My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 377

Chuck suddenly spent money in the classroom today to beat people. All the students in the class had a radical change in Chuck. Knowing that, according to the previous appearance of Chuck, how could he have the courage to hit people?
Absolutely impossible!
But today, all the students in the class knew that Chuck had one more identity and no one!
No identity is hanging silk, while some are rich second generation!
Chuck is actually the second generation of rich, this sudden appearance, as if hit with a punch on their faces!
Let them be ashamed and shame them!
These classes have been silent for the whole class, because Chuck’s new identity is shocking to them!
Many classmates secretly looked at Chuck during the class, because this seemingly ordinary Chuck was mysterious.
After class!
Chuck went out with money, and Lara hurriedly followed.
As soon as the two left, the whole class boiled, and everyone expressed their own opinions, all voices of doubt!
“I’m going, guess, how much money does Chuckjia have? It was too low-key before!”
“Who knows this? Chuck is really a surprise!”
“I know that Lara’s bitch has always looked down on Chuck. Why have you been helping Chuck to say good things recently? Lara bitch must have known that Chuck is a rich second generation! Change! Luya’s bitch must have taken the initiative to go to Chuck’s bed!”
“Affirmation! It must have been a long time since the two of them pulled and pulled. I’ve got it. Anyone who has money can go on it! Lara’s figure, really, I got it. Envy!”
“I see, Chuck’s family is rich, it is definitely not as good as the school grass Du Xin Yejia! This is undoubted!”
“In my opinion, Chuck was generous just now. At home, it is tens of millions at most. What is the tens of millions of rich second generation now?”
“Yes, I think, don’t take Chuck too seriously. A second-generation wealthy man, do we need to be like this?”
Someone in the class began to say this, and everyone gradually became rational.
“That’s right, I think Chuck, what about the rich? Just now I beat my classmates like that, and put down such a heavy hand. I think he is so arrogant and arrogant that someone will clean him up sooner or later!”
“Wait, don’t you pay attention to a detail?” Some people analyzed and suddenly said so, it was a male student with glasses.
The voice came out, and all the students looked at him.
“What details?”
“It was Chuck who was very angry when we mentioned that the square was on fire.
He also said that the city square will reopen in three days. You said, the reason why he said this is so hot, is it possible for the owner of the square, Is it really him?” said the classmate, pushing his glasses, and said leisurely.
The male student in glasses said this, and the whole classroom was silent again. Next second, boiling!
“Isn’t this possible? The city square is so big, how could it be his without a billion?”
“I don’t think it’s possible. The Chuckjia’s family is at most tens of millions. It can’t be hundreds of millions. The billionaires of the rich second generation will be so low-key?”
“He said that, I think it’s really possible. I often see Chuck in the city square, and still in the manager’s room of the square, but last time he asked the whole school to drink milk tea. Why did he choose to go to the square? In order to drive traffic? If he is not the boss, why would he really do it? I think Chuck is the boss of the square! He is hiding too deep!” said a female student.
She said so, the class was quiet again, like silence!
Yeah, no one can be sure how much Chuck’s family has, so Chuck’s series of actions really lead Zhang Ze to the direction of the square owner!
If Chuck is really the owner of the city square, how much money does he have at home?
The whole class was stunned. This analysis shocked them too much.
“Go, let’s go to the square to see.” Some students suggested.
“Let’s go, I’ll go, and I’ll see if the owner of the square is Chuck. I think Chuck walked so anxiously just now. If he is really the owner of the square and his square caught fire last night, then he must have gone to the square to direct it now. If we go to the square and don’t see him, then he is not the square owner!”
“This analysis is good!”
Many students in the class went outside. They wanted to verify that Chuck was the square owner.
Many classmates took the bus to the city square, and they froze because they were all blocked by isolation. There were a lot of decoration sounds, and there were continuous entry and exit of engineering vehicles at the door. Is this work efficiency too fast?
They were shocked beyond words!
“At this speed, it is really possible to reopen in three days! It’s shocking!” Some students said, after all, they thought the square was on fire, at least one month. It might be possible to close directly, maybe I didn’t expect it. In just one night, the entire square was enclosed with such high efficiency.
Without a lot of money to burn, it is impossible to have such a high efficiency!
“How about Chuck, why didn’t I see him?” Some students watched.
“I think we are wrong? Chuck is not the square owner at all?” The other classmates shook their heads, it seemed that they still thought more about themselves!
This square is not big, but when other students are bored, it has been estimated that this square should be worth 780 million yuan. Chuck is not so ambiguous. Can he be the boss of such a large square?
Sophomore, there is it, then is it not tens of billions in the family, families with so much money, will go to this ordinary university? Surely the noble school!
They all think that they think too much, they laugh at themselves, what are they thinking about? This is simply impossible.
“Look, that’s Yolanda?” Some classmates had sharp eyes and suddenly saw Yolanda driving back and went straight inside.
“Yolanda is the manager of the square. She must know who the boss is. Let’s just ask if we can?”
These classmates walked towards the door in groups, but were stopped by the security guard. “Sorry, please come over in three days, the square will reopen.”
These classmates were shocked, because hundreds of people were working at the same time in the square, cleaning up, remodeling, and many construction teams!
And what made them even more shocked was that they saw Yolanda coming out of the car and walking towards a person. This person was not someone else. It was really Chuck! !
What information did Yolanda report to Chuck, this scene appeared like a fist, hitting them hard.
Yolanda is the manager of the square, actually reporting to Chuck? At this time, even a fool can know what is going on.
Chuck is really the boss of the square! ! Otherwise, why did the square manager report to Chuck?
This is really amazing!
“Oh my god! Chuck is really the boss! It’s amazing, it’s amazing.” Some students were dumbfounded.
“Yeah, I didn’t expect to be so rich, but I could still be so low-key. I never thought of it so!”
These classmates were so dull that they couldn’t speak, so they stood and watched what Chuck said to Yolanda. Yolanda kept nodding. This was exactly what Lu Yuwen drove out and went to.
However, Chuck went straight upstairs.
The work of these hundreds of people continues, and within three days, the square will reopen!
They recovered from the shock, immediately took a picture and sent it to the class group, and said that Chuck was really the boss!
This group is boiling, and the screen is constantly being swiped
“Really, my mother!”
“Chuck Tuhao! There are in the square, he has other things?”
“Will Chuck have more money than Du Xinye?”
“I don’t think so…”
The class was boiling. Someone here forwarded the news. The owner of the square was actually the news of the school students. The school was boiling and shocked.
The owner of the square! The school actually hides a super rich second generation! Who is this guy? ?
In Ouyang Fei’s own car, she saw this circle of friends, and she sneered, “I’ve burnt this hanging sample, and I want to open it three days later, what is it?”
Ouyang Fei doesn’t think that will happen. She thinks this is Chuck’s retribution.
Who made Chuck not like her? This is the consequence!

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