My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 378

Ouyang Fei wanted to go out to celebrate, and even wanted to show off in front of Chuck, why did you burn the square? Why are you so careless?
The square is burning, are you hurt?
When Ouyang Fei thought of asking this question, she was proud and felt very happy.
She drove deliberately past Chuck’s square and saw that the outside was actually wrapped up, and the inside was still rumbling and quarreling to death.
Ouyang Fei was angry and could really reopen in three days? Ouyang Fei thinks it is impossible.
At least a week!
Ouyang Fei hummed away, but suddenly, her cell phone tingled, it was WeChat, she clicked on it, it was Du Xinye, asked where she was, Ouyang Fei hummed,
“Give you a chance, you actually So to me! I won’t give you a chance! Your men are all my Ouyang Fei toys!”
Ouyang Fei sneered and drove away without even understanding it.
Du Xinye here smiled yawningly and ignored me, hey!
Du Xinye was looking for Chuck’s WeChat these two days. He blocked Lara and asked Chuck’s WeChat. He just sent a request just now.
“Chuck, Chuck, although you said that I took Ouyang Fei first, but I let you appreciate it. The woman you went to, I have seen it first, and I have played with it…”
Du Xinye sneered, how to say he wanted to see Chuck’s annoyed look, then he would feel cool!
Here, Chuck’s cell phone rang. He thought it was a friend request from a stranger.
He thought about it and agreed, and Chuck was stunned just because he had just sent a few fruit photos. .
Chuck was particularly surprised, what is the situation? WeChat selling movies? Chuck looked at it, and it was even more intimidating, because it was actually Ouyang Fei. What happened?
Why does this person have a picture of Ouyang Fei? There are all kinds of poses, like a toy, when someone is put in a pose to take pictures. This is, Chuck thought, Ouyang Fei must be unconscious in this situation. This was taken by Du Xinye?
This is also a bit abnormal. Last time I was dizzy with Ouyang Fei. After playing with her for one night, I actually took photos and nostalgic. Chuck was refreshed.
It’s just that Chuck is strange. Why did Du Xinye send the photos to himself? Show off playing Ouyang Fei with yourself?
Chuck’s three views are completely destroyed!
However, Ouyang Fei’s body is really hot. Several photos of Chuck have been seen in succession. Du Xinye’s photo technique is good. The photo shoot is very tempting. Chuck has to admit that this school flower is Ouyang Fei.
Chuck didn’t return to him, anyway, he was looking at the photos. Du Xinye sent a lot of posts. Chuck smiled, which was really good. Chuck was thinking, next time if Ouyang Fei pretends to be in front of him again, he said If you like her, take out this photo and show her to see if she can still pull it.
Chuck is happy.
“I c, Chuck didn’t return to me!” Du Xinye was a little annoyed and sent so many photos to show that he played Ouyang Fei, Chuck actually ignored himself. What is the situation?
He was a little ignorant. What did Ouyang Fei’s previous words mean, wasn’t he said by Chuck?
Isn’t it? ?
Du Xinye muttered, no matter, show off with Chuck anyway, played the school flower, can you play it? Haha! !
Du Xinye’s sense of superiority appeared again.

Chuck is more embarrassed here, because when he just looked at Ouyang Fei’s photos, he was so fascinated that he did not see Murong Qing, she was actually in the underground parking lot.
Murong Qing mainly came to see the construction period, because she also called people to come, which is good, as the boss Chuck was actually looking at the picture! ! goat!
Chuck knew that Murong Qing had called someone over, so she was more touched by her. After all, she saw the truth in her troubles. Murong Qing was a woman who deserved to be deeply acquainted.
Chuck was busy putting away his phone, and the atmosphere was awkward.
At this time, Chuck wanted to speak to ease the atmosphere. After all, it would be embarrassing for a woman to see this kind of thing.
It’s just that the door of Ding elevator opened, and the sound of high heels came out. Chuck looked back and found out that it was Zelda. Chuck was a little unconscious and pulled Murong Qing into her car.
Chuck saw Zelda sighing all the time, holding her mobile phone to call herself? Chuck is strange. Fortunately, Zelda stayed in the car for a while and drove away.
Chucksong said with a sigh of relief, he turned his head to look at Murong Qing and found that it was so close to Murong Qing…
Murong Qing was shocked just now, because she had dreams before, dreaming what Chuck did to her in the car, but now the situation is that the dream has come true?
Murong Qing was very embarrassed in her bones, but she had no energy, and felt that at this time, she was too much like the dream, she could not tell.
It felt that this atmosphere almost made her comatose.
Murong Qing bit his lip and leaned in frantically, Chuckluo…

