My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 447

“You still want to call, is your call useful? Do you know who you are calling? It’s useless to call anyone!!” The manager held Lara’s hand coldly.
Lara cried and said, “I, I…”
Yeah, this is Qian’s family. Calling Chuck may hurt him. He can’t do this, and Lara is desperate.
How did you encounter such a thing today?
The manager gave a slap, and Lara’s mouth was full of blood. she cried.
“You’d better make sure he is fine, otherwise you are dead, the whole family is dead!” The manager was indifferent.
This is money!
The consequences of killing a person in the money family are too serious.
Want to call someone else and call someone? Who dares to come? ?
“I…” Lara despaired to the extreme.
“Give me a good hold of her! How is Mr. Qian?” The manager walked over, and the woman with the pen was hit so badly, she actually hit a depression in her head, and lost too much blood!
If something goes wrong, he can’t blame him!
“I’m afraid there is a problem,” the doctor said seriously.
The manager wanted him more and more and turned around, pointing at Lara. “Are you writing a pen? What pretend to be? Let Mr. Qian sleep, is it a blessing you have cultivated in eight lifetimes, and still refuse it?”
The more he talked, the more he couldn’t control, and he raised his hand and hit Lara.
Pa Yao, Pa Ya, Lara has been beaten up.
“Do you still call someone? What kind of garbage man?” the manager shouted.
When Lara was desperate, her cell phone rang. She just dialed it out, but it didn’t connect. “Hello, what’s the matter?”
Yes, Chuck didn’t want to pick it up, but thinking about it, Lara always gave herself milk tea at school, Lara became a little better, Chuck was not too disgusted with her, plus Chuck has been Ignoring her, thinking about calling suddenly, is something wrong?
So Chuck answered, but heard a crackle on the phone, what is this for? Chuck is full of black lines. Is this Lara being with the man and showing off with himself? ?
Lara, who was beaten up, heard Chuck’s voice, and she immediately cried and said,
“Chuck, I have an accident,…”
“What happened? What happened?” Chuck understood. It was Lara who was beaten in the voice just now? What is the situation?
“I, hit someone, woo,” Lara cried a lot.
“Beating someone? What are you doing beating.” Chuck is strange. Lara’s character is also. She has a bad personality and a cheap mouth. It is normal to fight with others.
This is not strange, but after being crying, Chuck would like to laugh a little, this is to complain to himself?
“I hit……”
“Hum, she hit the money family!” the manager said indifferently.
Dare to continue answering the phone? Hear the word “Qianjia”, do you want to pee? ?
“Qian Family?” This is Chuck’s turn. Why did Lara and the Qian family fight together?
“Woo…” Lara was desperate.
“What’s going on?” Chuck thought it would be better to ask.
“That person wants to do it to me, I refuse, he beat me, I beat him, bleeding, woo, Chuck, I’m so scared.” Lara wept.
She was really scared to the extreme, this is not a normal family, the four big families! Who can save yourself?
Chuck froze, this situation? How could Lara be taken in by the Qian family? But Lara is also of good build, young and energetic, which is considered normal. Chuck had ideas about her at that time, but now it’s nothing.
“Chuck, can you save me? I’m afraid…if not, thank you,” Lara whined.
Chuck is definitely not as powerful as the Qian family. Chuck didn’t hear the word
“Qian family” and was so scared that he just hung up the phone. Lara was grateful.
“Where are you?” Chucksi thought about it, and felt that Lara was crying too pitifully. This is not Lara’s fault.
“I’m here……”
“She is in the Seven Black Hotel in Beijing, do you dare to come here? Boy?” the manager sneered. dare? I’m scared that I’m still scared. I dare to come over?
“Chuck, don’t come here, me.” Lara wept. It’s useless. Chuck comes over and will only hurt him.
“Oh.” Chuck laughed on the phone, and the phone hung up.
Lara sat paralyzed on the ground, desperate to the extreme.
“This pen is terrifying, and you dare to call others, he will come?” The manager said with a sneer.
This is undoubtedly not dare!
Where is this?
“Woo, don’t say that to him,” Lara wept.
The manager gave Lara a slap and the phone fell to the ground. Lara cried and dared not resist. He was over today. Chuck must be laughing at himself just now. ?
Here is the capital, Chuckren is still at the school, Lara crying more sadly, if you want to continue to be insulted, then you simply die.
At this time, the beaten man opened his eyes violently, and he climbed up angrily.
“Close the door for me. I’m going to be killed today. Does she dare to hit me?”
“Mr. Qian, this is not very good, after all, this is a hotel,” the manager hesitated, and it certainly would not work to kill people.
The man slapped him, “Are you telling me to do something?”
The manager’s face was twitching and he said “Dare not” for a long time.
“Don’t dare to go out!” The man was cold, he had a headache, and his abnormal thoughts came out. Today he must torture this pen! Actually beat yourself? Is she her own, but the money family!
“Well, everyone goes out.” The manager went outside, and the others followed, and Lara cried, “Don’t go out, he will kill me, please.”
“Go! Shabi! You are crying now, it’s late!” The manager kicked Lara, and Lara was in a coma in pain.
After the door closed, the man grinned abruptly. There was still blood on his face, and his head was bandaged, making him even more perverted. He came and played Lara. Slap slap.
Lara cried and struggled, “Don’t hit me, please don’t hit me,”
With a slap in the face, Lara was about to faint.
“Dare to beat me? I will kill you today!” The man punched and kicked Lara.
Outside, the manager heard this sound, and others also heard it.
“This woman with a pen is all here. At the critical moment, she pretended to be pure and beaten? Should she be killed today,” the waiter sneered.
Wouldn’t it be fun to be funny? What to install?
“Stand here, go in and see when necessary, but don’t let him kill someone.” The manager ordered.
“Well, manager,”
The waiter obeyed the instructions, just a lesson, just afraid of her.
The manager went downstairs and was slapped just now. He was particularly uncomfortable, but there was no way. The man is from the Qian family and dare to fight back?
He came to the front and hooked his finger at the receptionist, who was unpretentiously prepared and went to the lounge with the manager.
But at this time, a car outside stopped at the door.
The manager frowned, the door opened, and a man and a woman came over.
That’s right, Chuck came, he thought, coincidence, Lara actually came to the capital, then this busy, Chuck thought, still have to help! Otherwise, Lara will definitely die today.
Although, at the beginning, Chuck particularly hated her. There are still photos of her on the phone at this time. Chuck thought, Lara has changed a little now, can’t she watch Lara go wrong? Chuck felt he could not do it. .
So when he told Logan, Logan smiled and agreed, and went wherever Chuck said in the capital.
She will always be there for protection, and there will not be any complaints. As for her company’s affairs, it is just a matter of procrastination. Nothing is important for Chuck.
“Will you stay in the restaurant?” The manager came to the reception. Logan hadn’t seen him, but he would observe him as a hotel. A woman like Logan would look rich.
But this man is different, with a hanging look on his face.
I don’t know, how to hook up with such beautiful beauties, envious, compared with the reception of her little three beauties, this time, Logan who walked in was so beautiful.
Simply spike all the beauties in the hotel!
“Find someone.” Chuck said.
“Who are you looking for?” the manager asked.
“I remember your voice, you just said that I dare not come, I am coming now,”
Chuck said lightly.

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