My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 442

“Why should I kiss Zabrinamei and kiss?” Chuck was confused. What does this director mean?
I just know Zabrinamei, why should I kiss her?
“Here, the new drama is about to be released, so you have to create a gossip! This can create a topic and make everyone pay attention to this matter, and the box office will be much higher by then.” The director Erica Yannic said.
This is just a marketing method, making a topic, then there is a good popularity until the movie is released, and the box office is definitely not bad.
Chuck collapsed, “This is no longer necessary, you have to kiss to find a topic, create hot spots, or find someone else,”
Chuck understands this, then he must not be happy. He doesn’t feel much about the beauty of the leaves. Why should he kiss her? ?
By the time the news and videos are all out, then you have become a celebrity?
This is not in line with Chuck’s usual idea.
Not too high-profile.
“Producer, this is the best you can do. Pretend to give her a birthday. You will kiss her when you go up. I will say hello to her, and Zabrina will cooperate with you,” the director Erica Yannic said.
This is a common technique, and it’s ok to kiss, let alone, Zabrina is also a beautiful woman!
How many people want to kiss?
“No,” Chuck still refused, sneaky, maybe okay, this news, let Yvette see, she will be particularly sad.
She will not say on the surface, but Chuck knows that she will be particularly uncomfortable. She has done so many things that I am sorry for Yvette, and Zelda, and Queenie, and Murong Qing, and now Chuck does not want to continue doing this. Something happened.
It is necessary to do well with Yvette.
“Ah… think about it.” Erica Yannic had a headache.
“What to consider?” A nice voice came over. Chuck looked back and saw beautiful Logan coming over with a smile on his face.
She finished the call.
“Well, I want to create a little gossip when the new drama is released, to increase the popularity of the movie, so I want the producer to cooperate and kiss the heroine Zabrina…” Erica Yannic said.
“No!” Logan shook his head, his face very serious, without hesitation!
She found that Chuck looked at herself a bit stunned, and she continued, “He has a wife, don’t take him for hype, find someone else.”
Of course not. Let Logan watch Chuck kissing other people. What should I do? ?
Logan would be lost in this way. Logan thought of Chuck’s own kiss that night.
“Well, since President Tang said so, then I will arrange for others.” Erica Yannic was surprised that Logan’s reaction was so big? This is a bit strange!
Erica Yannic went in and talked to Zabrina.
“Aunt Logan…” Chuck thought. Logan’s reaction is so subconscious!
“Cer, do you want to kiss Zabrina?” Logan compromised. If Chuck wanted to do anything, she would agree.
If Chuck said yes, then she would immediately ask someone to arrange.
“No, I don’t want to,” Chuck shook his head.
Logan was happy in her heart, she saw that Chuck really didn’t want to be like this, really a simple little boy.
“Well, let’s go to a place with fewer people to see,” Logan smiled slightly, and Chuck and Logan went inside.
The crew was killed, plus Zabrina’s birthday today, so the scene was particularly lively.
After Chuck and Logan went in, Chuck saw today’s protagonist, Zabrina, she is extraordinarily beautiful today, in a small suit and jeans, exuding the beauty of a woman.
Jeans are the best way to show the beauty of a woman’s figure. Chuck can see that she has a beautiful figure.
This is a charm.
“Ceeer, is it pretty?” Logan smiled softly, a little whispered in her heart, and still watching, wouldn’t you regret wanting to kiss?
“You don’t look good without Aunt Logan,” Chuck said seriously, which is true.
In Chuckxin, Yvette is the most perfect and the best figure, Logan can be tied with Yvette, because Logan’s temperament is flawless, face, figure, voice, are perfect.
At that time, Chuck was still thinking, let Logan wear jeans, show the woman’s figure. However, Chuck doesn’t think so much now. Logan doesn’t like to reveal these things. Chuck knows that with Chuck at this time, he only has respect for Logan, so Chuck doesn’t even think so.
