My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 380

The person who caused the people in the square to come was Chuck’s unexpected person. Ye Zimei, how did this woman come?
The movie is over?
Chuck is a bit surprised, after all, the two are not familiar.
The sudden appearance of Zabrina has attracted the attention of many people. After all, this is a big star.
This made the re-opening business even more sensational, and Ye Zabrina also sang with the microphone, causing many people to take pictures and post a circle of friends.
It can be said that the sudden appearance of Ye Zimei has ignited the atmosphere of the square scene.
It’s a blast!
Everyone was reopening at the square, and they were all tempted by the temptation of the square being restored to its original shape for three days.
Today, Zabrina is so beautiful, dressed sexy and elegant, attracting the attention of the audience, the square is crowded.
Zelda has doubts, “Chuck, are you here?”
“No, she came by herself,” Chuck shrugged. He didn’t think about it at all. Ye Zimei was not invited. Chuck felt that she had to ask her to have a meal.
Zelda is more curious, came here by himself?
She looked at the beauty of the leaves below, but this is China’s big star, which can come over, and it has not been paid for, Chuck’s ability is great.
Zelda was even more curious.
Chuck’s eyes looked at the beautiful leaves below, his voice was nice, and his figure looked so good.
“Cough.” Zelda coughed.
Chuck’s eyes are not right, are you not around?
Chuck was a little embarrassed. He just looked at it subconsciously. After all, this angle is different. When he looks down from the top, he can still see a little. Is it a man who can read it?
“Sister Zelda, you look good,” Chuck flattered, it really is. Today, Zelda was wearing tight jeans, and the lines of her long legs were so easily outlined.
It is particularly perfect. It can be said that in Chuck’s mind, Yvette’s back is the most perfect, followed by Murong Qing and Zelda. The back lines of the two of them are particularly beautiful, with bumps and grooves, which really makes people want to stop!
Of course, since Logan didn’t wear jeans like pants, Chuck couldn’t comment on it, but Chuck knew that Logan’s figure would never lose Yvette, but Logan’s character was like that, and it was unlikely to wear that kind of pants. Chuck is thinking, can he mention Logan? What if she wants?
However, this proposal still needs to be cautious. In case Logan is angry, Chuck doesn’t know what to do.
Zelda blushed, “You want to say that it looks good?”
She has a shy appearance and a variety of styles. Chuck looks a little dull. Zelda is very beautiful. This woman has opened her new world to the world of women.
Chuckxin was agitated, to be honest, at this moment, Chuck was really a little impulsive, but when he thought of Murongqing’s things, he was overthrown. This impulse gradually calmed down, and he also returned to reason.
Chuck felt that if he and Zelda did not continue to stick to that line of defense, what would it look like?
Will you turn your face?
“What’s wrong with you? I’m not angry anymore,” Zelda whispered. She felt Chuck was wrong, but what was wrong, Zelda couldn’t tell.
“Nothing,” Chuck calmed down. “Sister Zelda, I’m hungry.”
Zelda smiled. “Come here, I’ll cook for you,”
This request, Zelda listened comfortably and happily. At least Chuck liked to eat what she made. Chuck followed Zelda to her restaurant.
In another place, Logan looked at all this from afar. Ye Zimei was called by her.
She had to let Chuck’s square have a reopening atmosphere. Letting a star come is the best way.
Now, the effect is still very good.
Logan was a little lost, so how important is the square reopening. Why not call yourself?
Ceer, did you forget me!
The reopening of the plaza has caused a great effect, what restores fast!
The square has changed in three days!
Titles such as superstar Zabrina appeared, and the student circle in several nearby schools exploded, especially the appearance of superstar Zabrina. At that time, Zabrina also said that he was a friend of the square owner, and said that he would come here often. This is undoubtedly a hit point.
Who is this square owner? How can there be such a great ability? For a time, it became a topic after tea and dinner for many people. Some people said it was a college student, a sophomore, what was called Zhang… Some people said it was Du Xinye, and some people even said that the square owner was a big beauty Anyway, there are dozens and dozens of versions, all of which are available in various versions.
But the more this, the better.
The topic is enough, the square has a greater flow of people, because the promotion is good, which is an unexpected joy to Chuck, but for Li Shidao, he was a little annoyed, he decided to move Zhang Ze really…
Because Yvette lost his trust, how could he allow Chuck to survive? This is impossible! He came here to play Chuck!

Recently, Chuck learned to fight with Yvette at night. At night, Yvette obediently, Chuck asked her to blush and agree, which is the last line of defense. Yvette worried that if that happened, then Yvette would be much more stressed.
Her mother’s and the hurdles in her heart, so Chuck did not force it. Although it was definitely possible to force it, Yvette couldn’t refuse herself, she said it herself, as long as Chuck mentioned several times in a row, Yvette will agree, but it is not necessary, Chuck certainly can’t bear to put pressure on Yvette!
It’s good to be able to maintain this. If we go further, we have to let Yvette himself wholeheartedly, and I don’t know if that day, Chuck has been looking forward to it.
On this day, when the opening ceremony of the freshman arrived, Chuck went to school and Betty still drove it to protect himself, but he was too lazy to participate.
After seeing the freshman and many other students, Chuck did not join in the past.
But after seeing Du Xinye show his attention, he was sought after by freshmen and even many girls across the school. He was handsome and rich.
Chuck felt funny when he saw him, but he sent a photo of Ouyang Fei. This kind of ostentation was also inexplicable. Chuck ignored him and didn’t know what kind of mood he was.
There should be a sense of superiority anyway.
“Hey, your square is pretty good, and it really made you open in three days.” It was Ouyang Fei who was talking. She was really annoyed, but Chuck couldn’t chase herself? I am so beautiful and so good in figure.
For several days, Ouyang Fei appeared, and Chuck actually wanted to see her. Of course, instead of looking at her face, Chuck took a photo and looked at Ouyang Fei. He wanted to see the comparison. Chuck was funny. This woman came over to show off her power. I don’t know if you saw it by yourself. Finished?
“Then you can sit more.” Chuck shrugged.
“You’re so suffocated that you’re not ready to chase me? You absolutely like me.”
Ouyang Fei sneered. She especially wanted to hit Chuck’s face. She really couldn’t wait, but Chuck didn’t appear in front of her recently. She couldn’t help herself, she had to let Chuck know himself, he definitely had ideas for himself!
Chasing yourself, and then refusing yourself, beating his face hard, Ouyang Fei will feel cool!
Chuck is speechless, this woman with a pen is actually talking about it again? Chuck felt that she should be shown her photos, they were all played with, and she didn’t know the situation.
Chuck felt the need to let her know that she was a self-righteous pen.
“How much do you have on WeChat? Let me show you something,” Chuck said.
Huh, did you finally want me to WeChat? Ouyang Feishuang, this kind of man must beat him before he knows what to do and make his own toy!
“Why should I give you?” Ouyang Fei was proud, “If you say let me give, I will give you?”
“I will show you something,”
“Look at things? You’re such an excuse to really ruin the street, you can tell the reason?” Ouyang Fei is very happy, very proud, is it your face? Papappa, Ouyang Fei was almost overjoyed.
Ha ha, swell your face!
Chuck couldn’t stand her self-righteousness and took out her mobile phone and said, “Forget it, you’re good to yourself,”

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