My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 357

Logan ordered that the principal immediately thought of who, “There is a famous beauty teacher in the south, do you think she will be invited over?”
The principal was shocked. This Logan bought this school for a student? And is it an unremarkable student before? ?
He thinks it’s incredible, isn’t Chuck any background? Why is there such a powerful person suddenly?
“Beauty teacher? Don’t!” Logan refused. “He has to study hard. Why did you find him a beauty teacher?”
“Yeah, don’t students like the teacher to be more beautiful?” The principal knew the students’ thoughts. Like the last semester, Yvette, the most beautiful teacher in the school, as long as it is a class, no student has skipped classes.
This shows that beautiful teachers can stimulate students’ interest in learning.
It’s a pity that Yvette didn’t do it suddenly this semester this year. He disappeared and the school didn’t come.
“Yes, but I don’t allow you to find it like this.” Logan thought, what if Chuck likes this kind of beautiful teacher?
Logan is a little tangled, so agree.
“Yes, if you can find a beautiful teacher, the beautiful teacher will be fine. If you can’t find it, then it’s something else.”
“I know what to do,” the principal’s forehead sweated.
“Well, don’t let anyone know, including Chuck himself. Remember, when changing teachers, naturally, don’t be too deliberate.” This is Logan’s request.
Logan thought, how interesting was Chuck to be able to call himself the principal? Logan looked forward to this.
“Yes.” The principal immediately went to find the best teacher.
How to say, Logan bought the school less than ten minutes ago. People of Logan’s level can make her principal not do it in one sentence.
Logan Meimu saw Chuck and Lara entering the classroom, but she saw Betty following again, Logan’s face changed, “What happened?”
Logan took out his mobile phone seriously, “Give me all the flight information of Chahai City in the last ten days, including the vehicles that come in and out… Who should I check? Let me first check what happened to the city square here on Haihai City.”
The phone hung up for three minutes and rang again, and Logan answered, “You said there was a recent poisoning in the square? Check who did it? Not sure?”
Loganmei’s eyes were turning, and she soon thought of something, “The person who surnamed Li for me, as long as it is someone who has entered or exited the market in the last ten days, I must remember that there may be several people with this surnamed Li, But under the age of thirty, he looks very charming and modellike… I don’t care how long you check, I won’t give you a result one day, you don’t have to appear again.”
When the phone hung up again, Loganmei’s eyes were still there, “Cer, why don’t you tell me what happened?”

