My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 383

Chuck saw Murong Qing and was attracted by her back. Chuck remembered everything in the car that day.
Chuck’s mind was full of pictures from that day.
“Master,” Betty said.
Murong Qing knew that, but Chuck looked at it, why did she laugh? Betty is clever and immediately thinks of the relationship between Chuck and Murong Qing.
After all, at that time, Murong Qing wanted Chuck to kneel and apologize.
“Well.” Chuck came back, what kind of party was this party, and how did Murong Qing come?
The two went inside.
Counting, Chuck is the first time to participate in this kind of party, except that there are some dignitaries, rich people and the like, and the other Chuck don’t know any rules, beside Betty is explaining, of course , Mainly talking about Li Shidao.
How did Chuck come here, and he didn’t attend the party, he came here to see Li Shidao!
Murongqing went in and attracted the attention of the audience. At this moment, she is the focus!
Her dress really reveals her perfect figure to the extreme. The concave and convex curves make people look at it and dream about it.
Chuck’s eyes kept watching, to tell the truth, Chuck missed her a little bit.
With Queenie in the toilet, Chuck is more aggressive, but with Murong Qing in the car, Chuck is crazy after being forced.
These are all memories. In that way, I could get Murong Qing in that way. Chuck thought it was a dream.
It’s just that Murong Qing has turned his face now.
“Master, let’s sit over there.” Betty said. Chuck followed Betty.
If it is said that Murong Qing is the focus of the audience, Betty is not as good as it is, but her perennial exercise, her curvaceous beauty is different from Murong Qing, but also has a fatal temptation.
The two of them sat down, and Chuck could feel the envious eyes of many men.
The Ballers, what women haven’t seen, but Murong Qing and Betty, such beautiful women, are still relatively rare.
Betty turned a blind eye to this kind of vision, and her eyes were all vigilant, and only Chuck’s safety was in her eyes.
Someone went to talk to Murong Qing. Those who can come here are rich people.
Of course, the way of talking is different. Chuck looked at Murong Qing so far and saw that she did not speak to any man. , Chuck was relieved.
Personality is one reason, but will it have its own reasons? After all, what happened to her and her at that time was her initiative, and she devoted to it, Chuck naturally can see!
Chuck was a bit ecstatic, but helpless, Murong Qing must have hated himself.
Chuck knew what he said at the time, and was too irresponsible. Murong Qing was very angry.
Actually a little regret, but what is the use of regret, everything happened, Chuck sighed, after seeing a man approaching Murong Qing, Murong Qing actually talked, the two seemed to have a good conversation, Chuck was a little uncomfortable.
Murongqing was hurt in his heart, will he find someone to vent? Chuck couldn’t help but think about it and stood up and walked over there.
“Master!” Betty stood up, what did he do?
“Sister Li, I’ll go see someone.” Chuck wanted Betty to wait here.
“Well, be careful, Li Shidao is here,” Betty saw who Chuck was going to see.
Chuck walked past.
Walking in front of Murong Qing, Murong Qing had such a momentary consternation, and soon his eyes cooled.
“President Murong, do you know this person?” It was Murongqing’s classmates who spoke. On this occasion, there are not many opportunities to meet old classmates. When the two were in college, the relationship was still good.
He just saw Murong Qing come in stunningly. He was instantly attracted by Murongqing’s move. He recognized Murongqing, so he wanted to see what happened with Murongqing at this opportunity.
After all, when old classmates meet, it’s just those things.
He smiled when he came over to speak just now, because Murong Qing recognized himself at a glance, so there is a chance today.
But when Chuck appeared, he was a little annoyed, but when Chuck was so young, he was at ease again. How to say, as a classmate, he still knows that Murongqing is such a superb woman, only likes his mature and temperament Man!
This can be seen when she recognizes herself at a glance. Maybe she was in love with herself when she was in college.
Then there is a great opportunity for myself. It is estimated that this little hairy kid who is still in college is unlikely to compete with himself.
This is unquestionable, then just keep the man’s manner.
“I don’t know,” Murong Qing said.
“Don’t know, then please ask this friend to leave,” the classmate smiled, whether it was known or not, it didn’t matter, as long as Murong Qing said this.
“We don’t know?” Chuck asked.
“We know?” Murong Qingmei glanced at Chuck and said lightly.
Chuck was silent and took Murongqing to the side of the bathroom. Betty, who had been watching here for a long time, was stunned. What is Master doing?
“Let go!” Murong Qing struggled to shake off Chuck.
“We don’t know?” Chuck asked again.
“I don’t know.” Murong Qing was decisive.
“What was it in the car that day?” Chuck stared at her.
“Nothing counts.” Murong Qing struggled back, Chuck pulled her.
Murong Qing frowned, “let go!”
“I was wrong that day, I shouldn’t have said that,” Chuck compromised.
“Isn’t it wrong with you? What is wrong with you?” Murong Qingmei’s eyes are cold. She has forced herself to forget what happened that day. She forced herself to think it was a dream, and it was still a nightmare.
She has not had any dreams related to Chuck these days. She thinks that she has quit, but Chuck actually appeared again.
“I’m wrong, I shouldn’t have told you that, and I left afterwards,” Chuck was gentle, he had been resisting these, and felt sorry for Yvette, but this time, things had happened, so the only thing to do It is not the same as last time, clearing the relationship and escaping, but facing.
“No more, let go!” Murong said coldly.
Chuck didn’t want to let go, the guilt in his heart came out, he didn’t want to let go at all, but he gripped more tightly.
“Let go, you hurt me,” Murong Qing scolded.
Chuck sighed, ready to let go.
“Hey, you let go!” Murongqing’s classmates came over. He was annoyed. He actually took his prey in front of him?
How is this possible? This kind of thing cannot happen to him.
Chuck frowned, “Don’t let go,”
Chuck also pulled Murong Qing behind him, Murong Qing struggled hard, but Chuck’s hand was grasping like this, she felt her hand hurt, but Chuck just didn’t let go.
“Don’t let it go, then you think about it clearly,” he came over, clenching his fists, but he usually learns boxing, and playing three or four people is no problem, this kid is looking for death!
“Think clearly.” Chuck shrugged.
The man sneered, “Don’t worry, President Murong, I will give this kid a lesson.”
He came over relaxed, Murong Qing was exasperated, “Doesn’t Chuck let go?”
“Don’t let go.” Chuck still held Murong Qing with one hand, so he wanted one hand against this man?
Murong Qing struggled, but Chuck still grasped tighter.
This man taunted, actually one hand, what do you put you? Boxing champion?
He threw his fist and smashed it. The boxing blow will win. His punch is against Chuck’s face, and Chuck must be bleeding.
But Chuck gave him a glance, raised his hand and punched, hit the man’s cheek gang, the man hummed, his eyes closed, and he collapsed to the ground.
Murongqing was dumbfounded, he solved it with one punch?
She knew, however, that her classmate was a basketball team when she was in college, but she heard that she was still learning boxing, but she didn’t play so hard?
Chuck turned his head, “What is your classmate?”
This kind of person can fight ordinary people. How could it be a Chuck opponent who has learned to fight?
He could be counted as a blow to the punch.
“What’s your business? Let me go!” Murong Qing struggled, but Chuck looked at him, his eyes became a little tender, Murong Qing was wary, “What do you want to do?”
Chuck kissed him, Murong Qing’s eyes widened, and after struggling to retreat, he gave Chuck a slap and scolded, “What do you think of me?”

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