My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 441

Logan felt a bit regretful.
What does she regret?
At that time, when Karen Lee matched herself with Chuck, she had no idea in this respect. Her spouse selection criteria were particularly simple and she liked it.
But when Karen Lee made a match, Logan felt that Chuck was too young, so Logan didn’t even think about anything in her heart.
But slowly, she approached Chuck and felt that Chuck was a particularly polite and simple child, especially when she was wearing a cat mask at the bar, when Chuck kissed herself.
Logan was ignorant. The first reaction at the time was not annoyance but shyness, because that was her first kiss.
Then, in the following days, Logan especially wanted Chuck. She wondered if she could try it with Chuck?
But Logan is a person who doesn’t like expressing feelings in her heart. She won’t express this idea. She is a silent person. Just stay with Chuck. After all, Chuck has a wife Yvette.
But she had a little regret. If Yvette left, she took the initiative to think a little bit in this regard. Isn’t it different now?
But there is no regret medicine in this world.
In fact, it is useless to regret, his own thoughts have slowly changed, but Chuck has not changed, but he has always regarded himself as Aunt Logan!
Thinking of this, Logan sighed in his heart, he was at ease, as long as Chuck was happy, it didn’t matter…
Logan drove Chuck to the scene of killing the youth. Actually, Logan rarely, no, did not even appear on this occasion, because she did not like to show her head, she likes to be low-key.
Another thing is that Logan is so beautiful, every time it appears to attract the attention of others, Logan particularly dislikes this, especially now Logan heart…
With Chuck, she is even more reluctant to be seen by other men.
Depends on… It’s also good for Chuck alone, the others can’t watch!
However, learning to fight is a boring thing, you have to take Chuck out and walk around, otherwise, Chuck will be bored.
“Here, Ceer,” Logan said.
Chuck’en, in fact, he also wanted to see what happened to the drama he invested in.
At the scene, Logan stopped the car, but she received a call from Karen Lee.
“Aunt Karen, you said that Overlord Li has sent someone to China?” Logan’s face was cold.
“Yes, I called someone to stop it, but it didn’t stop. I’m ready to take the initiative against Li Ba. The people he sent over, you help me deal with it. You can’t let them hurt my son,” Karen Lee here. It’s a headache!
She was driven out of the Li family. She didn’t feel anything. She always paid attention to the situation of the overlord Li. She must never be allowed to come to China. So Karen Lee decided to solve Li Overlord just in case.
But the overlord Li is too cunning and has not appeared for ten days. Even Karen Lee doesn’t know where the overlord Li is hiding. If she won’t find the overlord in three days, she will consider immediately Back to China to protect Chuck.
But before this, Logan had to ensure Chuck’s safety.
“Well, I will protect Ce’er, rest assured,” Logan saw Chuck waiting outside the car.
“You, I have always been very relieved. By the way, is Ceer not by your side?”
“No, Aunt Karen, do you want to talk to Ce’er?”
“No, I called him. I want to tell you something…”
“Okay, then I let Ceer go first, we are outside,”
“it is good,”
“Cer, you go first, and I will come to you later, be good, don’t you run around, don’t you know?” Logan opened the door and said softly.
Chuck shrugged, he went to the battlefield of killing youth, Logan closed the door,
“What do you want to say, Aunt Karen?”
“I want to say…”

In a car in the distance, there is an indifferent blonde woman in this car, she is very beautiful, perfect to the extreme, thick lips, high nose, especially eyes, blue, very beautiful, this is also the most beautiful in the United States One of the faces!
However, her beautiful blue eyes were staring at someone at this time! Killing intentions in the eyes!
That’s right, stare at Chuck!
This blonde woman, of course, was the black rose that was hit by Karen Lee last time!
After 20 days of healing, she came out of the last injury. She has not taken any killer tasks now. She has only one task now, her own task!
That is to kill Karen Lee’s son and then kill Karen Lee! !
This is her black rose goal!
She has been following Chuck for two days. She is looking for opportunities to fight against Chuck, but there are not many opportunities because this Logan has been secretly protecting.
Logan’s strength is very good!
She stared at it for a while and took out her phone to watch some news in the killer world. Suddenly she saw one: the new killer Blood Leopard, who debuted less than a month ago, killed yesterday in the defense of thirty people. A person!
The killer world has not seen such a female killer for a long time! This is rare news!
Black Rose frowned, revealing sarcasm, this strength can also make the news between the killers? It is simply to lower your grade!
But she saw: I heard that this blood leopard is also a great beauty, will it be more beautiful than the number one black rose?
I don’t think it is possible. Black Rose is the most beautiful woman in my heart!
Seeing this, Black Rose sneered. In this way, she has heard too much and it is boring.
But then some people continue to say: I think that the blood leopard should be more beautiful than the black rose. After all, I like Chinese women. I think that this blood leopard is so fierce, it may replace the black rose and become the new first female killer!
Black Rose is not interested to watch it anymore, because an unknown junior also wants to take my place of Black Rose? ? is it possible?
Black Rose turned off the phone and continued to stare at Chuck from afar! opportunity. Chance!

Chuck walked into the killing scene, how to say, this scene is a little chaotic, there are many people, Chuck looks very happy, at least the movie he invested in, is about to bear fruit.
How much will this movie make for yourself? For artistic films, it is good to have a box office of over 100 million yuan, but is it possible to have 300-400 million yuan?
Chuck is still looking forward to it!
“Hey, who are you, how can you come in casually?” A site staff scolded, who doesn’t know this shooting scene? Why did you come in casually? I don’t understand the rules.
“I’m the producer, don’t you know?” Chuck was not angry, and the atmosphere on the spot was good!
“Are you a producer?” This staff member is suspicious. There is a producer who seems to have only missed his face. What is it called Chuck? Is this the case?
The producers are all rich. Why is there no more than three hundred pieces in front of me?
The staff member did not believe, “Are you Chuck?”
“Yes, I am, you can call the director Erica Yannic out.” Chuck said.
The staff immediately asked the director with a walkie-talkie, “Director, director, there is one called Chuck…”
“What? Chuck? Where?”
“I stopped.”
“Fuck things, he is the producer of this drama!” On the intercom, the director’s scolding!
“Ah? I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” The staff quickly apologized to Chuck, “Sorry,”
“It’s okay.” Chuck waved his hand. At this time, the director Erica Yannic came out and was relieved to see Chuck. “Why didn’t you come in advance and let me know?”
Today is the day when this drama is killing, and it is also the birthday of the heroine of this drama, Zabrina, so the scene is ready to celebrate Zabrina’s birthday.
“No, I want to come and see.” Chuck smiled slightly.
“Today is Yezimei’s birthday. You came here to give Zabrinamei a birthday!?” The director was a little puzzled, otherwise Chuck who never cared about things, why did he come suddenly? Wouldn’t this be interesting to Zabrina? Now it’s not bad to create a little gossip, you can create a trend before the movie is released!
“No,” Chuck didn’t even know that it was Zabrina’s birthday. How could he come here?
“Producer, I think you should be.” The director said.
“What do you mean?” Chuck was confused.
“I suggest that you and Zabrina will wait and kiss,” the director continued, Chuck froze, why did he want to kiss Zabrina and kiss?

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