Today’s class is relatively loose. There are only two classes in the morning and no class in the afternoon. Chuck finished the morning class and took Queenie and Lara back to the square. Queenie continued to work part-time. Lara must have returned to his shop.
After communicating with Yolanda as usual, Chuck was ready to go back to rest.
Of course, he also called Yvette and asked her what happened!
Yvette’s answer was okay, very tired. It seems that after a lot of training, Chuck had an idea. Yvette was wet with sweat. The kind of health and beauty was fatal to men!
“Wifey, I want to see you, and I’m not allowed to refuse.” Chuck really missed her.
“Okay, husband, you come to find me.” Yvette is very tired here, but Chuck said, what can she do? She really couldn’t bear to refuse Chuck’s request.
Calculating time, Chuck must have suffocated these days.
When the phone hung up, Chuck told Betty to go to Yvette. Of course, Betty had no problem. She drove over.
“Mom, you go up first,” Yvette had to wait for Chuck downstairs. The two said something, and then Chuck would do anything. Yvette would agree to see what Chuck meant.
Yan Li frowned, “Do you want to see him again?”
Yan Li really wanted to tell what she asked about the smell of toilet paper that day.
My daughter, I am from here. Don’t you know what you did downstairs that day?
He is the son of your father and enemy! Yan Li wanted to get angry, but she came into contact with Yvette and became more and more like her daughter. She couldn’t bear to say it!
“Mom, I haven’t seen each other in three days, so I went up after a while,” Yvette of course bowed her head. She had no confidence, and she knew it was wrong, but she really couldn’t refuse Zhang Ze’s request.
“Hum, daughter, I tell you, you and his life are impossible, if there is, then I am dead.” Yan Li sneered, and the bodyguard was going upstairs.
“Mom.” Yvette was sad and his eyes were sad. As his mother said, Yvette was bleeding.
“No need to say more, you just meet him, anyway, I will never agree!” Yan Li Yan refused! But at this time, her bodyguard suddenly rushed over vigilantly.
A booming sound.
“Xiaoyue!” Yan Li was shocked. She saw that there was an anesthesia gun behind her bodyguard. This bodyguard had passed out, without any consciousness.
“Daughter, be careful! Find a place to cover!!” Yan Li growled, but a needle also came over and hit her in the arm.
Yan Li was weak, and she got up and walked a few steps, and fell to the ground dizzy.
“Mom.” Yvette was annoyed and ran over to pull his mother and bodyguard to find a car to cover. Yan Li was not fainted. “Your cousin, it should be cousin, come away.”
“I don’t want it!” Yvette was alert, his eyes shot cold and ruthless.
“Daughter, go away, they have anesthesia guns, yes…” This anesthesia needle is so powerful that Yan Li can’t carry it, and passed out in more than ten seconds.
Yvette didn’t panic. Her body was constantly moving. She could see a needle shot by herself.
Yvette has received a lot of training, and his response has changed.
But the open gun is easy to hide, the dark arrow is difficult to prevent!
Yvette was shot in the arm, and she felt that her hand was numb all at once. She slumped on the ground with weakness, “Mom, Mom…”
Yvette was furious, but she had no energy, she wanted to resist, but the anesthesia needle had attacked her.
“Husband…” Yvette’s eyes are full of flowers. He feels that someone in the distance is coming, is it his husband?
Yvette has completely lost consciousness, he is going to die like this? Not reconciled, I am not reconciled!
These are two men in black clothes with anesthesia guns in their hands. The two of them sneered. “So easy?”
“Yes, Master let us be careful and take them alive. This is too simple. The three anesthesia needles have been solved. I am very disappointed. I thought it was a master!” One of them smiled disdainfully.
“Come on, don’t say it, the young master said it personally, he must catch a younger woman, then it should be Yan Li’s daughter, but this woman is qualified to compete with the young master for his family property, but he can’t live that day, Carry the person into the car.” This person carried Yvette into Yvette’s car.
Turned around, he was stunned, because his companion was actually staring at Yan Li looking seductively, this is. .
“Seven, what are you doing?” He came over.
“Sixth, I was looking at her, this Yan Li. When I was in the United States, I especially wanted to think about her. Look at her skin. Like a little girl, I still like the woman who still has charm.” This person All eyes are shining.
“Yeah, Yan Li is good, very attractive and arrogant. Men like women like this, but this is not the time to do that kind of thing?” No. 6 said, but his eyes began to lie on the ground. Yan Li, this is really a temptation. Every man likes a woman differently. The two of them share the same interests and like this kind of woman.
“Whether she is the time, you drive, I will come behind, and then change you. She was stunned by the anesthesia needle. She slapped her a few times and she didn’t feel it, you see.” No. 7 pervertedly shook Yan Li a slap.
Yan Li’s eyes were moving, but she couldn’t open her eyes.
Sure enough, there was no response, but Yan Li blushed and was flushed.
No. 6 smiled, “OK, you take her in the car, you first!”
No. 7 smiled, picked up Yan Li, and kissed Yan Li, but he looked down at someone on the ground. “What about this?”
“Don’t care about her, China is not a country of rice, and it can’t be chaotic.” No. 6 said.
“Okay, you drive, I’m hey.” Yan Li put her in the car on the 7th, and the light in her eyes was obvious. “Yan Li, Yan Li, you blamed you for offending the young master, and let the uncle hurt. love you.”

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