Five minutes later, Chuck was stunned. Murong Qing bit his lip and put on his clothes. Chuck was forced. What happened just now? He was forced to do it by himself, Murong Qing? ?
Chuck really can’t imagine, just now Murong Qing is so crazy that he kissed himself directly? This was something that Chuck didn’t expect to kill. His first reaction was that Murong Qing was stupid? Was it drugged? What’s the situation? ?
Chuck was confused, and suddenly sighed. Chuck admitted that he had resisted just now, but Murong Qing’s figure was so good that no man could resist. Chuck was also a normal man. How can he resist? ?
He actually did something sorry for Yvette, Chuck looked at Murong Qing silly.
Murong Qing put on his clothes and bit his lip almost to break.
“President Murong. Just now…” Chuck felt that this was a mistake, he didn’t resist much just now, so this time the matter has reached this point, he and Murong Qing are partners and cooperative investment, but now there is such a relationship. , Chuck was unexpected!
Chuck’s brain became a mess of porridge. When thinking about the time with Queenie, Queenie became pregnant. Chuck said in a pen, “President Murong, just now…you buy medicine to eat, I…”
“What are you talking about?” Murong Qingmei stared!
“Buy medicine.” Chuck felt guilty to the extreme. You have to know that Yvette helped himself last night. Today, she actually did something sorry for Yvette. If Yvette knew, she would be very sad.
So Chuck’s first reaction was to let Murong Qing take the medicine, otherwise Murong Qing would become pregnant again.
“Go!” Murong Qing red eyes, scolded!
“President Murong,” Chuck felt guilty for her. What was the situation just now?
“I’m blind, but I took the initiative to give you. You thought I gave you to be pregnant, to threaten you? I’m Murongqing like that? Get out!” Murongqing was heartbroken, and Chuck’s words hurt her heart. Too.
You know, Murong Qing has always hated contact with men younger than himself. But Chuck was an exception, saved herself twice, and made her change to the little man. Her woman, she had taken the initiative just now. This is something that Murong Qing never had. In this case, she broke through her heart. The defense line gave Chuck, and Murong Qing was impulsive.
“Get off!” Murong Qing pushed Chuck out. Chuck reluctantly opened the door and came out. Fortunately, there was no one nearby, and Zelda also left. Otherwise, others would see it, so it’s even harder to say.
Chuck put on his clothes, “President Murong, I’m sorry for the matter just now, what is the need, at any time…”
“Go!” Murong Qing’s eyes were red, Chuck sighed, and went to the place where he parked. He wanted to stay, but he didn’t do his teething. This situation was originally a mistake. Chuck didn’t want to go wrong again and again. Next, then Chuck must not be able to leave.
He was disconnected from the car and left. I was sorry Murong Qing. Today’s business is just an accident.
Don’t let Yvette know, it’s just an accident, then it will end, otherwise the video will develop to an unimaginable level, what Chuck wants is Yvette, Yvette is his wife, other women, Chuck can only As an accident, this time included.
When Murong Qing saw Chuck leaving, her sad tears came out.
For many years, she cried for the first time, and she took the initiative. Actually, in exchange for this, Murong Qingxin died of pain and was extremely sad. “Asshole, you asshole!”

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