My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 448

Come now? The manager heard that the hanging man in front of him was so confident, what should he do? ? Come to Xingshi for guilt!
The manager sneered and ridiculed, he understood that this hanging silk man just found this beautiful woman to pretend to be forced, this is a soft rice man!
“Do you know where this is? What about you dare to come over?” The manager disdain.
He had been slapped by the man just now, and he was already very upset. At this time, there are people coming to find fault? ?
“I know where the money is.” Chuck shrugged.
“Know that it’s the Qian family’s place, don’t you hurry up? Get acquainted, no matter who you are, in front of the Qian family, you are an ant, and you can run you down with your fingers!” The manager felt that he had run into trouble.
Before, there was a shabi pen. The son of a company manager was also playing in a hotel in the Qian’s house. The woman and the woman disagreed, and then this shabi actually blew out a waiter in the hotel.
This is just a little waiter. The final result is that the father of this pen came over and knelt down to apologize. The next day, this father and son never appeared again, and the company was gone.
This is the consequence of challenging the Qian family.
There is no doubt, it is death! !
“Where is my friend?” Chuck didn’t want to go on. At this time, Lara’s situation was definitely not very good. It might have been tortured in the room. Chuck came over for her, so she had to find Lara only. is the most important.
“Dare you dare to ask that shame?? Mr. Qian played her, because she despised her, she refused, and beat Mr. Qian, she was looking for her own death, oh, it’s wrong, now come to pull one and come to death! Haha !” The manager laughed.
This pen is so stupid, so far there is no consciousness.
Chuck frowned, reaching for the manager’s collar, “I’ll ask you again, my friend!!”
Being caught by Chuck, the manager was not in a hurry, and even a little joking, a little ridiculed, “Oh, you dare to do me here? Shabi, you are done, you are done today! Let your family come over to kneel and beg for mercy Right!”
The manager has already thought of Chuck’s end, and will definitely be the same as the pen, crying wrong and asking for forgiveness, hehe!
“I count three, let go, one!” The manager laughed and stretched out a finger. Do you dare to hit me? ?
I used to call a waiter to make that pen disappear, now you hit me as a manager? ?
“Two!” The manager lazily stretched out a second finger, you are ready to be scared of farts!
Snapped! !
Chuck was too lazy to listen, raising his hand was a slap!
But he has been training for a long time, and his strength and speed have been greatly improved. This slap hit the manager’s face and stunned him.
The manager was shocked, what? Why is my face so numb? ?
I was beaten myself?
“Dare you dare to hit me?” The manager was so angry that this dare dare to hit himself? boom!
Chuck raised his legs and pushed his knees. This manager is well respected. How can his body withstand such a blow? Immediately screaming while covering her belly, “Ah, ah!!!”
Chuck kicked him with his leg raised, and the manager was about to faint, “Don’t fight, don’t fight,”
“Don’t you say I don’t dare to hit you? What is it now? What are you talking to me about now?” Chuck lifted him with one hand and slapped it like a slap!
The manager vomited blood and was beaten badly. Where did he want to get Chuck to dare to beat himself!
“Don’t fight, the third room on the tenth floor.” boom!
Chuck punched him in the stomach, and the manager was twitching while covering his stomach.
“Aunt Logan, let’s go up.” Chuck gave him a glance.
“Good.” Logan smiled softly. Chuck just hit someone. Logan saw Chuck’s obvious progress. It seems that he has taught him so long, and the results have been great!
Chuck and Logan went to the elevator to find Lara.
“Manager, manager, what’s wrong with you.” I just ran to the beautiful receptionist in the lounge with the manager.
The manager got up and grumbled, “Call someone to come and dare to beat me!”
This is really intolerable!
He worked as a manager in this hotel, and many big bosses came over to give him a face. Was he actually beaten by this tactic? How can he bear it?
“Oh, who are you calling?” Where did the beauty reception come into contact with this!
The manager shook her hand, and the receptionist covered her cheek, and the aggrieved tears turned, “Why are you hitting me?”
“I ask you, are you a pen?” The manager was annoyed.
This also asks who to call is definitely the headquarters, must be the Qian family, just come to a descendant of the Qian family, you can come to solve this matter.
“I…” The beauty reception is even more wronged, “If you say that to me again, I will never carry my boyfriend with you.”
The manager shook his hand again, “Are you against her?”
“Woo,” the beauty receptionist cried and ran to the lounge to shed tears. The useless man knew to beat me as a woman.
The manager took out his mobile phone in exasperation, and politely called someone, and it took a long time for the phone to connect, “Hey.”
This is a particularly lazy voice.
“Hey, Master Qian, I’m Xiao Huang. Someone is making trouble here in our hotel.
Could you come over for a while…Yes, it’s a shameless thing, and it hit me, you see… Okay, okay, Waiting for you.”
The manager sneered to hang up the phone and stop writing. You are done today, the whole family is finished! !
Wait to kneel and beg for mercy, haha, I won’t let you go!
The manager’s mind has imagined a picture of Chuck kneeling and begging for mercy, haha, it must be very interesting, can’t wait!

“Don’t hit me,” Lara cried and begged for mercy. The man had beaten her abnormally for a long time. She had to tear her clothes just now. She covered her and ran to the corner. Too.
Lara is desperate, is it true that he is going to be insulted today? Don’t be like this!
“Don’t come, I’ll commit suicide if you come over again!” Lara picked up a broken glass on the floor and faced his neck.
The man laughed, “It’s pretty fierce, I like it! But, are you sure you want to do this?
Dare to do it?”
Lara’s hands were shaking, he was only twenty years old, would he die here? Her tears seemed to have turned on the faucet, and she couldn’t stop flowing out. She was particularly afraid.
“Be a little bit, let me play, I will let you go, otherwise, you committed suicide, then I have more fun, after all, people still have temperature after death, haha!” The man laughed abnormally.
Lara feared that her hands were shaking even more. Is this what he wants? ?
Lara’s scream, don’t!
When Lara hesitated, he seized the opportunity and slapped it out, slapping Lara’s face heavily, Lara’s screaming, her head hit the wall, she was dizzy, “No, please, please Don’t do this to me,”
Lara cried.
“No? Oh, yes, didn’t you just call? Why hasn’t that been called Chuck for so long?”
The man sneered, would he come? Definitely not. This is something a fool wouldn’t do. Someone knows that there is a tiger in the mountains and prefers the mountain to the tiger?
“Chuck…” Lara wept desperately. Why did Chuck come here? His relationship with Chuck was not so good. He used to laugh at him before. Chuck didn’t fall into the hole.
Lara didn’t expect Chuck to come over, but it was useless because he was offended by the Qian family!
Chuck came to harm him, not to mention, he would not come.
Lara is desperate to the extreme, will he play in his life?
She was crying, crying sad.
When the man saw this, he had more abnormal thoughts and came over with a sneer. “It shouldn’t be too bad, shouldn’t you pretend to understand me? Still hit me? I let you know today, what are the consequences of hitting me!”
“No!” Lara covered her head, what should she do? boom!
At this time, the door was suddenly kicked, and the fearful Lara was stunned. The man frowned, annoyed, “Who dares to kick my door, don’t want to live? Get me off!!”
Lara shivered in despair. “Zhang…Chuck, is it you?”
She can’t think of anyone else, is she Chuck? ?

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