My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 382

Oh my God!
The people in the class were completely shocked. Recently, Chuck was completely letting them down one after another!
First spend money to beat people, and then the big square is his. Today, in front of so many people, let the school spend Ouyang Fei get out. The key is that people are really obedient!
The people in the class have been forced.
Chuck is too powerful. Teacher Yvette has chased and played Lara. Now the school flowers Ouyang Fei have fallen. This is the pinnacle of life!
For a few minutes, the class remained silent!
Chuck looked indifferent. At this time, Lara came and brought a cup of milk tea and walked in front of Chuck. “Chuck, drink it quickly. I have a new tone.”
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Next, Chuck, inserted a straw to drink, not bad.
Lara is dressed sexy today, her long legs are so charming, she just sat beside Chuck, and she blinked like a maid.
The boys in the whole class envied the ultimate! This is simply the life that men dream of!
“Delicious?” Lara asked.
“It’s okay.” Chuck felt that Lara was so obedient. That’s okay. For the milk tea, Chuck still felt that she had to take it so that when she started collecting rent next year, she would be given less.
Chuck doesn’t want to owe Lara anything.
Lara was pleasantly surprised, but it was sad again. Her birthday was over. Chuck didn’t know yet. She still didn’t want to say it. She took out the textbook and read the book well.

