My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 446

Here, Chuck and Logan go to the capital together!
Here Lara finally got an echo. A brokerage company looked at her picture and said that she would let Lara visit the company in Beijing.
It was a man who called me and gave Lara a very high rating. He said that Lara’s figure was very good. It was the best woman he had ever seen and would definitely become a popular star. When Lara heard this, she All fluttering.
Sure enough, in my own case, it is too easy to be a star, and I have buried my talent before.
I will definitely be red and purple, as a big star!
She packed things up and immediately couldn’t wait to buy a plane ticket to Beijing, then went to take a plane to Beijing’s stand.
After leaving the airport, she took a taxi to the brokerage company.
“Wow, this company is so impressive!”
Lara was stunned. Such a powerful company should be able to win itself quickly!
Lara went in and went to the company reception desk to ask, and then was taken to a place by the reception desk.
Lara walked in, “This place is so spacious, I want to be a star myself, so look forward to it!”
Lara couldn’t wait to see in the room. Is this the place where the actors apply?
Soon, a man came in.
He saw Lara, his eyes were bright, his youth was beautiful, and his figure was perfect.
He has been doing this for a long time, and he has never seen a woman with such a perfect proportion. He is twenty years old, full of vitality, full of youthful taste, especially his figure.
“Cough!” The man coughed.
Lara was nervous, “Hello, my name is Lara…”
The man closed the door and locked it.
Sit down.
“Introduce yourself, in three dimensions.” The man said.
“Okay, my three-dimensional is…”
“Well, yes, what are you going to do? See your resume to be an actor?” The man opened the profile.
“Yes, I want to be an actor, I want to film, I want to be red and purple.” Lara came over excitedly.
“Um, make a sad expression,”
Lara thought that she hadn’t seen Chuck for so long, she was sad, and there were tears in her eyes.
“Well, yes, specific needs come to my room.” The man stood up.
“Okay, I’ll go.” Lara was excited, is this to teach yourself?
“Okay, come down with me,” the man opened the door and Lara carried the bag and went down with him.
At the parking lot, Lara followed the man and got a little hesitation, “Why leave the company?”
“No why, can’t you get on?” the man asked.
Lara bit her lip, “Well, come on.”
Did you think about it for a long time? This company won’t be messed up. Lara got on the bus, and the man was used to it.
Drive Lara to a hotel.
“Why come to the hotel?” Lara was alert, what is the situation? ?
“There is no reason, you can’t get on?” The man looked back and Lara shook his head. “I’m not on, I came here to be an actor,”
“There is a crew filming on it, you are not sure?” The man was indifferent.
“Do you want me to film now?” Lara surprised, so fast!
“Yes, can’t you get on?”
“Go on, I’m on, I’m sorry. I just…” Lara hurriedly apologized. The man glanced at her and went straight out. Lara followed the man off the train, followed the man into the hotel, and reached the door of the room.
The man took out his room card and Lara followed him excitedly. But after she went in, she didn’t see the camera. What happened?
“Aren’t you filming? Why didn’t you have a camera?” Lara asked quietly.
The man sat down, “Come here.”
Lara hesitated to walk over, “What are you doing?”
“All came up with me, pretend?” The man sneered.
Lara was ridiculed, and she immediately became angry, “I think you misunderstood, I came here far away not to be with you, I am very disappointed with your company!”
Lara turned around and left. She wanted to slap herself. She was eager to follow her.
If she was asked to do so, she would definitely not want it. At that time, at KTV, the boss had to sleep for 10,000 people, and Lara was unwilling. She felt that she was a college student, and she didn’t do anything. Why did she do that?
“All here, do you still want to go?” The man sneered and came over, “I hate your pretending woman most.”
“Let go, you let go if you heard it!” Lara was annoyed. The man suddenly grabbed her. Lara’s strength was not so great, and he was pulled back suddenly.
“Let me go out, don’t think about it, I’m not…” Lara said angrily, the man sneered and flicked it out with a slap.
Hit Lara’s face, Lara blushed, and the aggrieved tears whirled in his eyes, and he was beaten again.
“Be obedient to Lao Tzu,…” The man sneered and Lara hurried to run, but the man slapped again and Lara fell to the ground.
She was in a coma with pain. “No, I have a boyfriend. Don’t treat me like that.”
Lara was terrified, she regretted it, and she followed her without a brain, how could there be such a good thing?
Chuck, where are you? I’m going to be wooed. .
The man pounced like a beast, “Do you know who Lao Tzu is? I’m from the Qian family! Dare to resist?”
Lara was shocked, Qian family? The money family of the four big families? As a Chinese, how could she never have heard of it? ?
“Got it? Then obediently obedient, I was in a good mood that day and made you red.” The man saw Lara’s shocked expression, and he was proud.
In fact, he can only be regarded as a man of half money, but this identity is enough for him to play too much.
Today is another one, hey, he was shocked when he said the money house.
“Don’t.” Lara shook her head crying. She knew the Qian family and knew how powerful the Qian family was.
She had a boyfriend before and gave it, but recently, after breaking up with Li Wei, she has never been with a man. She feels that since she likes Chuck, she can only touch her, only Chuck what! Other people will definitely not work.
Lara is not a woman of watery Yanghua, she is not.
“I have a boyfriend, called Chuck,” Lara screamed in panic. At this time, she could only say Chuck!
“Chuck? Which rubbish is this?” The man laughed, and the woman said her name.
Is this to give this unknown pawn a face? ?
Are you qualified? He had never heard of Chuck.
“In front of my money house, everything is rubbish, garbage?” The man sneered.
Lara is desperate, Chuck is rich, of course she knows, but compared with Qian family, it is definitely not as good, because no one knows Chuck, so what else is there to say?
But in the face of this man’s insult, Lara’s desperate resistance! !
Panic grabbed an ashtray and slammed it on the man’s head. Blood bleed out. The man was shocked and fell to the ground with his eyes closed. .
Lara panicked, killed herself, and murdered, this man of money family!
She burst into tears. The waiter outside happened to pass by and immediately knocked on the door to ask what happened. Lara opened the door. The waiter saw that the man was lying in the pool of blood. He was terrified. This is the money family, this The hotel is money!
“I…” Lara panicked, tears flowing.
“Don’t go, you hit him, you can’t go,” the waiter held Lara indifferently.
Lara was afraid, “Don’t, it’s his fault, he insulted me, and I beat him.”
Lara tears rain pear flowers, she was terrified, how come she is so unlucky today!
“You can’t go away! Here, Mr. Qian was beaten.” The waiter called someone on the intercom, and Lara was frightened, “I beg you to let go.”
Soon, the hotel manager came over and brought a few people. The hotel had a special doctor who immediately took care of it. If you hit it like this, if you don’t deal with it in time, you may die from excessive blood loss. He can’t afford it!
“I’m not my fault. It’s him.” Lara hurriedly explained, and the manager flicked it out with a slap, hitting Lara’s face in a snap, “You’re done!!”
“Don’t, it’s not my fault.” Lara couldn’t stop crying. She came here to be a star.
How come she thought of encountering such a thing? She hurriedly took out her phone. Only Chuck could save herself. She wanted to call Chuck.

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