the bed. Hands reached.
Du Peixin called Chuck.
Here, Chuck is finished eating, taking a bath and going to bed. Betty must be protecting himself outside. Lara sent Chuck a message again at this time, asking Chuck whether he slept or not, Chuck ignored her, but revisited In Lara’s picture, Chuck felt that he couldn’t fall asleep. He wanted to go to Yvette, and he didn’t know what happened to Yvette.
Just when Chuck was thinking wildly, the phone rang, and Chuck was unexpectedly a strange number and answered.
“Hello, this is Du Xinxin, Du Xinye’s sister,”
“Oh, hello, is there something wrong?” Chuck was strange, most of the night, why did he suddenly call over?
“It’s okay, I just want to ask, my brother didn’t do anything sorry for you again?”
Du Pei was more serious.
After she came back, she felt terrified because she checked that the owner of the Yeshi Hotel was Karen Lee. She hadn’t heard of it before, but recently, Huaxia was a lot of hotels and restaurants that were bought by this woman named Karen Lee at a high price. By the way, these are all projects worth 780 billion.
All together with so much money, and the momentum has not stopped, it will continue to continue to buy, indicating that this Karen Lee is too powerful, at least the net worth has started at 150 billion, at least! This woman is too terrifying, completely surpassing the Du family, so Chuck, as her son, then “pays” 2.5 billion out of hand, it is really a matter of words.
Such a person must not provoke!
So Du Peixin called to ask, she had to make sure that her brother did not make any mistakes, then it was not as simple as paying back the last time.
“No. Why do you ask?” Chuck was still strange.
Du Pei relieved, “Nothing, good night.”
“Well, good night,” Chuck looked at the phone oddly, and Du Pei was at ease here.
Chuck thought about it, and felt that it was still a bit strange to make a phone call at this time. Is Du Xinye doing anything? Chuck got up, opened the door and went out to find Betty leaning back on the sofa to sleep, illuminated by the light, Chuck could see her sculpted figure.

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