My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 404

The cars in this place are indeed luxury cars. MoZelda’s cars are parked here.
There is nothing wrong with them. Not all parking lots are parking, but there are sub-areas?
“Have you heard? Let your woman drive away!” said the man with a sneer. Was Chuck in front of him arrogant? Can’t he understand people?
Here are all luxury cars, don’t you feel ashamed of a hundreds of thousands of cars? How thick can this be done?
Chuck gave him a look. At this time, Zelda got out of the car and saw this man glaring at Chuck. She asked anxiously, “Chuck, what’s wrong? What happened?”
“It’s okay,” Chuck waved.
“It’s okay? I said are you blind or deaf? Have you heard what I just said? Let your woman drive away! You are deaf and her mother’s eyes are blind too. This is where you parked? Dozens Ten thousand garbage trucks parked there, did you see?!” This man looked at Zelda’s body, and was even more upset. Can such a shame find such a beautiful girlfriend?
The figure is so good that it explodes! beautiful.
A man’s heart beats, but his woman Du Pei’s heart is also good, and his body is not worse than this Zelda, but being able to play this Zelda is also a big joy in life!
Men are beautiful, and women love money. What’s more in their home is to send a million cars to this Zelda. Doesn’t she crawl on her bed? ?
The man has thought about the plan.
“Why are you talking like this? Can’t parking stop here?” Zelda is angry. I haven’t seen such a person. I have to say when parking. Isn’t there a parking space elsewhere?
“Beauty, you look at your car, and then look at our car, your car is eligible to park in this place? Don’t you think it lowers my grade?” The man was proud.
Zelda’s reaction gave him a desire to conquer, not bad, but also a bit sturdy, but why is his vision so bad? Actually looking for such a shaman.
“I don’t think so, parking is parking, your sense of superiority is really inexplicable, there is a kind of you let all the other cars here go away!” Zelda was angry, really, this time I was happily coming here, next The car met such a person.
“Sorry, but beauty, are you letting me show off? Okay, satisfy you,” the man smiled, pulled out his phone and called, “I’m in the parking lot, come here!”
The man put away his phone and smiled at Zelda.
Zelda wondered, can all the luxury cars here be driven away? There are more than ten luxury cars here, all sports cars, Ferrari’s, should be all the VIPs of this hotel?
Unlike Zelda’s doubts, Chuck is a bit interested.
In the car, Du Peixin saw Chuck here. She was a little surprised. She came here today to attend the reception, but Chuck is here, what is the situation?
Also came to the reception?
Presumably, she hurried to get out of the car. The man came over with a slight smile, “Pai Xin, you sit in the car for a while. If you have a little trouble, I can solve it immediately.”
“No, this is…” Du Peixin explained, wanting to tell the man who Chuck was, but the man’s gentleman interrupted Du Peixin’s words, “It’s okay, you just have to wait a minute, soon.”
“for this I……”
“Wait a moment.” The man smiled and Du Pei was speechless.
In less than a minute, more than a dozen people came and were all employees of this hotel.
Zelda was surprised. What happened? ?
“Master, what do you ask?” The leader of the security team took the lead.
Yes, this hotel is just an industry of this man’s family, one of them is a very small industry.
“Leave all the cars here,” the man said, and at the same time, took out a pack of keys from the bag.
Zelda froze, these cars belong to him? ?
“Go away? Do you mean to go to the parking lot over there? Don’t stop here?” the security captain asked tentatively.
“Yes, I don’t stop here anyway, and I won’t open again. What are you doing here?” the man said lightly.
“Yes.” The security captain took the man’s key and arranged for someone to drive. Soon all the cars here drove away.
The man came over and smiled at Zelda, “I did it, it’s very simple, just a phone call.”
Zelda was speechless. She didn’t expect that these cars belonged to this man.
Chuck was a little surprised. Why did you buy so many cars?
Chuck didn’t understand. He didn’t have much interest in cars. Last time he said he bought one more, but he hasn’t bought one yet.
Almost enough.
“You can drive away now?” The man smiled, yes, Zelda’s little embarrassed expression is good, a little tempting.
“Why should I drive?” Zelda asked back, “Your car has all drove away, it has become more empty here, and there are so many parking spaces, why would you let me go?”
“Oh, it’s simple, because this hotel belongs to me. Is this answer satisfactory?” The man smiled.
“Satisfied, very satisfied.” Zelda glanced at him, preparing to park the car elsewhere, the man smiled, “beauty, is the car yours, or his?”
The man flicked Chuck with his finger, breaking the sky.
“Oh, is it yours? Is he out of the car?” The man smiled deeper, his face pale? Actually there are no cars, this is to rub the car? ?
“He has a car, but he didn’t drive it,” Zelda frowned, “This doesn’t matter to you?”
“Oh, since the car is yours, then I allow you to park in this place this time.”
“No, I still have to go to the place where the car is,” Zelda got on the car and parked the car to another place. Chuck looked at Du Peixin in the car.
The man frowned, “Can you see my woman?”
I really don’t know what to do, and you can see your own woman like this? The man has only recently come into contact with Du Peixin, he hasn’t been there yet, and certainly can’t show it to other men.
“Your woman?” Chuck was a little surprised. Du Peixin, such a strong woman, was so smart, how could he find such a man? for money? It should not be, although the Du family is not a super family of China, but it does not lack money, there is no need to stab others!
“Is it yours? Sha pen.” The man ridiculed. “You look like that. The beauty can just look at you just now. It’s good luck that you walked for eight lifetimes, and I’m different. With one finger, all women will come over and kneel. In front of me.”
Chuck was shocked, who is this person? Such awesome? Chuck looked at him again and thought, this man lied?
“I tell you, don’t look at my woman, or I will bomb you out, you have to know. If it wasn’t the beauty just now, you would have been kicked out.” The man said, yes, he is such a character, Chuck’s unscrupulous appearance, he felt particularly uncomfortable at first glance!
If it were not Zelda, he would have driven Chuck out.
Chuck shrugged, “I know your woman,”
“Do you know?” The man laughed and ridiculed, “You are qualified to know? Oh, I know, you must be a beggar on the street, my woman sees you pitiful and rewards you with money, so you are like this Know my woman?”
“Haha, no, then where are you from the waitress? You served me a dish, and you said yes, why are you so shameless?” The man laughed.
This is undoubtedly, this Chuck seems to be spreading the goods all by himself, and he is able to know Du Peixin, it is these jobs, there is no other possibility.
Oh, and, where is the security, so I know Du Peixin.
Chuck frowned, “How do you know her?”
“How do I know? Do you know who I am?” said the man.
Chuck shook his head. He really didn’t know who this man was, but he could have so many luxury cars, and this hotel was also his home. Then his home must be a little richer than Dupei.
“I don’t know.” Chuck said with a shrug.
“You don’t even know me, you are really the lowest person in the society, and yes, my social circle, how can you enter this kind of pen? You don’t know me is too normal,” the man sneered, this Just circles, trash people, how do you deserve to know yourself? ?

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