My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 376

“Don’t you dare? Then what did you just pretend to be? You said you want to beat me and teach me, just you trash?” Chuck ironically, this group of people is just bullying and hard.
Thought you were used to bullying, would you not resist? Chuck really didn’t care about these people, otherwise all these people have to get away!
After all, Chuck made a phone call. Everyone in this class would leave the whole family without money. Even debts are a matter of Chuck. These people have no money. Then go to Mao’s school?
Lara’s eyes glowed. Why did Chuck have so much muscle?
She was shy in her heart, and felt that Chuck’s figure was really good, and she was also pretty. The former boyfriend Li Wei was the ribs. Chuck’s figure, Lara felt very good.
The beautiful teacher Duan Yuexin’s eyes blinked a few times. I didn’t expect that my sophomore students still have this figure, which is very good!
The other students in the class were annoyed and felt that Chuck was shameless!
“Hello, Chuck, you are too shameless, have you ever learned boxing, right?”
“No wonder, I was beaten by you, you are really insidious, and actually hit us with a fierce attack, everyone is a classmate, conflict is inevitable, you actually die?
This mother is still called a classmate?”
“Chuck, die!”
“Laozi was beaten by you and lost money!!”
“Yes, lose money! I don’t lose money. I call the police! Let you go to jail! I didn’t plan to hit you just now. Did you hit me so hard?”
“Loose money!”
These beaten classmates stood up on their own. They glared at Chuck. They were really embarrassed and thrown home. They actually turned their boat in the gutter.
Today, they won’t lose money.
“You are too much!” Lara scolded, “Are you besieging Chuck???? You were beaten, and you still have to make Chuck lose money?”
“Lara, you are a shame and have been talking to Chuck recently. Have you been played by Chuck? You really are not picky eaters!!!” one of the classmates sneered.
Lara was blushing, “What are you talking about? You are obviously wrong, you lost, and you have to lose money? You are shameless!”
“Shake, shut up! Chuck hit us, this is the classmate’s hand? This is so heavy, Lao Tzu’s head is still dazed, can’t you be beaten concussion, shouldn’t you lose money?” Some classmates scolded!
Lara was angry and rushed to fight these people.
Chuck pulled her, Lara was wronged, “Chuck, they…”
Chuck shrugged, Lara stopped talking.
“Loss, how much?” Chuck said.
“What do you pretend to do? Do you have any money for her? Do you still ask how much to lose? Laozi 1000! You just punched me and I lost 1,000.” A tall classmate said.
“One thousand?” Chuck was a little weird.
“You told you everything for a thousand, and how much do you still pay? I don’t care, give the money, or I will call the police!” The classmate scolded and took out his mobile phone at the same time.
It’s definitely not going to lose money today!
“You just punched me, and Laozi’s face was swollen by you, two thousand!”
“I’m three thousand, he beat me bleeding!”
These beaten classmates kept talking, one or two thousand, and each one was more than ten thousand. The other classmates in the class watched the lively, let you fight with the classmates and still die, right? Lose money! !
“Hurry up, have you heard about losing money? Did your mother pretend to be stupid?” These people were impatient.
Chuck took out his mobile phone, “Sister Li, give me some cash.”
Less than half a minute later, Betty came in from the outside with a bag in her hand. She came to Chuck, looked at the students, and put the bag down and went out.
People in the class, frowning, such a big bag, how much did it cost? It’s all two pieces!
“Here,” Chuck took 10,000 out of the bag and threw it to a classmate.
He caught it and discriminated suspiciously, right? But it seems true, where did he get the money? Found it again? I go, why is he so lucky? ?
The other students in the class froze, Chuck was so generous? For ten thousand? Isn’t this classmate only one thousand?
Want to pretend again?
“Ten thousand is your compensation to me! If you find your conscience, I will accept it.” The classmate quickly collected the money.
The other students who were beaten were excited, and actually paid 10,000! Chuck is going to be forced, how much will Chuck pay them?
Chuck came over, and the student who took the money was vigilant, “You gave me is mine, you beat me, this is the money I lost.”
“I know,”
“So what are you doing here? Rest assured, I won’t call the police anymore.”
“Aren’t you talking about one thousand punches? You gave you ten thousand, and nine punches didn’t fight,” Chuck smiled slightly. The classmate was shocked. He backed away, but Chuck had already punched him.
“Oh!” How could he support Chuck? ? Suddenly he was hit on the ground, Chuck gave him another punch, his screaming faint passed.
The class was stunned.
“It’s so effortless? Only two punches!” Chuck shrugged.
He looked up at the other students who had been beaten, walked to the place where the bag was put, took out 20,000, and threw it directly to one of the students whose face was swollen. “You have three thousand punches, eh? .”
“Ah? I don’t want it anymore,” this classmate was scared. He was punched a few times. Does he still want his face?
“No? How do you do that?” Chuck was too lazy to take care of him, and then hit his fist.
Two punches made him dizzy and his nose was bleeding.
The whole class is silent!
Chuck took another 30,000 and threw it to another classmate, “Your.”
The whole class was shocked. How many were in Chuck’s bag? Is it all money? No way? How could there be so many, there are five or six hundred thousand, right?
How can Chuck have so much money? Picked up?
Many people think so subconsciously, but who is so lucky to be able to pick up money one after another? Hundreds of thousands of picking, how is this possible? Thought it was Dubai?
Everyone denies this idea, because it will not be found, so… Does Chuck never find the money, the previous money is also his own? Will the whole school drink milk tea also be its own?
Is Chuck the second rich? ?
These people came out of this idea and were even more shocked!
“Ah! I don’t want it anymore! I’m your classmate, don’t hit me, ah!” A classmate was stunned and Chuck lost him 20,000.
There are three other people, who are scared and spend money to beat someone.
Who is this? Rich second generation? ?
They hurried to the back, so they were beaten, they did not want to!
“Chuck, don’t mess up! I call the police!” Some classmates scolded!
“Paper, you guys let me fight for the price.” Chuck doesn’t matter. In this case, Chuck doesn’t have anything to fear. Chuck walked over and hit them, and stunned them!
Throwing tens of thousands, Chuck returned to the seat with the bag. This process is too chic, it seems to be more than one hundred thousand, but just give alms to these students, there is no heartache at all.
The whole class was already in shock, and was shocked for more than ten seconds before recovering. Is this still the hanging man Chuck? ?
“Chuck, where did you come from so much money? You are the second generation of rich?” Some students said incredulously, his face was complicated, he didn’t believe it, but the facts were in front of him.
Chuck shrugged.
Such unpredictable, so many people in the class have appeared complicated, the class is still silent, his class has been hiding a rich second generation?
This is something that no one expected.
Duan Yuexin feels normal. If Chuck is not the second generation of the rich, how could this school pay a high price to let her come to teach Chuck?
Duan Yuexin went to call the school doctor.
Otherwise, how can this continue in class? Duan Yuexin went out, the class was still quiet, someone asked, “Chuck, you are the second generation of rich, how much money does your family have?”
“Yeah, let’s talk, everyone is a classmate.”
“Yes, we won’t treat you like that in the future, I hope you don’t mind, you said earlier that you are a rich second generation.”
The classmates are flattering, there are rich second generation in the class, so it is a good thing for them, at least they don’t have to pay for themselves after going out?
“Who are your classmates?” Chuck said lightly. The whole class was silent again, many people were blushing, yeah, just like this attitude, Chuck did not clean up them. ?

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