My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 358

No. 7 had already begun to act, No. 6 smiled slightly, and drove to the place where the young master was. This time the task was completed so easily.
On the 7th, Yan Li suddenly slaps, “Bitch, I know you haven’t completely fainted!”
Yan Li kissed Yan Li just a few moments ago, and Yan Li suddenly opened her nonchalant eyes in shame and took out a dagger to stab him.
But since this man was sent out, of course, he was no longer a rookie. When he kissed, he guarded a little, grabbed Yan Li’s hand, and took the dagger.
Such a slap almost yanked Yan Li completely.
The No. 6 driving was helpless, “Just hit it lightly, Yan Li is so beautiful, I like her face, don’t play with it.”
No. 7 smiled and pulled off her clothes, Yan Li struggled in fear, “What are you going to do? What are you doing??”
When she was kissed just now, she felt it. After giving birth to Yvette for so many years, she has been cleansing herself and never letting any man get close to herself, not to mention letting other men kiss her.
Her shame forced her to wake up, but she was so weak that it was useless to resist.
At this time, her clothes were torn apart, and she felt a terrible panic!
I am going to be that.
“What? Hey, who made you maintain so well? Who told you to be so beautiful? I like women like you. When I was in the United States, I already missed you.
Today, hey.” No. 7 Hehe laughed, it was really worthwhile.
Really, he followed Yvette’s cousin. At that time, he was able to see Yan Li occasionally. It was indeed attracted by Yan Li’s proud temperament. He saw Yan Li’s first glance at that time. There are bad seeds in my heart. Over the years, the seeds have grown to the point where they want results.
Today is the result!
On the 7th, she kissed her, and Yan Li was still conscious. She wanted to commit suicide herself, but she didn’t have any strength at all, and she didn’t use any force.
She felt that her body was not hers. She shed tears of despair and closed her eyes. .
“Open your eyes to Laozi, open to Laozi…” No. 7 laughed abnormally, No. 6 drove a smile, and passed the rearview mirror, he admired the desperate Yan Li.
Suddenly, the number seven was scared, “You drive your car on the number six, and it will be yours later, do you want her to die?”
I almost crashed a moment ago, can the number seven not get angry?
On the sixth, he drove awkwardly and seriously. Just now he admired. He hadn’t noticed that the other car was coming. It was indeed very dangerous. He got up and his speed was fast. The seventh stared at the desperate Yan Li and continued to move. Yan Li’s silent tears, fear, and despair drowned Yan Li completely. This disgusting man with smoked teeth kissed himself and wanted more. . Yan Li wants to die…

