My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 407

Suddenly, the manager came over, and brought several people over, without expression!
Zelda’s mother Liu Meili feels bad. This young woman is really asking people to come and drive herself away. What should I do?
Liu Meili knew that the young woman was a distant relative of the hotel owner.
This was over, she hadn’t noticed it just now.
Zelda’s father’s company finally came to such a reception, but the people were halfway through the reception. When the people in the company and other friends had not been full of fun, they were driven away. This is a big shame!
Liu Meili can’t afford to lose this person!
“Zelda, what can I do,” Liu Meili anxious!
This hotel is the Zhao family, one of the four big families in China. This is really rich and rich. Whoever dares to resist?
She Liu Meili is absolutely not afraid, after all, their company is tens of millions of family property, what is in front of the Zhao family, do not count a hair, one word, let their company shut down tomorrow.
But how embarrassing to rush out like this? ?
Liu Meili is in a dilemma!
“Mom, don’t worry, let’s see what they say.” Zelda calmed down.
In front of the family machine like the Zhao family, unless it is the other three families, rebellion is tantamount to finding a way out!
You can’t make trouble, you can’t be angry, you can only eat Huanglian dumbly, and you can’t swallow it!
This is the big gap!
Zelda also felt a sense of powerlessness, the four big families, but the family that Huaxia inherited for at least five hundred years, eight or nine generations, handed down from generation to generation, to today, can not shake the point.
Today was originally a happy day, and it should be like this? ?
Zelda sighed. If you really catch up, you can only break your teeth and swallow it yourself.
“Well, daughter, can your boyfriend Chuck have a way?” Liu Meili died anxiously in her heart. The hotel manager came over expressionlessly. What else can he do besides driving himself out? ?
Then the only thing that might be of some use to this group of people is Chuck.
Compared with the Zhao family, the others are ants and elephants.
With a helicopter, what is Chuck of the square? After all, among the four big families, there is no Zhang family!
There should be billions in Chuck’s house. This is nothing for the Zhao family.
So this hotel owner, will give the fameless Zhang family a little thin noodles?
If it is an ordinary person, then Chuck’s net worth is enough, but this time it is the Zhao family, this…
Liu Meili had no idea, not at all.
“I don’t know.” Zelda feels that although Chuck is not a member of the four big families, but Chuck’s strength, Zelda sees it with his own eyes, absolutely powerful!
But this tough, whether it can be compared with the Zhao family, Zelda is unclear, after all, she has not been in contact with the Zhao family, she can not imagine how terrible the Zhao family is.
She only thinks that Chuckte is so powerful, but how great this difference is from the Zhao family, she doesn’t know.
Zelda looked at Chuck and was worried.
The hotel manager came, and there were more sneers on the young woman’s face.
“I’m the hotel manager. Your cocktail party will stop here today. Pack your things and tell your people to leave here in ten minutes.” The manager said coldly when he came over.
The indifferent command seems to be telling you to get out.
Quite simply, Zhao Yunlei personally called him and said to drive away these people.
He came to execute, after all, this is an industry of the Zhao family, who dares to resist? Before Zhao Yunlei also let other people get out of the way, this person is still making a fuss, but the hotel manager directly said it was the Zhao family! Zhao Family, one of the four big families!
This man was so scared that his fart was peeing.
No one can be wild in Zhao’s place, and if you let you get away, you must get away!
Liu Meili’s heart is cold, really came over to drive himself away! This young woman really did this. She regretted it. She just talked back to this young woman.
It shouldn’t be. Now that the Zhao family has spoken, they really have to leave.
Zelda frowned.
Others present did not know what this was doing.
“Manager, we have half of this reception, how can we leave? How about adding more money, how much do you say?” Liu Meili sighed anxiously.
This is really embarrassing today. When she encountered such a thing, Liu Meili collapsed in her heart. She felt even more that she really felt like living at the bottom.
“Oh, beautiful, how much are you going to add?” You put this money in front of the Zhao family, just like putting shit in front of the Zhao family, what is it? Just count as shit.” The young woman disdainfully laughed.
Just kidding, this party will be a party, plus drinks and other things, seven or eight hundred thousand, even if you give someone another one million, but what is one million in front of the Zhao family?
Liu Meili was anxious. “Don’t do this. We were just wrong.”
“What makes you wrong? Was it all right? I kindly came over to chat with you, what’s your attitude? Now that you know it’s wrong? What did you do earlier?”
The young woman grunted, and she felt very cool.
“I…” Liu Meili said for a moment.
Silent, she sighed, really want to leave like this? This face is lost today!
“Mom…” Zelda was angry that she stared at the young woman and the manager.
“Why did you let us go? We gave the money!”
“Daughter, don’t say it, this is the Zhao family, we can’t afford it.” Liu Meili quickly grabbed Zelda, and she was panicked.
I feel that my daughter’s words have caused great trouble.
“Mom,” Zelda was helpless.
“Haha. Zelda, you have been out for so long, have you written? Is this something you can say? Don’t look at where this is.” The young woman disdain.
“You guys pack things and leave.” The manager’s expression looked.
“We gave the money!” Zelda stared at him!
“So?” The manager was indifferent.
“We gave money, you can’t just let us go,” Zelda argued reasonably.
“So you want the Zhao family to refund you money?” the young woman sneered.
Does anyone dare to speak to the Zhao family like this, and refund money? It’s time for you to get away!
“Zelda, you are very brave, you dare to ask for the Zhao family’s money, are you qualified to ask for it?” The young woman was aggressive.
Zelda had no idea. She was worthless in front of the Zhao family. She knew that she was wronged because she was kicked out. She did nothing wrong on her side.
This is completely domineering and unfair.
“Do you want me to repeat? Leave here in ten minutes,” the manager said.
“Zelda, we are good to leave here, we can’t afford it,” Liu Meili felt sad, and in fact, in front of these families, there was no chance to resist, not even the qualification to resist.
“Mom.” Zelda sighed and could only do so. She opened the restaurant chain herself, knew the pros and cons, and resisted, then her restaurant might be adjusted.
“I’m going to inform others.” Liu Meili was very sad. Alas, no one could help himself. Sure enough, he was bullied everywhere.
“Auntie, wait.” At this time, Chuck said.
Liu Meili looked at Chuck and felt more sad in his heart, “Chuck, don’t say it, let’s leave here, Zhao family, we can’t afford it,”
Yeah, Liu Meili knew in her heart that in China, it was not other families, it was useless.
Zelda looked at Chuck, and she knew that Chuck wanted to help, but this was the Zhao family, and Chuck might be involved, so Zelda felt that she should not let Chuck help.
“Auntie, they said let us go? Is it that simple?” Chuck said lightly.
Liu Meili sighed, “Chuck, don’t talk silly, we leave now, and people have to bow their heads under the eaves.”
How to say, Liu Meili was so disappointed that Chuck had a square before, had a helicopter, and had millions of meals? Still nothing in front of the Zhao family.
Although she is very satisfied with Chuck, but the satisfaction is satisfaction, to compare with others, then it is not good, the gap is still very large.
After all, Chuck is not one of the four big families, what can he do against the Zhao family? The more you think about it, the more sad Liu Meili is.
“We are not under the eaves of others, our aunts who have paid,” Chuck said lightly. The manager frowned, looking for death? ?

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