My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 408

Liu Meili sighed, wasn’t this just under the eaves of others?
“Daughter, let Chuck stop talking.” Liu Meili was sad.
“Mom.” Zelda worried. Does Chuck speak at this time, will he anger the Zhao family? Like that Zhao Yunlei?
“Chuck.” Zelda bit his lip.
“It’s okay,” Chuck smiled. This smile was very light, and Zelda was relieved.
This is a sense of security.
Zelda knew that when she used to be singleton, besides not wanting to get married, it was mainly because men couldn’t give her a sense of security.
But after contacting Chuck for so long, this sense of security is becoming more and more obvious.
At this time, a few simple words have a strong feeling.
“Mom, let Chuck deal with it,” Zelda said calmly.
“But, say goodbye, I can’t afford it.” Liu Meili sighed sadly, what’s the use of handling? There are four big families.
Others are really nothing in front of the four big families.
Chuck is still too young, too confident, this is not very good.
I still don’t want it. It’s not good to get off as a car, otherwise I would offend the Zhao family, that is, I can’t eat and walk around, and Liu Meili can think of the consequences.
“Mom, Chuck will solve it, he will,” Zelda emphasized. Maybe Chuck knows the other four families? Then the solution may work.
Otherwise, it was suddenly driven away, so will the company after his father continue? After all, the people of the Zhao family came out. Everyone knows that his father offended the Zhao family. Then, who else dares to cooperate with his father’s company?
If you cooperate, don’t you offend the Zhao family?
This presumably ordinary people will compromise and will not cooperate with their father’s company, so it is only a matter of time before the company goes bankrupt.
So today is particularly important.
“Alas.” Liu Meili, but her daughter, can only sigh and agree, she is ready at any time in her heart, ready to apologize, and hope that the people of the Zhao family will not compete with Chuck.
“Chuck, trouble you,” Zelda softened.
“Should be.” Chuck shrugged.
Seeing Zelda’s red lips, thinking of what happened just now, Zelda pulled Chuck to the toilet.
Zelda also thought of it, because Chuck’s eyes reminded her that she blushed immediately, her head down, and she was a little shy.
She felt that she became more and more bold, and Chuck became more and more powerful.
“Haha, are you really a pen? Or pretend? Who is this place?” The young woman laughed haha, this kid is a duck and a fool? Are you dare to slash in front of the Zhao family now? ?
I’m impatient, right?
“This is your place?” Chuck asked lightly.
“My relatives, do you have such relatives?” The young woman was proud, hum, I can make you get out, can you make me get out!
This is the gap! !
“Relatives are yours, not yours. What are you pulling?” Chuck asked her.
“You, you! Manager, let them get away quickly!” The young woman became angry and angry! I feel insulted.
The manager nodded, “Don’t let me say it again, you will be ugly!”
Yes, it’s ugly to say it in public. It’s ugly in public. Now let you solve it for yourself. You can just make up the reasons. You must leave here anyway.
“Oh, ugly, how are you going to make me ugly?” Chuck shrugged.
This situation, he can’t keep it low-key, if you don’t care, then today Zelda’s father company may have a big problem.
The manager frowned, “This situation seems familiar, and a person has asked this before…”
“So how is he doing?” Chuck was curious.
Liu Meili sighed and scared her urine on the spot. But she had heard about it. After all, she was very close. How could she not know? It is said that this man is also a big boss with a net worth of hundreds of millions, but he was drunk and made trouble here. At that time, the manager asked him to leave.
But this boss, drunk, how do you know? After breaking an ashtray in this hotel, there was only one.
The boss’s friend splashed him cold water. The boss woke up and knew what he had done. He scared on the spot. The manager said nothing and just looked at the boss.
I heard that afterwards, the boss lost 50 million in tears.
The next day, the boss’s company was gone… what a terrible thing it is, an ashtray will make a billionaires complete, which is terrible!
“It’s scared to pee,” the manager said indifferently. For him, as long as he is not from the other three big families, then he has this attitude, and everyone else is not worth mentioning, in this place in China.
Liu Meili stopped talking, and it was too late to stop this time!
“So, this is the opportunity I gave you to leave.” The manager said.
Chuck smiled slightly, this is really a terrible thing.
“Let’s go, let’s go out and talk,” Chuck invited. At this time, in front of other people, said this is not very good! Disturb other people’s reception, this matter will be resolved silently.
“What are you qualified to talk about?” the young woman scolded.
Chuck didn’t even look at her, and said directly to the manager, “How is it?”
The manager frowned, “You said you are qualified to talk?”
What do you want to do? Want to secretly bribe yourself? The manager disdain.
“Is there any qualifications? I only knew when I went out to talk. Are you afraid of a manager?” Chuck asked lightly.
“I have to say, you’re bold. People who talk to me like this will have an accident tomorrow.” The manager was indifferent. “If you want to die, then I will fulfill you.”
The manager turned and went outside.
Chuck shrugged, and the young woman laughed. “Oh, you’re going to die? Why are you so weak? Obedient bastards are not the best?”
Still struggling, is it useful? At this time, even kneeling is useless!
Chuck looked at her and went out with the manager.
“Beautiful, your house is over, what son-in-law did you first? So ignorant,” the young woman sneered, she was more and more happy.
Liu Meili was downcast. This really came to a point where she couldn’t get out of control. There was nothing to save. The young woman was more proud.
“Daughter, you tell Chuck not to say anything, come back,” Liu Meili was anxious.
You can’t come back!
Maybe there is still a chance of salvation?
“Mom, don’t say it, just believe Chuck, he can solve it,” Zelda vowed, she believed Chuck, he was so calm, just that he definitely had a way.
“Alas, how can it be solved?” Liu Meili despaired.
When it is over, there is no possibility to solve it, it will only become more and more chaotic. She regrets why she did not leave directly. Is this all right?
More and more chaotic!
“Mom, why don’t you believe Chuck? He’s very powerful.” Zelda was particularly serious.
Liu Meili sighed in despair. The young woman laughed, “Trust him? Which green onion is he? It’s so powerful, it is garbage in front of the Zhao family, no, not even garbage.”
“You…” Zelda was angry.
“Why do you still want to hit me? You hit it. It’s not that I look down on you, do you dare to hit me?” The young women put their faces together.
Zelda is angry, and he will fight if he raises his hand. Liu Meili was frightened,
“Daughter, don’t do stupid things, you hit it, and we’re really done.”
Liu Meili pulled Zelda.
Zelda sighed, helpless, her mother held herself, how could she fight? She especially wants to fight.
“It’s still your mother who dares to beat me. I will let you disappear tomorrow.
Such a big person. Be smart. People like me are not something you can afford,” the young woman sneered.
“Mom,” Zelda sighed, and she looked away, Chuck, would you solve this? My mother has panicked.
Seeing that Zelda is honest, the young women are more proud, and it’s still interesting, just this man, should he be scared?
The young woman looked outside with a cold face of revenge.
At this time, the people at the reception were also a bit strange. What happened? Why did the hotel manager come over?
Chuck and the manager went outside, and the manager stared at Chuck. “Give you thirty seconds because you are only worth thirty seconds in my eyes.”
Yes, he has to solve this matter quickly! Of course, we should not be delayed in front of such people.
Chuck touched his nose, is he worth 30 seconds?

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