My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 406

The young woman saw it at a glance, so could such a young man be the square owner? Ducks are almost the same. It seems that what Liu Meili said before was all fake. Whatever the ingredients are delivered by helicopter, the yellow-lip fish and the fish glue are definitely fake.
There is no doubt about it.
“Duan Chunhua, you shut up.” Liu Meili was angry and said that her daughter was looking for a club duck? She was extremely angry.
How could my daughter go to that kind of place? ?
“Why should I shut up? You’re so mad, I don’t have it. Let your daughter come to know me. Oh, forget it. I don’t want to know the ducks in the club. How shameful?
Go, go. .”
The young woman swayed her long legs to talk to others. Liu Meili was angry and held her back. “Stop.”
“Oh, what are you doing? Don’t rush at me when you’re angry? Hurry and find a young boy, yes, you let your daughter’s boyfriend introduce you? He must know,” the young woman laughed and opened Liu with her hand. beautiful.
“Mom.” At this time, Zelda walked over with Chuck.
“Auntie,” Chuck said.
“Well,” Liu Meili was in a better mood. After all, she saw Chuck, and her suspended heart also dropped, at least her daughter had not broken up with Chuck.
It still seems to be in love.
“Aunt Duan,” Zelda looked at the young woman.
“Oh, what are you doing with my aunt? How old are you? I’m older,” said the young woman.
Zelda is speechless, more than ten years old, still called sister?
“This is your boyfriend?” The young woman looked at Chuck, not bad, a little muscular, which club is this duck? When can I try it in the past?
“Well, his name is Chuck,”
Chuck shrugged.
“It’s so polite, I don’t cry when I see someone,” the young woman was not happy, and she was going to go to your club to take care of the business. Maybe she still ordered you. I’m not polite, I won’t go.
“Auntie,” Chuck said.
“Are you blind? Call your sister.” The young woman was upset.
“She is sick. Leave her alone.” Liu Meili was angry. Who said that in front of her daughter’s boyfriend?
Chuck shrugged, and Zelda was a little angry, “Auntie, you are more polite,”
“Ah, you are so angry, why is your family like this? Is your boyfriend not touching you, so angry…” The young woman disdained, surely, otherwise it would be so angry?
“It’s really unqualified. I won’t talk to you anymore. It’s boring.” The young woman was about to leave. She was enough. She had shown off enough. Knowing that Zelda’s boyfriend was so bad, her sense of superiority came out.
“By the way, Meili said you have a helicopter. When will you take me to play?” the young woman sneered.
Make you rude! Torment you.
“No one was flying the helicopter, so I couldn’t bring it.” Chuck shrugged. This is because Betty said she was awake, but she was still recovering from injuries. The person who drove the plane was also injured under the Black Rose. Chuck did not Yes, it can only be left first.
After all, the plane that my mom set last time had arrived long ago.
It’s just that Chuck didn’t let anyone drive it out, and only waited for Betty to finish it, and then drive it again.
“No one is driving, haha, you really can pretend,” the young woman sneered.
“I didn’t pretend,” Chuck said.
“Not yet installed? Do you look like someone with a plane? You are not installed yet?” The young woman was aggressive. “You said you didn’t pretend, then do you ask someone to drive over now?”
“Everyone said no one drove.” Loganhui, but how could Chuck let Logan fly over for this trivial matter?
“No one is driving!” The young woman stared at Chuck, mocking even more. She leaned over, “Don’t think I don’t know who you are.”
“You know?” Chuck is odd, this young woman’s figure is pretty good, this is the standard young woman’s figure, but in Chuck’s memory, she has never seen this woman, so how could she know herself?
“Yes, you are the young master of the club, right. Oh, don’t pretend, you can’t pretend in front of me, me, go to the club often, how is it, look at my sister, my figure is okay, make me happy, I am down I’ll go to you next time, but my sister, obedient man, are you obedient?” said the young woman.
