My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 384

Murong Qing came out with such a slap, fortunately on the toilet side, so no one saw it, but Betty saw it.
She frowned, and she saw Chuckqian Murong Qing clear, she felt very normal, the young master’s mother was so rich, so for the young master, then the woman must be easily accessible.
It’s just that Betty didn’t know very well. When, Murong Qing was with the young master.
Looking at this situation, Murong Qing is rejecting the young master? ?
When Murongqing slapped a moment ago, Betty was very angry and wanted to rush over. She also slapped Murongqing, but she stopped.
How did she pass this situation?
“What do you think of me? Seeing someone come and talk to me, you come, what are you? Why come? I can’t have my own life?” Murong Qing broke out.
Why? That day, you cleared the relationship, turned your face, and come back today? Are you going to be called by you?
Chuck was silent. He admitted that he shouldn’t do that day. At least he had to stay a little longer, but he left.
Murongqing has made such a big initiative. For the character of Murongqing, how much sacrifice?
At that time, Murong Qing was definitely sad and collapsed.
“Murong…” Chuck said.
“What do you want to ask? Did I take the medicine? I told you, you can rest assured, I took it, I took it back, I washed your disgusting things! I won’t leave anything left, are you satisfied? Can you let go?” Murong said coldly.
Chuck sighed, “Murong Qing.”
Sure enough, it turned, and it was irreversible.
“Don’t call me, since you said that in the car that day, you and I are strangers, let go!” Murong Qing stared at Chuck.
“Anyway, I’m sorry to say three words.”
“No use, the two of us don’t know each other anymore,”
Chuck sighed, “Don’t know? I saved you twice.”
Chuck didn’t mean to mention this matter, mainly because Murong Qing said he didn’t know himself.
“Yes, you rescued me twice, what do you want to do? Come on to me again?
Come. Go to the car, go to the house, whatever you want, even if I go to the toilet now, I will do whatever you want,” Murong Qing’s eyes were red Too.
Chuck’s words hurt her again, and she was very sad.
Murong Qing was out of control and Chuck knew he was wrong again. .
Chuck let go, Murong Qing stared at Chuck, “Not on it?”
Chuck sighed.
“You said it yourself,”
Murong said coldly, walking directly to her seat, she took a sip of wine when she sat down.
Closed her beautiful eyes and refused to talk about everything!
Chuck came back, and he was a bit depressed.
“Master, are you okay?” Betty cared, how could she not see Chuck’s bad mood?
“It’s okay,” Chuck sighed and kept looking at Murong Qing.
Betty didn’t speak, and wanted to comfort Chuck, but she didn’t know what to say, so she was still silent.
Next, the party began. The number of people on the scene remained at about 100.
Chuck still did not see Li Shidao. Where is this person?
Chuck thought Li Shidao was mysterious. What on earth did he want to do?
“Master, this is a charity auction party. If you have anything you like, young master, you can shoot,” Betty knew of the party, so Li Shidao came to auction things?
Probably yes.
“Well.” Chuck participated in this kind of party for the first time. He had no money before and could not get in touch with it at all!
Chuck looked around, and suddenly saw a man in a corner, wearing a suit, with a faint smile on his face, Chuck soon saw that the man’s eyebrows were a bit like his own mother, so unnecessarily Suspected, this person is Li Shidao!
“Sister Li, that person,” Chuck pointed to him.
Betty also saw, “Well, this person is Li Shidao!”
“Are we there yet?” Chuck asked. This person is still so calm, but how to say, he must be guarded. Chuck felt he had to be careful, otherwise he might be overcast by this person.
“Here, Master, as long as you say a word, you can just rush in now,” Betty said.
This is really a matter of Chuck, it is okay to stop this party directly.
“He is too calm,” Chuck saw. This Li Shidao was still smiling at himself. What did this person want to do?
“I think so too, Master, you need to be more careful and wait until the party is over,” Betty warned. This Li Shidao smile made her uneasy.
Very strange feeling.
“Well.” Be careful. What are so many people outside afraid of?
But not afraid of going back or not, and being cautious is also needed.
At the beginning of the auction party, a beautiful auctioneer came on the scene and began to introduce the auction items. Chuck looked curious. After all, Chuck never appeared on this occasion. What was being auctioned? What oil paintings, jade bracelets, antiques and the like , Chuck looks fresh, and of course will not shoot these things.
Chuck’s ability to appreciate is limited, and it’s not time to play with these things, so none of them are filmed.
“Master, did you miss it?” Betty asked quietly.
It’s all a few million, thousands of things, whatever the young master wants.
“No, I don’t like it very much,” Chuck shook his head, and Betty smiled. “That’s not what the young master likes.”
It’s true, but Murongqing has also raised a few times. She is fancy with a jade bracelet, but the price is relatively high, and other ladies are also fancy, and they are fighting with Murongqing. Ten thousand.
Chuck glanced at Murong Qing and thought that Murong Qing was very cute because she was angry and directly quoted five million yuan.
But a lady who still has charm still sneered and offered eight million yuan!
It was a little upset.
This bracelet is not worth the price, more than two million sky-high, but actually took 8 million. This is obviously not bad money in a grudge auction!
Murong Qing frowned, of course she knew that this bracelet was not worth so much money. But she took a fancy and liked it so she shot it, but the lady was also fancy, and the price was raised to 8 million. Murong Qing felt annoyed!
“Wow, table three bids 8 million, is there a higher price than 8 million? Is there any more!” the beautiful auctioneer shouted excitedly.
This price exceeded her expectations too much!
Murong Qing didn’t want to fight anymore. It wasn’t worth it. She didn’t hold the sign anymore, but she felt a mocking look from the lady.
“Okay, eight million once, eight million twice, eight million three…” the beauty auctioneer screamed.
The sarcasm of the lady made Murongqing so uncomfortable, she raised the sign,
“10 million!”
The audience was stunned and a little upset. Ten million was nothing, but ten million bought a jade bracelet. This is really a wasteful Baller.
However, they were even more stunned that Murong Qing had asked for a bid, and at the same time, a person raised the sign and had never seen this person shot!
Who is this guy?
Many people looked back and found that a young man was bidding, Murong Qing frowned, she looked back and found that this person is Chuck!
What are you doing? !
“Wow, the men at table nine joined the battle group, it was extremely fierce!” The beautiful auctioneer was in a lively atmosphere!
“Both bid 10 million, that…” the beauty auctioneer intentionally said, the conflict between the two must be intensified, then the price of the auction will be much higher.
“Twelve million!”
Murong Qing and Chuck spoke in unison!
The people at the party were weird. It was a tacit understanding!
Murong Qing stared at Chuck, what the hell are you doing?
The lady is angry, 12 million? ? A trifle, she raised the sign, “15 million!!!”
The face of all the Ballers changed this time.
Fifteen million to buy a jade bracelet? This is how many Ballers can do it!
“Wow, no wonder, this is Zhao Mei, the CEO of Huaxian Subsidiary,”
“It’s her? I heard that her company made a big profit last year.”
“It’s her, so she’s so local.”
“Oh, those two guys are definitely going to lose. This beautiful woman Zhao is rich and rich. It can be called 20 million.”
“I think yes, if you have to fight with Zhao Meimei, then you can only lose.”
The people at the scene had a lot of discussions, and they were all optimistic that this lady could take this jade bracelet. After all, this lady should be considered the richest in the audience, right? Who else has more money than her?

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