My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 416

At this time, Zhao Yunlei was sitting in Du Pay’s car. Today, he is relatively cool and made four billion yuan. It is interesting!
He decided to celebrate, such as doing something with Du Peixin.
He looked at Du Pei who was driving, and had a strong thought in his heart.
Du Peixin, among the many female presidents in China, the appearance, temperament and figure are the absolute top five!
He wanted it for a long time.
Du Peixin is a famous cold beauty, of course Zhao Yunlei knows, but who is he?
Zhao’s young master!
What about this cold beauty?
Don’t you want to kneel in front of yourself?
He looked at Du Peixin, and there was a smile on the corner of his mouth.
Du Pei was thinking, how can he tell Zhao Yunlei to go back at this time?
She had never done anything with a man, but she also knew what Playboy Zhao Yunlei was thinking. From his eyes, Du Peixin knew what Zhao Yunlei would do to herself.
She is not young, how come she doesn’t know? Think about things between men and women.
But in her heart, she was very disgusted with this matter, the progress was too fast!
And to be honest, she did not like Zhao Yunlei at all, even if it did not, but why would she agree to come over?
Yes, for the Du family, she chose to compromise!
The Zhao family has been developing in China for many years. Although they have been fighting the river water with their own Dujia well, the sensitive Du Peixin recently found a little surprise and bad momentum!
The Zhao family seems to mean slowly annexing the Du family!
Du Peixin, who was very keen on thinking, found this sign!
She is very angry!
But there was no way, she chose Zhao Yunlei to talk about it. Of course, Zhao Yunlei would do something to herself, she would not agree.
Keeping distance is her attitude towards any man!
It is impossible to do that kind of thing in advance, Du Pei heart will not agree, she is not a casual woman, such a beautiful thing, you have to stay until the wedding day, this is her constant thinking!
The car slowly stopped on the roadside.
Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, did you want to come by the road? Not bad, I haven’t tried it in a long time.
“Master Zhao, let’s open the skylight and speak brightly,” Du Pei turned his head.
“Oh, what are you going to say to me? I listened to my ears,” Zhao Yunlei was not stupid. He looked at Du Peixin and could not wait to eat her.
“Master Zhao’s Zhao family seems to have done our Du family business…” Du Peixin felt that there was no need to turn around.
“Oh, yes, yes, I think you are very charming, so I suggested to my grandpa to enter your business, and you can give me a little experience of your company.” Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, he liked it Direct woman.
“This,” Du Pei was angry, did he really want to annex the Du family?
“It doesn’t matter. Actually, I always love you, do you know?” Zhao Yunlei reached out and took Du Peixin’s hand.
Du Pei struggled immediately.
But she is a woman, how can it be drawn?
“Please let go!” Du Pei was serious.
“Oh, I like to admire you. How can I let go? Your hands are so beautiful,” Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, his eyes were full of fire.
He got together.
Du Pei’s brow furrowed, and he pulled back his hand vigorously. There was no need to continue talking. Originally, Du Peixin originally felt that after the two met, they still had to talk, but now there is no more. In his eyes, I am afraid that he is a plaything!
“Oh, I admire your temper, come and kiss one.” Zhao Yunlei smiled, looked at this cold beauty angry, it was not a taste!
“Ah! How dare you bite me?” Zhao Yunlei burst into flames, and he leaned in to kiss Du Pei, but Du Pei was shocked and bit him.
The pain made Zhao Yunlei use force, but Du Pei’s mad resistance!
Snapped! !
Zhao Yunlei slapped Du Pei’s heart and snorted. “Bitch! What pretend? Pretend in front of me?”
Du Peixin’s cheeks were red on one side, but she didn’t frown, just staring at Zhao Yunlei.
“Look? Look at you, look!” Zhao Yunlei was upset and raised his hand to Du Pei’s heart again.
Du Peixin’s pretty face was red and swollen.
Zhao Yunlei grabbed Du Peixin’s hair, “Give you a face, are you shameless, right?
Is it shameless? Lao Tzu’s favor on you is your blessing, and gives you three days to open the room for Lao Tzu, wash and lie clean Wait for me in bed! Otherwise, will she die your Du family, have you heard?”
Zhao Yunlei slapped Du Pei again.
Zhao Yunlei was disturbed. He stared at Du Peixin and opened the car door.
“Remember, I don’t get the woman I want, I want to think clearly. I’ll be in a good mood with you for a few days. Home! Du Peixin, the fate of your Du family can be in your hands, you know?”
Du Pei said nothing, and his swollen face was particularly obvious.
Zhao Yunlei glanced at her, took out his phone, “Come and pick me up!”
Less than a minute later, a luxurious Maybach drove over, and a beautiful woman opened the car door, “Master!”
Zhao Yunlei hummed and sat in the car.
“Call me twenty women and go to my villa! Don’t change the same as the last woman!” Zhao Yunlei ordered!
“Yes, young master!” The driver of the car took out his mobile phone and contacted him.
At this time, Zhao Yunlei’s mobile phone rang, and he took it out to see his grandfather’s number.
He answered.
“Go home immediately!!!” There was an old voice on the phone.
“Grandpa, what’s the matter?” Zhao Yunlei was a little surprised, no, it should be a special accident! Why is Grandpa angry?
This is not normal!
My grandfather has always been affable, why is this happening today?
“It’s all you, not coming back yet? Half an hour at home!”
When the phone hangs up, Zhao Yunlei looks at the phone doubtfully. ! I didn’t do anything. Zhao Yunlei muttered.
“Master, twenty beautiful women have already applauded,”
“Well, let them wait, go home, drive home, hurry up!” Zhao Yunlei said.
The driver drove in a hurry!
On the roadside, Du Peixin, who had messy hair and a hot and painful face, kept looking at the front. After waiting for a long time, her face did not hurt so much.
She only lay on the steering wheel and shed tears silently. For a long time, she felt a little bit better. What should I do?
In order to compete with the other three big families, the Zhao family has been expanding its territory recently, and the Du family has been eyeing them.
After three days, if he does not open a good room and wait for him, then the Du family will definitely be annexed.
The Zhao family is too strong.
But this is the bottom line of Du Pei’s heart, how can he betray his body? However, without betrayal, his home would be gone. For the first time, Du Peixin felt that he was in a desperate situation…
“What should I do? What should I do…” Du Pei murmured to herself, the sadness in her heart made her tears stop. She won’t cry, but today, she was beaten and threatened…