Ouyang Fei came out of the classroom. Her eyes were cold. Chuck was not fooled.
She was annoyed. She felt that she should change other methods. She contacted Du Xinye with WeChat and had to contract him out first.
Sure enough, she sent a message to Du Xinye, asked him to come out, Du Xinye immediately agreed.
Ouyang Fei went out to school and went to the shop next door to buy a fruit knife.
Since you play with me, then I will let you not have to play in my life!
Ouyang Fei’s blood-red eyes have a grudge, and he was taken over by Chuck, it is your Du Xinye’s fault!
After waiting for a while, Ouyang Fei saw Du Xinye’s sports car approaching.
Ouyang Fei put the fruit knife in her bag. She had the same expression as usual, and she opened the door and sat in.
Du Xinye’s eyes were all bright, but today Ouyang Fei was wearing a short skirt, which was very beautiful.
When she sat in, Du Xinye couldn’t help it, but when she thought of it, she was played by Chuck, and Du Xinye suddenly lost her mood. The reason why he came over was boring.
Ouyang Fei is not bad.
“Where to go?”
“Yes, but find a private room,”
Du Xinye smiled, “No problem.”
There is a private room at any place to eat. He drove to a restaurant. Two people went down and entered a private room. Du Xinye sat down, but Ouyang Fei did not sit. He walked behind Du Xinye and massaged his shoulders.
Du Xinye sneered, now knowing wrong? It’s not bad, playing in this room is also difficult.
Du Xinye is proud, don’t you pretend to be Ouyang Fei? Do you know my Du Xinye’s now? How… !
Du Xinye suddenly felt his neck was cold and tingling.
“Ouyang Fei, are you crazy?” Du Xinye was scared to pee. Where would he want Ou Yang Fei to do this suddenly!
“Dare to take my picture, and still play with me? Take out your phone!” Ouyang Fei said.
“Dare you threaten me?” Du Xinye was angry.
Ouyang Fei slapped him from behind, and Du Xinye screamed.
Ouyang Fei worked hard, and Du Xinye was so frightened that he dissipated, and hurriedly took out his mobile phone.
Ouyang Fei took it out to see, and it turned out that the photos were one by one, and she looked at WeChat. It was really he who sent the photos to Chuck, which was to show off.
Ouyang Fei wanted to stab him, but it was over to stab herself. She took out her phone and shot at Du Xinye, “Call me mom… Mom.”
“You!” When did Du Xinye suffer such insults?
“Ah, my name is, my name is, mother…” Du Xinye clenched his fists tightly, and Ouyang Fei took the shot, and she continued, “Take off your clothes, don’t you like taking pictures? Take off, do not take a poke you,”
Du Xinye was about to scare his urine. He took off his clothes in humiliation.
Ouyang Fei continued to shoot and took a close-up. Ouyang Fei laughed, “God is fair…”
Du Xinye is angry!
Ouyang Fei put away the phone, “Dare to mess with me again, I will send this video to the whole school.”
Du Xinye gritted his teeth!
Ouyang Fei stepped back and ran out after receiving the fruit knife. Du Xinye was so ugly that he wanted to kill someone and killed Ouyang Fei!
But she has a video in her hands! Du Xinye felt that he had admitted the plant at first, but he would not let Ouyang Fei do so, absolutely not! !
Ouyang Fei came out and then ran into the alley. She deleted all the photos on Du Xinye’s mobile phone and then dropped the phone into the waterway. She returned to school.
Du Xinye solved it, she had to get the photos back from Chuck, otherwise she would have trouble sleeping and sleeping! Who knows what Chuck’s pervert will do to himself?
She had to find a way, so she drove directly to the night hotel to squat, “If you have my picture, then I will take your picture too!”
Ouyang Fei thinks that people like Chuck will definitely do bad things, so as long as he waits, he takes a picture of you, and I want you to kneel down and beg me Ouyang Fei!
However, Chuck did not come back, but went to another place, it was agreed to Zelda, go back with her this afternoon, come back at night, Chuck thought so.
But when Betty drove, she suddenly received a call, and soon she stopped,
“Master, there is news from Li Shidao.”
Chuck was surprised and found Li Shidao?
So fast? Chuck reassured Betty’s speed of work, well, this time I will give you a counterattack!
“Let everyone come here!” Chuck said, Li Shidao is not an ordinary person, he must be surrounded by more people!
“However, Li Shidao was not at home, but at a party.” Betty hesitated, she thought, did Li Shidao come out like this, is it cheating? After all, Li Shidao was so deep, and suddenly appeared…
“Party?” Chuck frowned, “Then you are on call, let’s go to the scene first.”
Chuck is a little excited and a little nervous because he has to face someone who is like his own mother. Can Chuck not be nervous?
“Okay, young master, I’ll arrange it here. But isn’t young master going to see Zelda?” Betty knew Zelda.
“This, it’s a good day to push, I call her,”
“Good.” Betty drove Chuck to the party site where Li Shidao was.
Chuck called Zelda and Zelda said it was all right. Chuck was at ease, but how could Zelda not lose it? Are ready.
At the door of a hotel, Betty said, “Master, I have a suit in the trunk. I will bring it to you and replace it.”
This kind of party is definitely a formal dress, and the car has been prepared for a long time. Betty got out of the car and got a suit. Of course Chuck put it on in the car. Betty also has a dress. This is to prepare for the occasional need. Betty Maybe let Chuck go in alone?
That’s too dangerous!
Chuck changed his suit, came out, and let Betty go in for a change. Soon, Betty wore a dress and Chuck’s eyes were dumbfounded. It may be that Betty was usually wearing it, so Betty suddenly wore a dress, and there was a sense of surprise .
Slim waist, concave and convex, Chuck knew that Betty had a good figure, but the dress came out like this, showing the advantages of Betty’s figure vividly and perfectly.
“Master, let’s go in,” Betty walked to Chuck and found Chuck staring at herself.
Betty was a little embarrassed.
Chuck came back, and the two went inside.
“Master, people like Li Shidao, don’t contact him alone.” Betty worried.
“Well, I know, I just want to see what this person looks like,” Chuck had cold light in his eyes!
This Li Shidao threatened Yvette!
He must be destroyed! !
“Master, don’t leave me too far, this person is shady.” Betty feels that her heart is not good, should come here?
Chuck thought so, Betty had no choice but to agree, after all, she had to listen to Chuck’s words.
Chuck and Betty walked inside, but suddenly, Chuck froze, because a woman whose back was perfect to the extreme appeared, her face was cold, but it was Murong Qing who hadn’t met in a few days, Chuck saw her, I remembered the time in the car…

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