My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 444

With Logan’s protection, Chuck can certainly sleep peacefully, but it’s just guilt, how can Logan sleep on the sofa?
“Aunt Logan, you’re in bed,” Chuck pulled Logan to the bed.
I am a man. How can I let a woman who protects herself sleep on the sofa?
“Cer, this is your bed.” How does Logan describe his mood? She especially wanted to chat with Chuck. Even if she stayed together, she could say nothing, at least Logan would not feel lonely.
She had never felt this way before, and eating alone had no problem with her life.
But now that there is someone in her heart, she always wants to be with this person.
Logan is the kind of woman who has a very weak mind. She can never do it, but if the person in her heart can see and know his situation, then she will be very satisfied.
Desire has no temptation for her. What she wants is companionship, intimate companionship.
Chuck didn’t explain, so she took Logan and asked her to sit down.
Logan smiled slightly, but she couldn’t sleep. After all, Chuck was monitored by Black Rose at this time. Who knows when a bullet came over?
But Chuck said this, she couldn’t refuse it, well, listen to Ce Er’s words, don’t sleep, just sit on the bed.
“Okay, you can sleep peacefully, it’s okay,”
Chucksong breathed, he sat on the sofa and closed his eyes, but Logan was in the room, how could he sleep? When he opened his eyes, he saw that Logan also opened her beautiful eyes.
The two looked at each other.
Logan smiled, got off the bed, and sat beside Chuck, “Can’t sleep? Are you afraid?”
“No, Aunt Logan, why are you so good?” Chuck was in a trance, and Logan was too goddess.
Every time she sees her, Chuck feels like a dream, a woman who is perfect to have no shortcomings, and she is so meticulous about herself!
“Me,” Logan smiled, “Because you are my good plan, you have to treat you well,”
Chuck was so moved that his nose was sore, he couldn’t help but hug Logan lightly, “Thank you.”
Chuck didn’t have any idea about this hug, it was thanks and respect.
“Thank you? Sleep well, it’s very late, or tomorrow you will lose energy.” Logan said.
Chuck loosened Logan, and then went to sleep. Logan was sitting next to him.
Chuck fell asleep and fell asleep on Logan’s legs. Logan was not gentle enough,
“Sleep well, don’t have a nightmare…”

In this scene, the black rose was seen far away, and she was particularly afraid of Logan!
Last time it was comparable to yourself! This woman’s strength may exceed her.
Actually still protect Chuck personally, so what should I do?
The big blue eyes of the black rose are full of frightening eyes. She stared at it for a while, feeling that there was no chance to start. She frowned and prepared to rest.
She stood up, her figure was particularly good, because she is a standard American, the lines are perfect to the extreme, she is a coveted rose, but a fearful heart.
She swayed her long legs to rest, and suddenly, she frowned!
She heard something! boom!
A bullet came from a place!
Black Rose had already been vigilant and crouched down to hide.
She looks ugly, but someone assassinated herself? If she hadn’t been alert just now, she might have shot herself.
She slowly raised her head and walked to the window. Just looking up, a bullet came over!
That’s right, Yvette shot!
When she went to prepare for the assassination mission just now, she discovered the black rose driving, and she immediately gave up the assassination mission, followed up from afar, and then arrived at the building where the black rose lives opposite.
This place is too close to the hotel at night, she knew the idea of the black rose at once, this is to assassinate Chuck!
How could Yvette allow it? ?
Black Rose must be killed!
Otherwise Chuck is dangerous!
Yvette had just learned this thing and used it less, but she felt that she was gifted and calm was the best helper for assassination.
She can kill Black Rose by herself!
She pulled the trigger and the bullet shot! boom!
But she did not shoot her.
Yvette is not anxious!
What she didn’t know was that even if she was very far away, the super-sensitive Logan still heard the news!
She frowned, looking down at Chuck sleeping soundly on her lap. She said softly,
“Cee, you can sleep peacefully, let me see,”
She moved her body gently, let Chuck lay on the sofa, covered him with a blanket, she walked to the window and took out a highly precise telescope to see.
She stared at a place for a while. Suddenly, she found that there was fire in some places. Logan immediately moved her telescope to look at this place, and zoomed in slowly until she could blur and see a side face in the corner.
Inexperience exposed her.
“Yvette? How could it be Yvette?” Logan was particularly surprised.
How could Yvette have this thing? Is it? Logan thought of it all at once, is Yvette a killer? This should be impossible!
How could she be a killer?
Logan saw Yvette’s spear pointing at a place. Logan suddenly realized that Yvette had discovered the black rose and then used this thing to kill the black rose.
“This Yvette is really different, no wonder Ceer likes you so much, but you don’t have enough experience, so the black rose will find you soon, you can’t shoot it a few times, it will expose your position, The position must be shifted.” Logan muttered to herself, she turned to look at the sleeping Chuck.
Going out lightly and walking to the door, Betty was also sitting in the outside room and heard the movement.
“Mr. Tang, this is…” Betty came over.
“It is Yvette and Black Rose.” Logan said.
Betty was also immediately surprised. “Why? Yvette is not…”
“Yvette has the genes in this area. She can be the first to be a killer,”
“Then tell the young master this matter?” Betty asked.
“For the time being, don’t know if you look at Ce’er like this, then wait for Yvette to tell him himself. You protect Ceer now. I’ll help Yvette, or she will die.” Logan didn’t look down on Yvette. Yi Nan, in the simplest terms, Yvette has just come into contact with these, how could it be a black rose opponent?
Even if the talent is high, but Black Rose has been able to sit firmly in the position of the female killer in the past few years, this talent is too small to pry!
If Yvette has enough time, then there is no problem beyond black roses, the key is not!
“Good!” Betty walked to the door of Chuck’s room and pushed the door in.
Logan went to a cupboard and took a box out…
… boom!
Yvette’s eardrums were in pain, and bullets hit the wall next to her, making her ears almost deaf.
Black Rose deserved to be the number one killer, responded too quickly, and soon found his place.
After Yvette fired a shot, there was no response.
Yvette was shocked, but he didn’t shoot her, so suddenly there was no movement, either the other party lured the enemy, or the other party was looking for a better position to give him a fatal blow!
Yvette immediately shifted his position, but the bullet was shot from an angle that Yvette didn’t expect, and hit Yvette’s shoulder. Yvette fell to the ground all at once, her face was cold and sweaty, and her lips were pale , Leaning his head over his shoulder as if he had been removed.
That’s how blood shed.
Yvette took a deep breath and controlled her heartbeat, she had to shift her position immediately. She moved her body away, a bullet came again, hit the wall, the stone on the wall shattered, Yvette was hit on the ground and spit out Blood.
Yvette’s lips were trembling, the pain made her almost dizzy, she bit her lip, the bite was bleeding, and the tingling made her awake a little, she couldn’t die here!
I still want to be the first killer! !
Here, Black Rose’s face is full of sarcasm, “It turned out to be a trash, no wonder it’s useless!”
She stared at the locked place, and suddenly saw something lifted up, idiot, too rubbish. How dare she come to assassinate herself? ? She sneered, “Go to death, the game is over!”
Pull the trigger, and the hot bullet is shot from the muzzle!

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