My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 356

It has to be said that Betty’s figure, under this kind of light, has a dim beauty. She didn’t change anything like pajamas, that is, her usual clothes, so she can get up and deal with everything at any time.
This is a requirement for personal protection.
Chuck thought of catching Betty twice. She responded awkwardly. She didn’t mention any point afterwards. It seemed that nothing happened. Chuck’s mind came up with abnormal thoughts. If she does anything to Betty now, How will she react?
Will you rebel? Or is it an awkward response? Or will you just pretend to sleep, pretend you don’t know anything, and always let yourself do nothing? ?
Or will you slap yourself and complain with your mother?
Men all have strange ideas, and Chuck is no exception. How to say this kind of personal protection, and Chuck knows that Betty has a good figure and has been in contact. It is normal for Chuckxin to have this kind of idea.
It’s just that Chuck can restrain men’s ideas.
Chuck walked past, “Sister Li, Sister Li…”
Betty opened her eyes and was a little sleepy. Chuck felt that she had missed something. Betty was really asleep just now. If she did something, she might not wake up, but Chuck did what she said. What, can only live through hand addiction and so on, what else can be done?
Betty is not stupid.
“Master, what’s the matter?” Betty stood up.
“Just now Du Xinye’s sister Du Peixin called and asked me if Du Xinye had anything to do. This call reminded me. I want you to call now and check, uh, did not disturb you to sleep?” Chuck is embarrassed.
“No, Master, wait a moment, I will call to ask where I am to determine where Du Xinye is.” Betty said and took out her mobile phone.
Calling someone, in less than ten seconds, Betty just said Du Xinye, and then hung up. “Master, wait a few minutes.”
“En.” Chuck shrugged and waited on the sofa. “Sister Li, you can actually sleep in the room, isn’t there a few rooms?”
Originally this presidential suite was very large, there were so many rooms, you could just stay anywhere, there was no need to sleep on the sofa so hard.
“Thank you, Master, the sofa at the door of the sleeping Master’s room can protect the Master at any time,” Betty thought, it must be done, and the sofa is quite comfortable. it is good.
Having said that, Chuck is certainly not much to say. After waiting for about three minutes, Betty’s mobile phone rang. After she answered, a strange expression appeared, “Well, I know.”
Betty hung up the phone and said to Chuck, “Master, this Du Xinye is just below the hotel.”
Chuck was surprised, Du Xinye opened a room in his mother’s hotel?
This is a strange thing.
“And, brought a woman.” Betty continued.
Normally, when you come to the hotel to open a room, you will definitely bring a woman. Chuck shrugs, “OK, Sister Li, you continue to sleep well.”
Chuck felt that when Du Xinye definitely opened the house, he didn’t know that this was his mother’s hotel. Since they were all open, Chuck would not stop it. He didn’t have much thought to disturb what Du Xinye and other women did. Chuck is not so boring.
“Master, this woman seems to have no consciousness.” Betty added.
“What do you mean? Was it drugged?” Chuck thought it was impossible. Although this Du Xinye was brainless, he looked so handsome.
“Master, you can watch the surveillance video.” Betty took out her mobile phone and Chuck walked over to see. He saw Du Xinye appearing in the hotel lobby and helped a tall, long-legged woman. He walked At the front desk, Chuck sees who this woman is, and Chuck is even weirder School flowers Ouyang Fei?
Chuck shrugged. Interestingly, was this drunk, or was Du Xinye drugged? After all, this Ouyang Fei really closed his eyes, and was so embraced by Du Xinye, if not, he would definitely lie on the ground and sleep.
“Master, are you laughing??” Betty is even more weird. What does that mean? Did the young master do this kind of thing? ?
“No, all right, don’t care about these things.” Of course Chuck won’t care, what about Chuck?
You know, this Ouyang Fei pretends to be very forceful, and she is being disappointed in front of herself. She was drugged by Du Xinye, and Chuck was happy. Such a woman should control her like this.
“Sister Li, your expression?” Chuck is speechless, Betty’s expression is very strange!
“Young Master knows this woman?” Betty thinks it should be like this. How to say Chuck’s character will not do such a thing, Betty can still be sure.
“I know, but this is her own business. If you don’t come out with Du Xinye, Du Xinye won’t have a chance. Anything you do will have consequences. She will bear the consequences herself,” Chuck said with a shrug.
“Young Master is right.” Betty thinks that it’s okay. As Chuck said, you promised to come out with others. Do you have no preparation in your heart?
It may be that the woman pretends not to be.
“Well, sleep,” Chuck walked into the room.
Betty glanced at the phone and sat on the sofa, closing her beautiful eyes.
Chuck went back to the room and went to bed. He didn’t bother to control it, but Ouyang Fei’s superb figure was actually slept by Du Xinye like this. She woke up and must collapse.
But it shouldn’t be. Isn’t she going to be rich? Does Du Xinye just meet her requirements?
Chuck was too lazy to think about it. She slept soundly. Chuck actually dreamed of Logan and kissed her. Chuck was so excited that she did not want to wake up from her sleep until Betty knocked on the door in the morning and said to After the class, Chuck woke up.
Fortunately, I was in the dream last night, just being pro-Logan, not doing anything else.
Chuck still respects Logan. Alas, Chuck sighed. For a while, she didn’t see Logan.
Chuck really missed her very much. She wanted her gentle voice and her people.
It seems that I have to take time out to see Logan in the capital.
Chuck went out in clothes, Betty brought breakfast, Chuck ate, and the two went downstairs to the front desk. Chuck asked with more interest, “Did that Du Xinye check out?”
“Going back to the young master, I didn’t retreat, but at six o’clock in the morning, he left alone.” The beauty front desk said.
Chuck smiled, and left at more than six in the morning, so last night’s situation was extremely fierce!
“Well, I know.” Chuck didn’t ask much, Du Xinye left alone, so he must be worried that Ouyang Fei had woke up and how the two were not good. at this time. Ouyang Fei must still be exhausted and sleep, Chuck can imagine the picture last night, then Du Xinye is really blessed.
“Sister Li, let’s go to school.” Chuck said with a shrug. Of course, Betty had no problem, immediately went to drive Chuck to school.
When she arrived at the school, she really prepared milk tea again. She saw Chuck and delivered it. Chuck was helpless. It was either bad, not bad, and only asked this time. She told her not to prepare tomorrow, Lara’s lost grace, but she was happy when she saw Chuck drinking.
Of course, Betty followed, as if she didn’t know Chuck. To be honest, she felt the crisis. It seems that Chuck’s cousin will start to do it in the next few days.
When the two returned to the classroom, Lara asked Chuck whether to participate in the opening ceremony? Chuck is not interested in shaking his head. What is the relationship between the freshman’s opening ceremony and his sophomore year?
At this time, there was a pair of beautiful eyes looking at Chuck from the teacher’s office building. She smiled slightly and showed tenderness. Logan came to the school. It was very simple. She became a school director and a principal. She wants to buy this school, after all, this school is private.
“Cer, you’re my student now, you have to study hard.” Logan turned her smile, the original principal shuddered to look at Logan.
Loganke is a big man in Beijing and a big man in China. This is not a small principal who can come in contact. Now that comes, the principal and other directors are flattered!
Who would have such great courage to directly buy this school for more than 30% of the market value?
“What do you ask?” the headmaster asked anxiously, Logan turned his head,
“Chuck, I bought this school for him, and now I’m looking for the best teacher to teach him. I want him to study hard.”

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