My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 449

Yes, when hearing this sudden kicking sound, the first thing Lara thought of was Chuck, because she only called Chuck!
But how? ?
Chuck is still over there? Why is it in Beijing? How could he… come here for himself? ? impossible.
That hope had just appeared, and a strong disappointment followed. Lara sighed.
This kick must have been wrong, not Chuck.
She stared at the shards of glass on the ground, and she wanted to give herself a decisive look.
She could not bear the insults and pains.
It is better to solve yourself.
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But Lara, who was disappointed, suddenly heard a voice, and she turned to look at the door, tears bursting out of her eyes.
“It’s me.” This is Chuck’s voice. how come? how come? ?
Why is he in Beijing?
How could he come to save himself regardless of his prejudice?
He didn’t know that this is the Qian’s place?
Hearing these short words, Lara was surrounded by doubts, “Chuck, Chuck…”
“Haha! The sha you said is really coming? Haha, that’s fun!” The man laughed.
In front of Lara, first clean up this Chuck, then in front of Chuck, clean up Lara, how beautiful! How interesting is it? boom!
The door was kicked open by Chuck, and his strength was not enough. If Logan kicked, then only half a foot would be enough.
Lara moved up, really Chuck!
He came to save himself!
Lara cried into Chuck’s arms crying, “Woo, Chuck, I am so scared, so scared…”
Lara was really moved, so embracing Chuck was so safe.
“Don’t be afraid,” Chuck was speechless, what did Lara hug herself like this? He saw Lara’s face was red when he was beaten, and his clothes were ragged. This was tortured and collapsed, his mentality exploded, and he could only say a few words of comfort.
“Chuck.” Lara hugged Chuck and refused to let go.
“Don’t be afraid? Haha, it seems that I want to remind you, who am I!” The man laughed haha, not afraid? You will feel better later!
Pretending to be in front of your girlfriend is a price to pay!
Lara came back to his mind, “Chuck, let’s run fast, this one is from the Qian family.”
Lara was frightened, yes, Chuck came, how could it be the opponent of the Qian family?
He must have been studying for the sake of being a classmate, so he came over, but when he came over, the Qian family would definitely cross Chuck.
Chuck still had a little surprise, Lara actually thought about herself? So there was nothing wrong with his decision to come over to save her. He looked down at Lara in his arms, wouldn’t she really like herself?
No reason, where does she like herself? ? However, Lara hugged herself so much, her figure was so good, Chuck collapsed and could only push her away.
Lara was in tears, and she was so overwhelmed with special grievances, so please comfort yourself!
“Qian family? It’s okay.” Chuck calmed.
Lara was crying anxiously, how could it be fine? Chuck certainly doesn’t know who this money family is!
“It’s okay? Who gave you the courage to say it’s okay?” The men all laughed, it’s okay? This kind of unknown pawn, Qian family does not know how much to destroy with one finger, when you cry.
“Kneel down, I will give you a chance to kneel obediently now, I might be in a good mood, I let you go, kneel down!” The man ordered, this is a gift of his own!
Chuck smiled slightly.
Lara panicked, “Chuck, I kneel down for him,”
Lara is going to kneel, Chuck will be finished!
Chuck pulled her, “No.”
Lara was crying badly. “Chuck, I beg you not to be brave, this is the Qian family, the four big families.”
Chuck glanced at Lara and walked to the man. The man ridiculed, “Kneel, count on you! For your goodness, lick my shoes and kneel down. Let’s go!”
The man raised a foot.
Chuck slaps out and hits his sneer face heavily!
The man yelled, “You, what are you doing? How dare you?”
Chuck was too lazy to listen to his nonsense, slap him a few times in a row!
The man was beaten up, is this a shame? Knowing that he is a member of the Qian family, still beating himself?
Find death, find death! !
“Is the Qian Family amazing?” Chuck slapped him in the face, and the man couldn’t escape!
With a few slaps, his face was swollen like a pig’s head.
Lara covered her mouth, what is Chuck doing?
People who beat money? Finished, finished!
Lara’s desperate tears, did she hurt Chuck? boom!
Chuck was too lazy to talk nonsense with this man, grabbing a cup on the table and smashing his head.
“Ah!” The man fell to the ground with an unbelievable expression on his face. He could not accept it. He was actually given a lifeless garbage, and he passed out unwillingly.
Chuck glanced at him and it was a waste of energy to fight this kind of garbage! It was a breath to Lara, and it was all right.
“Lara, let’s go.” Chuck came over.
“Chuck, ah, let’s go, let’s go,” Lara pulled Chuck to run outside and must leave here quickly!
Otherwise, the people of the Qian family came over, and no one could leave today.
Chuck shrugged. In Lara’s heart, his strength is much worse than Qian’s?
If Lara was told that she had destroyed one of the four Zhao families, what would she look like?
“Ah? This is…” Lara was stunned, feeling shocked!
Logan just came outside, it was so beautiful, it was totally the best beauty of the same level as teacher Yvette!
“This is my Aunt Logan.” Chuck said.
“Auntie,” Lara said quickly.
Logan was so amazed, was he very old? Forget it, it doesn’t matter if Ce’er’s friend calls it.
Logan looked into the room for a few moments. The man she knew, was notorious in this circle, and it was reasonable to be beaten.
“Aunt Logan, let’s go down well,” Chuck thought, Lara was terrified, she still had to find a place to settle Lara first.
Let’s talk about other things. Anyway, what is Chuck afraid of?
“Okay,” Logan smiled softly.
Chuck went down with Lara who was ignorant. Lara felt pain in her heart. She hurt Chuck herself. She regretted wanting to die. Why did she make that call? ?
The three people came out of the elevator and were blocked by the manager. The manager frowned. He saw Lara coming down, so was Mr. Qian beaten again? Sure! !
“Hello brave,” the manager yelled, “Security, security!”
More than a dozen people came around with a pretentious look, fierce and evil!
Lara was terrified, and her tears came out at once, “Don’t hit us.”
“Don’t fight? You don’t know your situation yet! It’s not a matter of not being able to fight today, it’s a question of whether you can live.” The manager mocked.
“I see who can move the three of us today,” Chuck shrugged, nothing to fear.
“Haha! Boy, I should have said it straight, you are a big pen! Are you ready to escape?” The manager disdain, where can you escape? ?
“I didn’t plan to escape. I escaped the first day, but I couldn’t escape the fifteenth.
It’s not necessary.”
It’s really unnecessary!
“Chuck, please, you escaped, I’m sorry for you,” Lara cried. Chuck must be comforting himself at this time. Is he already lying in his heart?
She can think of Chuck’s square, Chuck’s car, everything in Chuck will be destroyed. The anger of the Qian family can’t be resisted by anyone!
Even if Chuck is rich and has a background, what can he say in front of the four major families?
Absolutely not count, because the four big families are the richest, others are not in the same grade, so this huge disparity, Chuck’s results can be imagined, now escape, there is still a little chance, if not escape , Absolutely finished.
“Oh, you still have a little bit of consciousness. You really can’t escape the first day, but you can’t escape fifteen!” Suddenly, an indifferent voice came in lazily from outside.
“Master Qian!” The manager was ecstatic, haha, the tenth young master of the Qian family came over in person. This young master is known for being cruel and cruel. Your pen is over today, ready to kneel and beg for mercy! No, not for mercy! !

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