Logan’s temperament is still good to wear in the current skirt. At least Chuck looks charming with appreciation.
Logan’s pretty face was a little reddened. With such words, Loganxin was so happy inside that she really talked.
“Aunt Logan, I’m serious. The beauty of the leaves is much worse than that of Aunt Logan,” Chuck went on to say. This is also true. This temperament is not a grade.
Not to mention the figure aspect? ?
“Okay, thank you.” Logan smiled softly. When others praised her, she was particularly disgusted, but Chuck praised her, she was happy and special in her heart.
Chucksong said in a sigh of relief that Logan said that this topic is not yet appropriate. How to say that she respects her.
At this time, the two were too close together. Logan thought of the kiss in her tender heart. If Chuck was like that night, she would not refuse, but unfortunately Chuck didn’t move.
Loganxin is lost, what should he do?
It’s better to protect him silently.
Thinking this way, Loganxin felt a little better inside.
Chuck looked at Zabrina surrounded by people. Sure enough, she wanted a man to kiss, but Zabrina was particularly unhappy, because this man was particularly annoying, but to cope with the heat, she could only do so.
But when she saw this man leaning in, Zabrina was disgusted, she refused, her eyes were turning, she suddenly found Chuck behind the crowd, she bit her lips and squeezed the crowd away.
How to say, she didn’t feel much about Chuck, but at least the man didn’t look disgusted.
Then it’s okay to be pro, and to be Zhang Ze, at least to complete the propaganda.
Suddenly came over like this, and came over without saying a word, kissed Chuck, Chuck was stunned, what did she do?
“Wow, is this Ye Zabrina’s new boyfriend? Why is it so strange!”
“Quickly take a picture!”
“This photo was taken, and tomorrow will be the headlines!”
“Why do I think it’s hype? This man doesn’t look worthy of Zabrina at all, speechless, how does Zabrina find this kind of male propaganda.”
“Never mind him, this man’s shit is lucky,”
Everyone on the scene was taking pictures, Chuck was collapsed. Why did so many people on the scene, why did Zabrina choose herself?
Do you like yourself? This is impossible, there is no intersection between her and her!
Logan sighed in her heart. She was just happy that Chuck said that she was now taking the initiative to come over, Yeah! !
Logan wanted to stop it, but couldn’t stop it…
“Hug me and cooperate with the propaganda,” Ye Zimei whispered, Chuck sighed, and could only do so.
The next day, the headlines of all major entertainment news were popular stars Zabrina’s mysterious boyfriend appeared.
Who is this mysterious man? Nobody knows.
In school, college students love to watch the news. Chuck hasn’t come to school for a long time. People in the class have forgotten Chuck. Lara is sitting in a chair.
She sends a message to Chuck, but Chuck doesn’t return. What are you doing? ?
She felt that she was falling out of love, Chuck couldn’t come, and she didn’t even want to go to school.
“Wow, you see, Chuck, Chuck!” The classmates who were brushing the news all jumped up at once. He couldn’t believe his eyes because he saw Chuck on the entertainment news!
This is also kissing Zabrina!
“What’s wrong? Yeah, what about Chuck?” The students all gathered around, and Lara rushed up for the first time. When she saw the news, she froze. What happened? ?
How could Chuck be Zabrina’s boyfriend? Is he missing so long, just to be a beautiful boyfriend? Lara was sad and discouraged all at once, and she was also very good, much better than the leaves. Why would Chuck like this? Is it that Chuck likes stars?
Lara vowed to come up with an idea and wanted to be a star himself!
“Not Chuck?”
“Chuck is a rich second generation, but people are too hungry, I don’t think so.
You see this picture is so vague, is it used for shooting dragons?? No, definitely not! Just like that, where is Chuck’s good luck? It!”
“I think so, everybody is gone, Chuck is just like kissing your man with Zabrina.”
Everyone was talking.

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