“What are you talking about? Ouyang Fei has been in the room and never came out?” Chuck received a call from the manager of Ye Shi Hotel.
The manager was also very helpless. When it was time to check out, Ouyang Fei had not come out, she could only knock on the door, but there was no response, but she was sure that Ouyang Fei was always in the room, so she was worried about Ouyang Fei. She used the hotel’s system to open the door and saw that Ouyang Fei was still lying on the bed, and her clothes were disheveled.
She was terrified, thinking that Ouyang Fei was dead. She reached over and found that there was still breathing sound. She knew that, with experienced judgment, Ouyang Fei was given a medicine, and this medicine was too fierce.
Causes Ouyang Fei to sleep for a day and night without waking up.
“Yes, Master, what do you think we should do on our side?” The hotel manager sighed. Why aren’t such young girls self-love? Shaggy, how long have you been playing?
“Call the police to deal with it. If she wakes up, give her a cup of ginger tea.”
Chuckcai was too lazy to take care of this kind of thing. Last night Ouyang Fei was definitely disabled by Du Xinye.
“Yes.” The manager hung up the phone and she started to dress Ouyang Fei, which was really dead.
During the whole process, Ouyang Fei did not respond. Except for breathing, it was really the same as the dead.
When the manager wore a skirt to Ouyang Fei, she suddenly saw something, she was stunned, what is the situation? ?
She put on Ouyang Fei silently, and restored Ouyang Fei’s original appearance as much as possible. Her hair was also trimmed, as if nothing had happened.
Ouyang Fei’s head hurts. She opened her tired eyes and saw a strange woman, and a strange environment. She wondered, “Who are you? Where am I?”
Ouyang Fei was very vigilant. She got up, but she didn’t have much energy. “How come my head hurts so much? What did you do to me? What did you do?”
Ouyang Fei looked down and saw that she was in good condition, and she was relieved.
“What can a woman do to you? You fainted last night, yes, it was our younger master who asked us to send you up,” the manager lied. If she told Ouyang Fei directly, she must not collapse or even commit suicide. ? ?
Can a life save a life?
“Your young master? Me, where is this?” Ouyang Fei couldn’t remember, didn’t he get in Du Xinye’s car? How did it appear here?
“The hotel at night,” the manager continued. “Which one of you seemed to have a temporary problem with you yesterday? Let you leave by car. You don’t know what happened and you fainted.”
“Oh. Who are your young masters?” Ouyang Fei thinks it should be like this. After all, his clothes are intact, but Du Xinye is so kind to himself? Throw yourself away again. The harmed one fainted! What an abomination!
It’s just that I’m still very weak, as if I’m collapsed. What’s going on?
“This, it’s inconvenient to say, wait a minute, our younger master told us to prepare ginger tea for you,” the manager asked people to bring tea over the intercom. Soon, a waiter brought the ginger tea over.
Ouyang Fei felt very hungry. She took a few sips and felt strong. “Can you bring me some food?”
“Yes.” The manager ordered the waiter to sit, and Ouyang Fei sat on the bed. “Who the hell are you young masters?”
Ouyang Fei is curious, how to say that last night, he robbed him of his food and actually helped himself, then this young man is not bad.
“Yeah, Master Zhang.” The manager said, and she couldn’t say more. After all, she heard it. Chuck’s tone was uncomfortable and she might not be used to this woman.
“Master Zhang? Who is Master Zhang?” Ouyang Fei was puzzled. She wanted to move her body, but why are her legs so numb? She looked down at her skirt in confusion…

“Well, Sister Li, drive a little bit faster, I have a little trouble.” Chuck didn’t know what was going on, just thought, a little uneasy, of course not because of Ouyang Fei, Chuck was too lazy to ignore her, but because Yvette’s.
“Good young master!” Betty speeded up!
Soon he arrived at the parking lot of the community, Chuck was shocked, because Chuck saw someone over watching, what happened? Chuck opened the door and went out. Betty also hurriedly got out of the car. Chuck squeezed into the crowd and found a person lying on the ground.
Isn’t this Yan Li’s bodyguard?
“Anesthesia needle?” Betty recognized at a glance.
“Look, look for the whole city, mobilize all the monitors to find!” Chuck’s eyes were full of anger. This bodyguard lay here, which means that Yvette and Yan Li were also anesthetized and taken away!
“Yes, Master, don’t worry, the result will definitely come out in three minutes!”
Betty took out her mobile phone and called.
Chuck and the ants on the hot pot, Yvette and Yan Li, must have been taken away by Yvette’s cousin. Where will they be?
Less than two minutes of torment, Betty’s mobile phone received a surveillance video. After watching it, Betty said, “Master, get in the car, they just left!”
Chuck was ecstatic and ran into the car. Betty’s driving skills were top-notch, and the throttle slammed, and he drifted out of the bar with Chuck!
“Master, don’t worry, they have two people with anesthesia guns in their hands.
They are driving Yvette’s car. I have locked the car with satellite monitoring.”
Betty drove through the flow of people, and the speed was terrible. people!
Soon, Betty’s eyes narrowed, and she pointed to the car in front, “Young Master, Yvette and Yan Li are in the car in front!”
“Bump me!!!” Chuck said coldly!

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