Chuck is going to collapse, he has become a duck? How did she see it? ? Chuck quickly said disobedient.
“It’s okay, my sister will still find you, tell my sister, which club?” The young woman smiled.
“Huh, pretend to be your uncle, my sister will not tell you, you are making me angry, my sister, I will drive you out,” the young woman said.
Chuck glanced at her and drove out?
“Don’t you freak? The owner of this hotel, but my distant relatives, me, in a word, you have to get out,”
Chuck understood that this young woman should be the relative of Zhao Yunlei who had just encountered the parking lot.
Chuck didn’t want to talk to such a woman anymore, “just whatever.”
“Huh, you said, don’t regret it!” The young woman snorted coldly and swayed her long legs out angrily.
“What did she say?” Zelda was curious.
“She said she would drive us out.” Chuck shrugged.
Liu Meili’s face changed, yes, the owner of this hotel, but her distant relatives, Liu Meili thought of this, and she could really kick herself out.
“What should I do? The reception has just begun,” Liu Meili was anxious.
“It’s okay,” Zelda comforted. Chuck was so calm, what was he afraid of?
“Well, come, take Chuck to see your father.” Liu Meili felt relieved, maybe Chuck also knew the hotel owner here. After all, Chuck’s family has tens of millions of dollars in helicopters!
Chuck went to Zelda and went to see her father. At the very least, the play was about to be played.
This young woman took the elevator and happened to meet Zhao Yunlei and Du Peixin.
“It’s Yunlei, haven’t seen you for a long time, how are you?” The young woman straightened her mind. This is a distant relative, but this is the Zhao family of the four big families. She dare not make it!
“Not bad, did you come to the reception too?” Zhao Yunlei said lightly. This kind of relative, with a net worth of more than one billion yuan, did not want to say hello.
“Yes, is this your girlfriend? It’s so beautiful.” The young woman showed amazement. Du Peixin was indeed beautiful today, with a figure and appearance that was unparalleled!
Du Pei was embarrassed and did not speak.
“Is there something?” Zhao Yunlei is still satisfied. The young woman said in his ear, “There is a small company on the third floor, there is a small company, the people there, the garbage is dead, Yun Lei, can you let them Get out of here?”
Zhao Yunlei frowned, but the young woman did not have a qualification to let him do so.
“What company’s people?”
“It’s a small company, only a few tens of millions of people, and there is a person who is particularly annoying, what is Chuck’s name, yes, it’s him, he looks like a duck, he hates to die, he just molested me just now …Yun Lei, you must be angry with me!” said the young woman.
Zhao Yunlei glanced at her, sneering in his heart, that Chuck rubbish, but wouldn’t be so hungry or arrogant to ridicule you?
He was too lazy to debunk, because he had always been unhappy with Chuck, then just drove him out, a word.
“Thank you Yunlei, do you remember, I still hugged you when you were a kid, you tried to drill into my arms and want to eat mine…” The young woman smiled.
“If it’s fine, you can go out,” Zhao Yunlei felt sick.
The young woman nodded busy, “Okay,”
She hurried out and whispered in your heart, you are really hungry, so…
Zhao Yunlei took out his mobile phone, “Yes, go look at the third floor,”
When the phone hung up, Zhao Yunlei smiled and pressed the top floor of the elevator. That was the reception, the garbage like Chuck, and he didn’t even have the qualification to go up.
The young woman came over again, sneering. “I said I’ll drive you out, prepare.”
Chuck frowned, is this woman sick?
Zelda is a little angry, Liu Meili is alive, “You get out!”
“It’s you who are so angry. The family is so angry that you should be so poor,” the young woman sneered. I don’t come to the junk reception.
“Hurry up, wait for someone to come over to catch you, don’t say I didn’t remind you,” the young woman swayed her long legs. When she was about to leave, a hotel manager brought someone in, and the young woman was overjoyed, ah, come, She stared at Chuck with a sneer, making you disobedient, and I will chase you away! !

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