My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 390

Chuck didn’t come to school on the first day. The classmates were talking about each other, and Lara was lost. Did Chuck encounter anything? So I didn’t come to school?
Why doesn’t WeChat always return?
Lara felt that she didn’t even want to study anymore. She wanted to call Chuck, but she was afraid that Chuck wouldn’t answer the phone. Her hand held her chin, giving her a shape in front of her.
Some classmates were peeking, and Lara was immediately angry, “Look at you!
Get out!”
The whole class is really perverted, do you think it is Chuck? ? Show you?
She rectified her body angry, because the teacher came, she saw the vacancy in the corner, why didn’t Chuck come to class today?
She thought about waiting for the next get out of class to ask, after all, she was specially invited to teach Chuck.
“Classmates, it’s class.” The teacher said.
I had the same doubt, it was Zelda. She said yes to Chuck yesterday and went back with her yesterday, but Chuck suddenly had something wrong, so she couldn’t go back. For this matter, her mother also called to ask.
Zelda found a reason to fool around, but today is noon, does Chuck have time? Should I call him? Will this bother him?
Zelda sighed. At this time, the phone rang, she was helpless, because it was her mother’s phone again, she didn’t know what to say, but she had to answer it, otherwise her mother would keep calling like this, then she had to be annoyed, she answered. , Sure enough, it was the mother’s question, why didn’t it come.
“Mom, Chuck has something… No, no, I didn’t break up with him. Well, just a few days, when Chuck is busy, I will take him back, OK, I know…” Hang up the phone
, Zelda’s eyes were dark, she lay prostrate on the table, “Chuck, what are you busy with?”
It’s been three days, Chuck didn’t go to school for three days, Lara couldn’t contact him, and the classmates talked about it, saying that Chuck couldn’t read it, too rich to be bothered to read it?
Some students said that Chuck’s family went bankrupt and could not afford to go to school?
Anyway, there are various versions.
Lara is getting less and less thinking about school because Chuck is not here!
Du Xinye sneered. He also knew that Chuck didn’t go to school these days. He was happy. Was he embarrassed by playing Ouyang Fei himself? So you didn’t go to school?
It’s really standard to eat the second generation of the rich and old, and see when your home will be finished!
You better squander all your family’s money, and then Du Xinye will put you at your feet!
He smiled coldly and started a new goal. After all, there are four school flowers in the school. After reading Ouyang Fei, there are three other school flowers waiting for him!

These three days, in the hotel’s Chuck, every day is like a year, all the staff is protected day and night, but the black rose has not appeared for three days, what is the plan of this female killer?
Anyway, Chuck couldn’t figure it out, he could only stay in the presidential suite every day, and never go anywhere. See how you kill me!
Yvette already knows Chuck’s situation and stays with Chuck day and night. She wants to protect her husband.
Logan, like Black Rose, is unmovable. She does not move. If Black Rose appears, then solving Black Rose is also a way to protect Chuck.
Anyway, she stayed in the hotel for three days. She didn’t sleep much, and Betty didn’t.
“Hubby, are you afraid?” Yvette was soothing, and Chuckdan was so calm that she felt distressed. This Li Shidao was so abominable.
“I’m not afraid,” Chuck smiled slightly. In fact, for three days, Yvette listened to what she said and asked her to do whatever she wanted.
In fact, this kind of life is very enjoyable.
Chuck hugged Yvette, she blushed and worried, “Hubby, you have to restrain yourself. When the black rose comes over, how can you run away with your legs softened?”
Anyway, Chuck can only use this method to decompress it, otherwise he will really collapse. I don’t know when a bullet in the dark shot out and killed himself.
What can you say about Chuck? Really dying, you have to enjoy it!
“Hubby, you’re broken, okay,” Yvette took a breath and was about to do something. Suddenly Chuck heard a knock on the door, “Master!”
“Come?” Chuck was no longer interested, and Yvette was nervous!
She knows that this black rose is very powerful, the world’s first female killer. It’s terrifying to think about it.
Chuck went to open the door, and Betty and Logan came in. Betty said busy,
“Master, Black Rose is here.”
“How did you get here?” Chuck was shocked because more than one hundred people were already patrolling and protecting his mother’s hotel. It was difficult for a mosquito to fly in. How did you get in?
“I just found out that some of our people died in the parking lot. The black rose came from the sewer. The smallest drawing of this hotel. The black rose may have been obtained in these three days.” Betty was particularly annoyed and she forgot This hotel was bought by Karen Lee. Although she has redesigned and renovated many places, there are always missing places. However, this place was found by the black rose, and she took advantage of it.
Chuck understood, but there was nothing to panic.
“Master, this black rose has a very strong means. Once in a 300-member assembly force, she killed a mercenary leader. She can come up. There is her way! Be careful, since the black rose is below, Then go to the top floor, I will take the young master to you!” But if there is a helicopter on the top floor, you can take Chuck out of here, and at the same time inform the airport handover, and immediately take Chuck to the United States.
“Okay.” Chuck had no opinion.
“Aunt Logan, let’s go together.” Chuck said, but Logan smiled softly, “No, I’ll go down and stop her, otherwise she will do something special.”
Logan knew the character of Black Rose. She didn’t stop until the end, but did everything to achieve the purpose. She didn’t think Black Rose would be honest.
“It’s too dangerous.” Chuck was worried. Logan was really speechless. He was so touched by Chuck that he was caught by Grandpa Yvette last time. Logan stabbed himself a few times. Take risks for yourself? ?
“It’s not dangerous, I can pair with her, rest assured, you can follow Betty with peace of mind, they will go upstairs, I will be fine,” Logan said.
“Master, let’s go up and take you to a safe place, and I will come over to help Mrs.
Tang,” Betty was also anxious. If you delay this, it will be a little more dangerous.
Must leave quickly! Because black roses are scary!
“Relax, you can leave me at ease,” Logan smiled.
Chuck sighed, his fighting strength was too bad, and he had never been in contact with this sniper rifle, so he could not help him at all. He had self-knowledge, but once again let Logan take risks, Chuck was very reluctant.
“Go up, I have to deal with her.” Logan “hurried”.
Chuck sighed, “Well, Aunt Logan, be careful. If I survive this time, I will definitely not want you to protect me, I will protect you!”
Chuck has a glimmer in his eyes!
Strengthen yourself so that you don’t hurt the people around you, and you can let yourself live!
“Okay,” Logan was happy, Chuck would be really happy and always protect himself? This feeling may be very good!
After all, Logan had never let a man protect before. For other men, she was definitely not willing, but Chuck protected herself, she was willing.
Chuck was reluctant, and Yvette, and Betty went up to the top floor. Loganmei’s eyes were cold at once, “Black Rose, you dare to move Ceer’s hair, I will let you die!”
She went out and opened the long box she was carrying with a gun and many bullets. She held the gun in one hand and brought enough bullets and magazines.
She went downstairs.
It’s true that the people in the hotel are nervous. Suddenly someone appears, and everyone will be scared. Fortunately, these people are all trained by Karen Lee, and their psychological qualities are excellent. come out!
Suddenly, there was a sound downstairs, and then there was a gunshot, “She’s here, I saw her…” boom!
The voice stopped, Loganmei shot out the killer, Black Rose, this time Logan wanted to kill you. To get rid of future problems! !

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