“Master…” The driver of the car was shocked to see everything in front of him.
What Zhao Yunlei is enjoying, the standard in his car is a beautiful woman.
“What a fuss!” Zhao Yunlei was disturbed, he scolded!
“No, young master, this road of our Zhao family seems to be in ruins, you see.”
The driver was shocked and looked around. This road was actually a car that was hit. What is the situation? This seems to be the car of the family escort team, and the plane, my god!
Zhao Yunlei also saw it, he was angry and furious!
“What’s going on? Someone dared to make trouble at our Zhao’s house? Don’t kill me?” Zhao Yunlei roared, yes, there has never been such a situation, this is getting mad!
“Not sure.” The drivers were all trembling, and dared to do so, are they from the other three families?
In China, only the other three big families dare to do this? After all, this situation has never happened since the establishment of the Zhao family. You know, these are all family escorts, and the strength is particularly strong. How can it be so vulnerable? It’s too incomprehensible.
“Go, go in. I’m going to see, who dares to be wild in our Zhao’s house!!” Zhao Yunlei’s eyes are cold, which is really shameful!
If this is known to others in Huaxia, is this not the fact that Zhao’s family is reduced to laughter?
This is absolutely impossible!
The car stopped at the door of the house, Zhao Yunlei walked down somberly, dared to mess with my Zhao family, I let you die! !

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