My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 379

Murong Qing was sad when she was in the car. She was sad. She was so active this time. Is it like this?
She hated why she was so impulsive just now, no man had a good thing.
Murong Qing wiped away his tears and put on his clothes. Nothing happened just now, nothing.
Murongqing warned himself that he must absolutely forget what happened in the past few minutes. It was just a dream.
Just like this time, I just had a spring dream.
Murong Qing returned to calm, but there was still a mad smell in the car. She opened the door and sat on the driver’s seat, driving away from here, but she was absent-minded and hit the pillar while turning, and the head of the car hit.
Murong Qing slaps the steering wheel vigorously. She is not distressed by the car, but knows clearly that the matter just now is not a dream, not a dream!
She had a relationship with Chuck. She didn’t want Chuck to do anything. She didn’t do anything at all. She just couldn’t help herself.
Murongqing never thought of holding Chuck accountable, because Murongqing is an adult, what responsibility can Chuck bear?
If Chuck didn’t need to say anything just now, she would embrace Murong Qing with affection, then Murong Qing would feel very good, but what Chuck said just now completely hurt her. Chuck just anxiously cleared the relationship, was it necessary? ?
Murong Qing’s hands hurt, and she was sad on the steering wheel for a long time, she decided not to come here again.
“Is President Murong?” Suddenly, a voice appeared.
Murong Qing looked up and saw a handsome boy.
That’s right, this boy is Du Xinye.
He came over specifically to see if Chuck was here, but Chuck didn’t see it. He heard the sound of a crash just now, so he came over and looked at it.
Unexpectedly, a beautiful woman was lying on the steering wheel. Du Xinye walked in and looked at it. Only to find that it was Murong Qing who was particularly excited by the glance before him.
This is the best beauty! !
Du Xinye didn’t want to know what Murong Qing was sad about. He only knew that this was an opportunity to take advantage of it. Seize this opportunity, then you can get Murong Qing tonight!
It’s really too wasteful to not sleep like this! .
“Really President Murong, are you okay?” Du Xinye cared.
Murong Qing stared at him, she had never seen this person.
“President Murong, I will help you get out of the car, okay.” Gentleman Du Xinye walked to the door of the car. With that look, he almost saw Murong Qing through.
Murong Qing opened the door and Du Xinye laughed. It’s so easy!
His sister Du Peixin also said that Murong Qing doesn’t like men who are younger than herself. Isn’t it right now?
Du Xinye is too confident in his appearance. Murong Qing still likes handsome and stylish people. Women like women like themselves.
“President Murong, wait a moment, I will help you…” Du Xinye smiled slightly.
But Murong Qing stared at him and slapped Du Xinye’s face hard with a slap.
Du Xinye was dumbfounded and stunned. what’s the situation?
Murong Qing slaps this way, enters the door, turns over and leaves skillfully, the roaring engine roars, Murong Qing leaves.
Du Xinye froze for a long time, and his face was so hot that Du Xinye realized that he was beaten, “c!!!”
Du Xinye couldn’t figure it out. He was so handsome that he couldn’t get Murong Qing. How did Chuck approach Murong Qing?
Dead skin? ? Definitely is! Du Xinye’s Yinxie appeared. When he was beaten like this, Du Xinye’s mentality changed and became even more perverted. He stared at Murong Qing who left, “Dare you hit me? Well, I will make you regret it!”
He took out his phone, “Find me where this license plate number is, and follow me after finding it!!!”
Du Xinye put down his phone and smiled coldly, “Dare to refuse me? See how I clean up you!”

Chuck felt more guilty. What happened to her just now, she actually left like that.
Chuck felt that it should not be. Fortunately, Betty had an urgent matter waiting outside, otherwise Betty saw it, then I can’t tell!
Chuck received Betty. She got on the bus and saw that Chuck’s face was not good,
“Master, what’s wrong with you?”
Chuck was sweating a lot. It can be said that the situation just now was different from that of Queenie. Chuck just relaxed, and Murong Qing was the same. The feeling was beyond description.
In fact, he struggled for a long time and wanted to go back to comfort Murong Qing. After a while, it must have been troubled with Murong Qing. Before Chuck, the investment with Murong Qing was nothing. It was just that trouble, Chuck thought Feeling a little inexplicable.
After all, how to say, how could Chuck forget what happened just now?
“It’s okay.” Chuck sighed and drove back to the hotel. Forget it, everything happened, then it can only be like this, otherwise how?
And Murongqing apologize? That’s even more sorry for Yvette.
Betty was relieved that she thought Chuck was sweating so much because she had encountered a sneak attack just now. Now, it seems that she thinks too much.
When he arrived at the hotel, Chuck returned to the room. Betty was still protecting herself. Yvette saw Chuck’s head down, “What’s the matter with your husband? Isn’t the class too difficult. It’s okay, I will teach you, why don’t you understand ?”
Yvette felt distressed, what happened to Chuck today?
Chuck was even more guilty, but Yvette didn’t let go, Yvette blushed and satisfied, her husband is tired, it must be a matter of the square, thinking of this, Yvette is also guilty, what the hell did he do? Actually burned the square, making Chuck so tired…
During these three days, Yolanda basically did not have any rest. With full supervision, Chuck came here after class. The progress was very fast. Not only did it repair the burned place, but also took the opportunity to change a few other things to make the whole The square has a new look.
Chuck didn’t know what to say. Murong Qing didn’t come, and her decoration team didn’t come after the next day. Chuck knew that it was a complete break with Murong Qing, just a few minutes in the car, Chuck would remember.
People of Murongqing’s personality will definitely take medicine. Chuck doesn’t have to worry about this, it’s just guilt.
The unspeakable feeling. At this time, where will Murong Qing be? Would you like to make a phone call? Chuck wanted to fight, but he didn’t act in the end, so let’s… let the minutes in the car become memories.
In three days, the things around the square opened, and many people were attracted and shocked. They made crazy friends circles and said miracles, three days actually reopened! And it becomes more beautiful than before!
It was reopened on this day, Chuck watched it personally, and held the same activities as the opening ceremony. Many people were curiously attracted. Many people took pictures, and the flow of people came back again. Chuck was relieved.
He stood on the top floor to see Below, I feel emotional.
“How is it?” Zelda came over. This is congratulations. Her shop has little influence, and all have been repaired.
“very good.”
“Then, why didn’t Murong Qing come?” Zelda bit her lip. She saw Murong Qing put a lot of force after the fire broke out in the square. She seemed to understand that this Murong Qing might be a bit interesting to Chuck, otherwise why? When I learned that there was a fire, I came over in the middle of the night? ?
“She, I don’t know.” Chuck must not be able to tell Zelda what happened that day.
You must know that she is also entangled with Zelda.
“Well, maybe she is busy,”
Chuck is quiet, busy, not necessarily, but does not appear here, it must be because she broke her heart that day.
“Chuck, can you do me a favor again?” Zelda tangled and said that her mother had driven her crazy. She must come to see it. She must break up with Chuck and come over to confirm. Zelda couldn’t help it.
Can only ask Chuck!
“Well, Sister Zelda, just say it,” Chuck knew that Zelda wouldn’t say that when she couldn’t help it. Chuck also thought about what Zelda wanted to help herself.
Zelda was relieved and moved. Chuck was still willing to help herself, but she heard a lot of movement below. She was surprised that many people came suddenly, all of them were students in the school, and they were all very excited.
Chuck also noticed, what is this situation?
Chuck looked down, and suddenly saw a beautiful woman, Chuck suddenly, she came.

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