My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 374

Yvette said that, Yan Li was very angry. Her daughter had just behaved like that.
Now, how about being cheated by Chuck? Why doesn’t a woman’s guts feel at all?
You should know that if such a thing happens to her, Yan Li meets her, and she will never forgive!
Women should remain proud!
“Mom.” Yvette saw that her mother was angry, but she couldn’t help it. Chuck suddenly came over, and a series of words made Yvette unable to resist.
She felt that she couldn’t help herself just now. If there were no outsiders, then at the time just now, the two might not be able to help themselves.
You know she just said that she will never see Chuck again, but how long will it last?
“Humph!” Yan Li snorted coldly and turned back to the room.
Chuck kissed Yvette again. Yvette blushed and said in a low voice, “Hubby, don’t kiss me in front of my mother,”
“Then kiss you in front of whom?”
“Don’t be in front of anyone. It’s something that two people do. When two people do it.” Yvette is more shy, why is Chuck teasing himself?
But she likes it very much.
“Not two people now?” Chuck asked.
“No.” Yvette blushed and bit his lip, taking the initiative to kiss Chuck.
Chuck is at ease, Yvette is sometimes super cute.
“Wifey, pack your things. This place is monitored by Li Shidao. Let’s leave here first, can we go to my mother’s hotel?”
Yvette’s eyes were sad, and he agreed, but would his mother agree?
“My mother and I will talk about it.” Yvette felt that this place could not be lived.
Li Shidao had “supernatural powers”, and many places could be monitored. With his cousin, now it is really only living in Chuck The mother hotel is good.
“Hubby, I’m sorry for what I said just now,” Yvette stopped. She felt that Chuck must have been sad, and she also called Chuck. She came over and reached out,
“Husband, does it hurt? ”
Of course Chuck shook his head. Yvette kissed Chuck from the side, “Does it still hurt?”
She can only do this, the more she feels the more distressed, she actually hit Chuck.
“It hurts.” Chuck’s heart softened. Yvette was so cute at this time.
Yvette kissed ten times in a row, “Does it still hurt?”
Yvette blushed, “Hubby, I will never hit you again, definitely not.”
Chuck leaned in Yvette’s ear, “No,”
Yvette didn’t understand what it meant at first. She blushed even more when she thought of it. Chuck was really “bad”. Such words, he never dare to say to himself before, but now he says nothing, but Yvette likes it.
“Okay, my husband, I will hit you later,” Yvette said, and walked into the room.
He had to leave here as soon as possible.
Of course Chuck smiled. He walked to the door and waited. Betty was always vigilant in the corridor. “Sister Li, help me find out the location of Li Shidao. I want to play with him!”
“Master, this Li Shidao’s fighting strength is very strong.” This is Betty’s worry.
Now Chuck is not his opponent, but Li Shidao is bullying, Betty must do something!
“I know,” Chuck’s eyes appeared cold!
You must strengthen your fighting as soon as possible!
“Well, young master, I know what to do,”
Chuck was relieved. After a while, Yvette brought Yan Li and her bodyguard out.
Yan Li did not look at Chuck. She was entangled in her heart, but she was a proud woman, but she wanted to live in the past?
Fortunately, Chuck didn’t look at himself, and Yan Li felt less embarrassed.
That matter should just pass by.
Of course, Chuck thought so too. Chuck had to work hard to make Yan Li change her mind, otherwise how could she be with Yvette?
A group of people returned to the hotel. When they passed the square, a construction team had already arrived. Yolanda’s work efficiency was very high. It should be reopened in three days.
Yvette looked sad, what did he do?
What a silly act, I actually believed in Li Shidao, and didn’t believe my husband Chuck. Yvette lowered his head and Chuck grabbed her hand. At this time, Yvette felt guilty and warm in his heart.
Yvette was very moved.
As everyone knows, when Chuck and his party left, another place in the square, Logan looked coldly at all this. She also saw from the satellite monitoring that Yvette had set fire. What happened to this woman? How can this be done?
Logan is already in contact, and he has to help Chuck restore the square as it is.
In addition, Logan already knew that Li Shidao had come over. She saw several suspicious people from the satellite monitoring on the scene square. She thought about going, who besides Li Shidao?
“Li Shidao, if you act like this, I will find you out!” Logan at this time, a pair of beautiful eyes is particularly cold…
Chuck and his party returned to the hotel. Betty arranged for Yan Li and Chuck arranged Yvette.
Yvette knew what she was going to do, and when Chuck gave her a good rest, she pulled Chuck, “husband, don’t leave today, live here tonight.”
Yan Li and her bodyguard live in the presidential suite next door.
Chuck thought, but Betty had to live outside. Chuck secretly looked at the door to see Betty sitting on the sofa. She had closed her eyes. Of course she didn’t sleep, but she felt weird.
Can’t you open your eyes silly? Of course she knew what Chuck and Yvette would do in the room, but she felt more and more strange.
Chuck felt relieved and closed the door. Yvette took Chuck to sit down and hugged Chuck. “Her husband… close your eyes.”
Chuckzhao did it.
I feel that Yvette has changed a lot in this respect. If at that time, at the age of fifteen or six, it would be good if I could get to know it earlier. How early would I enjoy Yvette?
After Yvette helped Chuck, Yvette smiled slightly, “Her husband is really good.”
Chuck listened comfortably. Although it is now much better than Zelda twice, it is still far from being powerful. Yvette will encourage people. Such women are good wives.
Yvette went to take a bath, mainly because she was injured. She didn’t want Chuck to see her stomach was bruised by Li Shidao. After taking a bath, she saw Chuck’s eyes, and she came and hugged Chuck, “Husband , I’m tired, I want to sleep,”
She was indeed tired, but Chuck’s heartbeat reassured her.
The two closed their eyes and went to sleep.
Early the next morning, Yvette smiled slightly, she slept on Chuck’s body, of course, sleep well again.
“Hubby, it’s time for class, class, don’t be lazy. Class.”
Yvette asked Chuck to get up, but Chuck didn’t hear it. He didn’t move. Yvette’s eyes were playful. “Exercise in the morning, my husband. I’ll help you exercise.”
This is what Chuck waited for. five minutes later.
“Husband, would you wake you up like this?” Yvette asked.
Of course Chuck feels good!
Yvette really likes this feeling, she came together to kiss Chuck, “Hubby, you will always be so cute, get up to class,”
Yvette went to the bathroom, Chuck got up, and the class still couldn’t fall off. It still had to go every day, but there were few classes these days. After class, Chuck would definitely come over to the square.
The hotel has a dedicated gym, Chuck let Yvette go there for training.
After all, Chuck can’t worry about Yvette going out!
After Betty arranged everything, she drove Chuck to school. The car stopped at the side of the road. Chuck got off the train. Betty followed the passers-by, but Chuck entered the school, and he felt weird because many Students pointed to themselves.
There are envious, jealous, and irritated eyes, anyway, a lot, what is the situation?
When Chuck walked, he felt that he had become a star, and all his classmates were looking at themselves, whispering a lot.
Chuck was a bit stunned, what happened? Asking them to drink milk tea is also a matter of the other day. They don’t have to do this!
Chuck’s curiosity grew more and more. When he arrived in the classroom, he heard something and understood that he seemed to be on fire.
Hanging man Chuckbu soaked up the teacher’s flowers in the school. After passionately embracing in the square last night, he was slapped by the teacher…

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